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Super Street Network – Rolling Start

Super Street, european car, Import Tuner & Honda Tuning Super Site is your one-stop, all-you-can-eat tuner buffet

Oct 7, 2014

Are you ready? 10.10.2014

These are exciting days to be a gearhead. Whether your particular obsession is sport compacts, imports, supercars, motorsports, tuning and technology, new or classic cars, shows, or the totality of the lifestyle, fresh blood and energy are currently driving all of these passions to new heights, spurred in part by the rise of the Internet and in particular social media.

That’s where the party’s crackin’, and why we’re here today – to introduce you to a new chapter in the book of tuner media.

The Super Street Network (SSN) Super Site (or SSSS, if you have a sense of humor) is new home to brands Super Street, european car, Import Tuner and Honda Tuning – four of the greatest enthusiast car magazines to ever occupy the newsstand. With our combined assets and staff, we've set up shop under the SSN banner to create a one-stop online portal for fans of the Euro and Japanese car scenes.

In a single destination, you’ll have access to years of archived articles, columns and photographs – some 20,000 posts accompanied by well over 30,000 images. But we’ll also have the latest in trends and news, too, updated regularly and supported by rich visuals and an ever-expanding use of video to tell our stories. From first drives to the most cutting edge project builds and tech to exclusive access at events – and of course, years of umbrella professionals, booth models and cover girls – we’ve got it handled.

With the Super Site, the user experience takes a big step forward. Photo galleries now burst at the seams with big, juicy images, which you can zoom into to eat up every last pixel. Navigating through those images is easier, and our high-resolution pics are now downloadable, to boot.

Cruising around the site in general is a much simpler, more direct proposition, with multiple ways to search out content. The site’s categories are organized more meaningfully, as well, so that with just a tap or two you can get to the stuff you really want.

Of course, none of this would matter if SSN wasn't tailored for your devices, which it is. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, smoke signal – you name it, we’re set up for it (well, maybe not smoke signal).

Yep, it’s a good time to be into cars. And with the Super Street Network, you have a vital companion to keep you informed, amused and educated, wherever you are and whenever you want it. Welcome to Super Street Network, new home of the modern car culture enthusiast.


Bob Hernandez
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