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Super Street August 2015 Issue Preview

On newsstands now: supercharged JDM Scion FR-S; super-stanced Mazda RX-8; super-hot Danielle Ruiz; and more

Jun 22, 2015

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SSTP 150800 TWIN 02 Photo 2/10   |   SSTP 150800 TWIN 02

Preview – All in the Details
Rocking an abundance of JDM hotness – like an ultra rare Ridox body kit – and 740-plus hp, Enrique Munoz’s Toyota JZA80 Supra may be Twins Turbo Motorsport’s finest masterpiece yet

SSTP 150800 NOEL 03 lpr Photo 3/10   |   SSTP 150800 NOEL 03 Lpr

Preview – The Second Noel
Noel Barnum reinvents his Scion FR-S a second time with a supercharger, Varis widebody and a raft of JDM parts

SSTP 150700 EG 03 lpr Photo 4/10   |   SSTP 150700 EG 03 Lpr

Preview – The Great Anomaly
Show cars cannot be competitive track cars and track cars cannot be award-winning show cars – unless it’s Angel Torres’ 373hp, K-powered 1993 Honda Civic CX

SSTP 150800 RX8 05 lpr Photo 5/10   |   SSTP 150800 RX8 05 Lpr

Preview – Camber Whore
The look is divisive, to say the least, but frankly Koichiro Hayashi does not give a f*ck; his Mazda RX-8 breaks necks and drops jaws when you see it and its 20 degrees of negative camber

1974 mercedes 240d 2jz swap Photo 6/10   |   1974 Mercedes 240D 2Jz Swap

Preview - Raise the Roof(ie)
Back in the day: This built-on-a-whim 400hp, 2JZ-powered 1974 Mercedes 240D is a true knockout

Tx2k15 roll race nationals 36 Photo 7/10   |   Tx2k15 Roll Race Nationals 36

Preview - Only 700hp, Bruh?
Scene: TX2K15 included a three-class roll race competition, test and tune, drag night, and two on-site demos, with trap speeds ranging from 165 to 200mph and power figures starting at 700hp

009 air suspension tech lpr Photo 8/10   |   009 Air Suspension Tech Lpr

Preview – Air Suspension Inside Out
We demystify air ride systems; like more conventional coil-spring setups, they can be measured by how well they take advantage of tire traction, how evenly traction is distributed from front to rear, and how responsive they are to a driver’s inputs

SSTP 150800 GIRL 01 lpr Photo 9/10   |   SSTP 150800 GIRL 01 Lpr

Preview – When I Met You in the Summer
We go poolside with pro swimsuit and lingerie model Danielle Ruiz, lover of dirty martinis, nice teeth, and drums

SSTP 150800 LIFE 007 lpr Photo 10/10   |   SSTP 150800 LIFE 007 Lpr

Preview – Turn Up the Speakers
Our picks for the best portable Bluetooth speakers today

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