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2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

Not Only Does This Guy Own a NSX, He Also Has One Heck of a Job. Oh, And He Shoots Models For Fun. Jelly?

Joey Lee
Feb 7, 2013
Photographer: Kevin Choi
Sstp 1301 09 o+2004 acura NSX T+difflow rear diffuser Photo 1/9   |   2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

The life of an NSX owner must be great. At any time on the street, a local meet or car show, they’re the automatic envy of our eyes. Though it never changed much during its 15 year run, it’s still one of the most sought after platforms for anyone who considers themselves a car lover. Even if you don’t like modifying cars, you want one. Easily one of Japan’s original supercars and what should forever be remembered as Honda’s best production vehicle. Any NSX owner knows that they can pull up somewhere and pull just as many looks as a Lambo or Ferrari—why? Because unlike any of those super exotics, you can actually attain an NSX, given the right time, circumstance and price tag. One can always dream, but the NSX is one that can actually become reality.

Sstp 1301 05 o+2004 acura NSX T+marga hills skirts Photo 2/9   |   2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

Being an NSX owner comes with its own responsibilities though, and a bit of an image to live up to. Driving an NSX must indicate that you, at some point, have met a measure of success in life. You probably don’t work at a fast food joint or hustle at a retail chain either—unless you own the fast food joint or retail chain. While we can’t speak on their behalf, we have noticed that NSX owners tend to stick together. They’re in their own bubble and don’t really hang out with other Honda owners. It doesn’t make them assholes or anything; they just keep to themselves. Don’t act like you wouldn’t have a little more strut in your step if you owned one of these Honda supercars—you don’t own nice things to NOT flaunt them.

2019 Acura NSX
$157,500 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

This NSX is nowhere near as built as many of the other Hondas you’re used to seeing—but it’s an NSX. Not only that, it’s an ’04 model, a year before Honda ceased production. Knowing that, you probably wouldn’t do much to change what many already consider perfection. Many of the more modified NSXs are a bit older and they don’t mind adding custom aero or power adders to replace aged components. With a late production model, it’s likely that it’s still in great condition, and many NSX owners won’t mess with a good thing.

Steve Loving, the owner of this Silverstone Metallic NSX-T, has lived a life that many would deem worthy of owning such a legendary vehicle. He’s a United States Marine Corps veteran and his daily duties now consist of working as Information Technology Support for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of State. All of a sudden, your job doesn’t sound as important but that’s why he has this NSX as a weekend stress-reliever. “The NSX has always been a dream car of mine,” Steve says. “I spent over a year searching for the right one and found this NSX at a dealership on the West Coast. I flew out, handed the previous owner a check and waited for the car to be shipped back to me in Washington, D.C.”

Sstp 1301 06 o+2004 acura NSX T+NSX sill plate Photo 3/9   |   2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

If cruising around in an NSX isn’t enough of a stress release, Steve also moonlights as a professional photographer. He covers various automotive events, occasionally shoots a wedding or two, and also specializes in shooting models. While we were looking for more information on his NSX, we stumbled upon his portfolio and let’s just say that he’s very good at capturing the female form. Professionally, of course, not like JDM Wong, who ogles at models with a creepy smile and an iPhone (I was checking my Instagram! – JW). Loving is also in a (pun totally intended) loving relationship with his wife. So far, Steve is doing pretty well on the good-life checklist: proud Marine vet, great job, fun hobby, gets to stare at models, married and owns an NSX. Although he’s taken steps to preserve his prized possession and maintain its immaculate state, Steve hasn’t been shy about taking his NSX to local track events for some spirited-driving. “I spend a lot of time researching and seeing what other NSX owners have done. I base my modifications on personal experience on the track as well as being able to ensure that my car remains legal for the streets,” he explains.

The engine remains basically untouched and in the way that Honda originally designed it to perform. The only addition to the C32B V6 motor is a custom exhaust that was designed and created by forum member, “Angus”. The APX-V1 exhaust resembles the popular GruppeM exhaust system, but is created specifically for naturally-aspirated NSXs and is compatible with all model year NSX chassis. Angus also claims that they are better quality than the GruppeM pieces as well, and is available for just around $1800. You won’t find much else besides a ScienceofSpeed manifold cover while looking through the rear hatch at the engine. The drivetrain has been upgraded with a ScienceofSpeed clutch and flywheel combo while braking power has significantly improved by way of a rare WPPro front and rear big brake. Steve claims that this brake kit is the only NSX kit currently in the USA. The bright gold brake components sit behind a staggered-set of Yokohama ADVAN RS-D wheels. Ride height adjustability comes courtesy of a now-discontinued set of JIC Magic FLT-A2 dampers.

Sstp 1301 04 o+2004 acura NSX T+scienceofspeed intake manifold cover plate Photo 4/9   |   2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

The updated 2002 fixed-Xenon headlight facelift is by far the best looking of all the NSXs. Because this NSX was a ’04 model, Steve didn’t have to spend the extra money to convert to the revised face and newer taillights. Instead, he spent that money on aero upgrades. He’s added a Downforce front lip, Marga Hills side skirts, and Difflow rear diffuser. Replacing the OEM rear wing and hood are a NSX-R style rear spoiler and paint-matched carbon-fiber hood.

Steve Loving has certainly found a home in the “must be nice” category. He should be proud because he’s worked hard to earn all the great things that have come his way. He’s living the good life. We don’t have it all that bad either—for the next fifteen minutes anyway, because we’re going to gawk at all the models in his photography portfolio.

2004 Acura NSX-T (#0019)

Owner Steve Loving

Sstp 1301 01 o+2004 acura NSX T+difflow aluminum railer rear diffuser Photo 5/9   |   2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

Hometown Manassas, VA

Occupation it project management for homeland security

Engine Angus Custom APX-V1 exhaust; ScienceofSpeed intake manifold cover plate; JDM NSX-R red intake manifold cover

Drivetrain ScienceofSpeed Sport clutch and lightweight flywheel

Footwork & Chassis JIC Magic FLT-A2 coilover suspension

Brakes WPPro EX-6 front and rear big brake kit, brake pads and stainless brake lines; SuperBlue DOT4 brake fluid

Wheels & Tires Front: 18x8" +37 Yokohama ADVAN RS-D; 215/35R18 Falken FK452; Rear: 19x10" +37 Yokohama ADVAN RS-D; 275/30R19 Falken FK452

Sstp 1301 07 o+2004 acura NSX T+downforce lip Photo 6/9   |   2004 Acura NSX-T - The Good Life

Exterior Downforce front lip; NSX-R style rear spoiler; modified Marga Hills side skirts; Difflow aluminum railer rear diffuser; Seibon paint-matched NSX-R style carbon-fiber hood

Interior ScienceofSpeed carbon-fiber instrument cluster overlay w/polished aluminum rings; carbon-fiber door sills w/polished NSX sill plates; OEM JDM NSX-R carbon-fiber shifter insert, black mesh shift boot and six-speed engraved round screw shift knob

Thanks You ScienceofSpeed; Daisy Automotive; PTuning; Summit Point Motorsports Park; NSX PRIME

www (ADVAN);;;

By Joey Lee
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