One of the more exciting releases of this year’s SEMA show was at the Kia booth in the north hall. This year, the Korean automaker teamed up with several builders, including Super Street Magazine, to produce a group of five DC Comics inspired custom rides. Our very own Green Lantern Kia Soul was a hugely successful build, and features a couple of really neat details. First, is the sleek green and black exterior package, featuring a custom body kit designed by renowned artist John Sibal. The rear door has been welded shut for a sleek look, and the custom wheels feature a Green Lantern on each to roll extra hard. When you move to the inside, you’ll find a custom green and black leather upholstered seats as well as dash and steering wheel accents. The coolest thing is the motion activated Lantern in the rear of the car though, just slip your hand into the housing and you’ll instantly become Ryan Reynolds. Okay, maybe not literally, but you’ll sure feel like a superhero! This car has been built to embody the essence of the Green Lantern, and we think it certainly does!