Ever wonder if you could hot lap faster in a video game or in real life? Well thanks to Toyota, Polyphony Digital (the maker of Gran Turismo 5) and Denso this question can be definitively answered. A GT86 was used as the development car but the data-logger is five years in the making. The center of the system, known as the CAN Gateway ECU, ties into the vehicle’s CAN-BUS signal stream, logging parameters like car speed, engine speed, pedal positions and steering angle. We figure some type of GPS mapping is used to determine the car’s position on the track. As the brakes steam after the hot laps the data can be downloaded into a USB flash drive and uploaded into GT5. Then the GT86 is called up in the game and taken to the track in question where the driver runs virtual laps against the uploaded real-life laps. The data-logger will hit the stores in late 2013.