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SlingShox & Illest X Transformers Shirts

Jonathan Wong
Mar 4, 2013


Collecting Casio GShock watches can be a costly affair, but what if you could just upgrade your existing time piece with an easy-to-install, interchangeable piece? SlingShox in minutes can give your GShock a new color with a new band and head cover that slips over your existing unit. Super affordable and comes in tons of colors.

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Illest x Transformers

Illest transforms and rolls out their first collaboration series for the popular Transformers series with the Illest x Transformers “Fall of Cybertron” collection, set to debut alongside the release of Activision’s new video game of the same title. Featuring Autobots and Decepticons from the game, these limited edition t-shirts can be found at the Illest flagship stores in LA and SF, and in limited numbers online. A second phase of clothing will connect RWB with Autobot character, Jazz and will also be available for purchase.

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