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1994 Toyota Supra JZA80 - Doin' It Right

Jazzin' Up The JZA80

Sep 28, 2009

Growing up as a product of the '80s was both weird and interesting. Off the top of my head, I can name plenty of things that serve as sentimental reminders of that era. Do things like Storm Shadow with kung fu grip, flux capacitors, and HKS jog your memory?

Sstp_9905_02_z+1994_toyota_supra+side_view Photo 2/9   |   1994 Toyota Supra JZA80 - Doin' It Right

Say what? Yeah, while I was busy saving Lady Jay from Cobra Commander, my cousins were busy wrenching away on their Corollas or first-gen CRXs. The name HKS sticks so well because they plastered those graphics all over their cars. "Damn, check out the exhaust," one of my cousins said, and off they went, smoking one of those drop-top preppie-mobile Rabbits at the first street light.

My cousins swore by the products that they bought and always told me, "If you're gonna fix up your car, make sure you do it right the first time with the good stuff." Meanwhile, the times have changed, and I'm no longer concerned with situations that involve gathering energon cubes to prolong the life of the Decepticons. One thing does stick in my mind, however, and that is wondering how many other big bros or sisses told their younger siblings that when it came down to hopping up a ride of their own to use the best on the market.

Sstp_9905_03_z+1994_toyota_supra+rear_view Photo 3/9   |   1994 Toyota Supra JZA80 - Doin' It Right

Probably not one of life's most enigmatic questions or a quest to find the Holy Grail, but just a cool thought that maybe somewhere out there in this great world, someone's advising the next generation on how to stay on top of things. And maybe, just maybe, Mike Wen received one of these pep talks. You see, Mike has been able to get his hands on a car that most of us won't be able to afford until the age of 30 or so (30? 30! Try 50.-MP). This car that I'm talking about is the JZA80 from Toyota (better known as the Supra), and with a car like this, why would you even settle for anything less than the best in high-performance tuning and styling?

Starting off with the bare-bones 3.0L, Mike researched and discovered that he wouldn't have to touch the internals of the motor and still have the ability to produce mega amounts of horsepower. HKS was called upon to free up airflow with its Super Mega Flow and a custom-fabricated Super Drager exhaust unit complete with 3-inch piping and a Rod Millen downpipe. The stock turbine housing was left alone but upgraded mildly with a modified compressor wheel. Further tuning mods include HKS F35i spark plugs, AEM adjustable cam gears, Unorthodox underdrive pulleys, and an XS Engineering ECU upgrade.

Sstp_9905_04_z+1994_toyota_supra+interior Photo 4/9   |   1994 Toyota Supra JZA80 - Doin' It Right

For track purposes, Mike installed a 120hp-shot nitrous oxide system from NOS. An RPS Turbo Clutch matched with a 13-pound forged aluminum flywheel helps transfer the power to the wheels while a C's Short Shift kit makes shifting the gears a breeze. The dyno-test results are extremely impressive as Mike's Supra pushes out an astonishing 530 hp at 5,600 rpm at the flywheel, and 650 hp with the nitrous hooked up.

Mike obtained a set of 16-way adjustable coilovers from Tein. Imported directly from Japan, the Tein kits feature an adjustable camber plate and damping settings. GReddy front and rear strut braces also help keep the chassis stiff whenever the Supra feels fit to go canyon-carving. A set of 18-inch Racing Sparco NTs (front 18x8 1/2, rear 18x9 1/2) wrapped by Falken GR-Bs (front 235/40ZR18, rear 265/35ZR18) keep the car planted to the ground at all times.

To add some flair to an otherwise stock exterior, a GReddy front lip spoiler, Type S carbon fiber wing from TRD, and Catz foglights were bolted in place. Inside, a plethora of accessories-including MOMO Corse racing seats and Competition steering wheel; Räzo shift knob, shift light, and pedals; Auto Meter gauges; and white-faced instrument panel gauges-takes the place of the boring stock pieces. Pretty flashy indeed, but what makes this interior stand out the most is its stereo components. Keeping the tunes in check are a Premier DEX-P88 Hi-Volt CD head unit, Premier 6-inch front speaker/tweeters, Premier 6 1/2-inch three-way rear speakers, Premier 2x crossovers, Kenwood KGC-7043 Digital EQ with Spectrum Analyzer, Alpine V12 amps, Phoenix Gold wires, and an Orion NT carbon-fiber 10-inch subwoofer. This system "sounds" like something you should fire up the THX opening sequence to.

Sstp_9905_09_z+1994_toyota_supra+wheels Photo 8/9   |   1994 Toyota Supra JZA80 - Doin' It Right

As you can see, with the right guidance on selecting the performance parts, you can also build your own hoochie magnet like Mike has. Supposing he passes on his knowledge to the generations to come, the outcome for the future looks pretty bright. It only gets better from here.

Sstp_9905_12_z+1994_toyota_supra+exhaust Photo 9/9   |   1994 Toyota Supra JZA80 - Doin' It Right

Fast Facts
Owner: Mike Wen
Edmond, OK
Ride: '94 Toyota Supra

Under the Hood: 3.0L 2JZ-GTE, HKS Super Mega Flow, HKS Super Drager exhaust, Rod Millen downpipe, upgraded compressor wheel, XS Engineering ECU upgrade, HKS F35i spark plugs, AEM adjustable cam gears, C's Short Shift kit, RPS Turbo Clutch, forged aluminum flywheel, Unorthodox underdrive pulley kit

Stiff Stuff: Tein Type HA 16-way adjustable coilovers and camber plates, GReddy front and rear strut braces

Rollers: 18x8 1/2 Racing Sparco NTs (front), 18x9 1/2 Racing Sparco NTs (rear), 235/40ZR18 Falken GR-Bs (front), 265/35ZR18 Falken GR-Bs (rear)

Stoppers: Brembo front and rear rotors, HKS brake pads

Outside: GReddy front lip spoiler, TRD Type S carbon fiber rear wing, CATZ MSC foglights, custom front air scoop

Inside: MOMO Corse racing seats and Champion steering wheel; Räzo shift knob, pedals, and shift light; Auto Meter gauges; white-faced gauges

Sounds: Premier DEX-P88 Hi-Volt Super Tuner CD head unit; Kenwood KGC-7043 Digital Graphic EQ/Spectrum Analyzer; Premier crossover x2; Alpine V12 MRV-F300 4/3/2-channel; Alpine V12 MRV-T500 2/1-channel; Premier 6-inch front speaker/tweeters; 6 1/2-inch three-way rear speakers; Phoenix Gold wires; Orion NT carbon fiber 10-inch subwoofer x2

Props: Trizone Motorsports; Xtreme Motorsports; Henery Wu at Kaosiung Turbo Research, Taiwan; Ma Phen; HKS USA; Lee at PAS Performance Shop; Sean Gordon at Ultra Performance



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