The ‘80s and ‘90s Japanese cars are becoming popular in Japan and USA again, especially AE86 Corolla, EF/EG Civic and CR-X are very popular and used car price of them is going too high and hard to find them in good condition. Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) is very popular in Japan and USA but the used AE86’s price is not going down in used car market. If you would buy new Japanese car, I would give my suggestion, which is Scion FR-S. But now, if you want a used car and want something different, I suggest AE92 Corolla GT-S; it has 4A-GE motor and front engine, front-wheel-drive. In Japan, Toyota sold AE92 from ’87-’91. AE92’s motor can make 140ps and swapping 4AG is easy to do, that’s why AE92’s 4AG motor was very popular in Japan, making it very hard to find original AE92. Japanese AE92 had supercharged model, which was GT-Z grade; engine code is 4A-GZE, which can make 165ps. Toyota Japan was selling Corolla Levin/Trueno from ’83-00. After AE92, Toyota sold AE101 Corolla Levin/Trueno from ’91-’95; that 4A-GE motor can make 160ps. AE111 was sold ’95-’00 and has 6-speed transmission. Some AE86 owners swap AE101 or AE111 motor to AE86 and some AE92 owners swap AE111’s motor/transmission to their cars. Keiichi Tsuchiya (Dori-King)’s AE86 has a Trueno motor that looks like AE111’s 4AG but it is not—that is a Toyota Carina 7A-FE with AE111 cylinder head. The popular name is 7AG. I suggest AE92 for you but I know it’s very rare in the US. How about AE90 and AE100 Corolla sedan? Japanese Corolla sedan had GT model, which had same 4AG motor as AE92 and AE101 Levin, and they are still popular for people who like sedan sport cars. AE100 Corolla sedan took part in Japanese Touring car championship (JGTC) and TRD Japan was selling limited model Corolla, which had MR-2’s 3S-GE. How about Geo Prizm GSi (’90-’92)? That is same body as Japanese Corolla/Sprinter sedan, which has 4AG motor. I think if you know good tuning shops that know how to tune 4AG motors, you can put AE92 on your list.