Nitto Tire made the bold move to reach out to a new generation of fist pumping music fans. They combined forces with DJ and producer Steve Aoki to throw one kick-ass party in Los Angeles, CA. We dressed up in our neon shirts and dancing shoes (Only Sam did.-NH) to check out the sold-out show, which also happened to be Aoki's 35th b-day. Pure madness is all we have to report! Nitto's partnership with Aoki didn't just entail the party; they brought him to SEMA where I received a chocolatey surprise during the press conference. Also, on the morning of the concert, Nitto organized private drifting lessons for the DJ with Formula D driver, Matt Powers in his S14. Nitto tells us they're not done supporting Aoki and the electronic dance music scene yet so stay tuned for future events and get your glow sticks ready.-SD