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Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

Civic and Super Street go together like PB&J; we gather together our most popular Civic hatchbacks, coupes & sedans from the vault (and say, “So long!” to the old 10, too).

Super Street Archives
Feb 12, 2021
Authors: Jofel Tolosa, Bob Hernandez

Whether it's an entry car into the tuning world or a full-on, high-end build, the Honda Civic has seemingly always been a popular project platform for enthusiasts. It's the FF econobox that became a phenomenon and helped set up the entire foundation of the "tuner" scene. We used to hear about it all the time, about how a bunch of Southern California kids in the late '80s and early '90s made their Honda engines less restrictive, expressed their style with body kits, and took part in street racing. Fast-forward to today and Honda as an automaker has returned to its sporty roots with new Civic Type R and NSX (it even has a crate engine program for its turbo K20C1). Having so many fine examples of built Civics running around, it's no surprise we've featured an extensive number of them throughout the decades.

2021 Update: After five years, this piece was due for a refresh, but if you liked or were even just curious about the previous 10 Civic you can scroll to the bottom of this story to remember what was here before. This new list is tabulated entirely from story views and is made up of six hatchbacks, three coupes and a sedan. We have modified Civic from the first generation all the way to the 10th (Honda is selling the 11th gen. now, just for context), and seven of these cars have engine swaps - K-series, B-series, even a DOHC D-series - which means three of these have retained their native mills. For complete details on each build, make sure to click the links for each story below in the descriptions.

Nick Higgins's K24 '89 Hatchback
Steve Thomsen's B16A1 '97 EX Sedan
Adam Elghriany's '99 Type R
GReddy Performance Products '17 Si Coupe
Masaki Fukuda's '94 SiR II
Jason Haradon's B18 '94 Si
Mike Andrada's K20 '00 Coupe
Jared Reyes's JDM B18C '93 Si
Victor Ho's D16 '78 Hatchback
Todd Grant's B16A '96 Coupe

Honda Beyond the Civic
Voltex Kitted, HKS Supercharged S2000
The Wildest (and Perhaps Only) Modded '79 Prelude You'll Ever See
Budget Built Off-Road Fit

002 top 10 honda civic nick higgins 1989 hatchback Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

1989 Honda Civic - The Pursuit of Happiness
Full Story Here

Nick Higgins's K24-swapped EF hatch is one of those bar-setting builds, so masterfully executed that it should be in a textbook or enshrined in a museum. The parts list is massive, mashing together JDM OEM EF9 bits with the best the aftermarket has to offer, plus a dash of the unusual. Your heart might break reading about why Nick rebuilt his prized hatch but should absolutely soar when you see how brilliant V2 turned out.

009 top 10 honda civic steve thomsen 1997 ex sedan rear 3 4 Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

1997 Honda Civic Sedan - The Big Throwback
Full Story Here

Our second most popular Civic is Steve Thomsen's EJ8 sedan, which is kind of surprising given the popularity of hatchbacks foremost and coupes a distant second. Every millimeter of the car has been touched judging from the prodigious amount of bolt-ons he listed, from all the goodies for the JDM B16A1 engine swap under the hood to the OEM EK9 exterior bits, custom HRE 543R wheels, redone interior, and on and on. But arguably the most remarkable element to the story might be how reliable the four-door Civic has been; Steve has taken it across the country, multiple times, and on the track, and old faithful hasn't missed a beat. Next up: a K-series swap.

011 top 10 honda civic adam elghriany 1999 type r b16b Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

1999 Honda Civic Type R - The Refresh
Full Story Here

There may be no more prestigious '90s FF platform than the EK9 Civic Type R, and slather that thing in Spoon Sports paraphernalia and you suddenly have the stuff of legend, like Adam Elghriany's '99 CTR. Adam restored the hatch as essentially a catalog car, subbing in parts like Radium fuel system bits and KW suspension among others where Spoon replacements weren't available, and the finished product came out dazzlingly. All eyes may have been on the Limited Edition FK8 CTR that came out this time last year, but we're a bit partial to how Honda did Phoenix Yellow back in the day.

014 top 10 honda civic greddy 2017 si coupe Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

2017 Honda Civic Si - Making the Best Si Better
Full Story Here

Greddy's FC3 Si coupe is the newest Civic to make this list, missing the '90s sweet spot by some 17 years, but it more than holds its own thanks to a relatively modest but well thought out makeover. It features a prototype turbo system built around an upgraded Garrett GT2554R snail, and the build also ties in 18-in. Volk Racing CE28SL wheels, GReddy lip, Honda OEM accessory underbody spoiler and side skirts, and more. The cabin is a showcase for Sparco seats and harnesses, as well as GReddy's Sirius Vision Meter, a futuristic looking multigauge that opens up all kinds of possibilities. Leave it to GReddy to show us that new Civic can be just as cool as old ones.

021 top 10 honda civic masaki fukuda 1994 sir ii spoon rear spoiler Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

Timeless JDM Honda Civic SiR II
Full Story Here

The only truly JDM Civic on this list, Masaki Fukuda's EG6 "forever car" out of Japan is a super-clean hatch that has been in almost constant metamorphosis over the last 13 years. It very literally has its own wardrobe, made up of 10 sets of rims, 8 bumper lips, 5 rear wings, 9 pairs of mirrors, and a quartet of taillight sets from various international markets. On the day of our photo shoot, his SiR II rocked rare Vision MUE VR-1 wheels, Vision front lip, and carbon fiber Vision Type DC mirrors, as well as a Spoon Sports carbon wing, but he's also got parts from Backyard Special and others as backups.

022 top 10 honda civic jason haradon 1994 si Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

1994 Honda Civic Si - Stuck in the Past
Full Story Here

With an almost unimaginable opportunity to develop an EH3 rolling shell that already had a perfect Mineral Blue paint job, noted builder Jason Haradon grabbed the restomod ball and ran with it, putting together a masterpiece on custom Mugen MF10L. Jason got down into every nook and cranny, going so far as to refresh or replace every nut and bolt on the chassis, and the end result is breathtakingly tidy. Its Type R B18C swap, Ground Control/Koni suspension and ICB Japan Pursuit MK I bucket driver seat are only lead ins - the beauty here is in the details.

027 top 10 honda civic mike andrada 2000 coupe k20z1 Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

Turbocharged K20-Swapped Honda Civic Sleeper Makes 800hp & Runs 10-Second Passes
Full Story Here

For all the adoration fifth- and sixth-gen. Civic hatchbacks get, we'd be lying if we didn't admit to seeing just as much tuning potential in the coupe from those generations, and Mike Andrada is of the same mind. His two-door EJ draws you in with a Midnight Purple Pearl body from the NSX color palette and J's Racing front fenders hunkered down on a set of Formula Silver TE37 and then springs the trap with a built turbo K20Z1 in a remarkably clean engine bay that churns out nearly 750hp and propels the Honda to 10-second quarter mile times - breaking hearts and checking egos, all in one package.

030 top 10 honda civic jared reyes 1993 si Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

1993 Honda Civic Si - In it for the Long Haul
Full Story Here

After a decade and a half-plus and numerous incarnations, Jared Reyes's JDM B18C-powered EH3 might be our ideal of the perfect FF track car. Working that power to weight ratio, the gutted, already-lightweight fifth-gen. Civic hatch keeps it simple in the pursuit of low lap times, but simple doesn't mean taking shortcuts as we see in the Eibach MULTI-PRO R2 suspension and elaborate handling makeover, Spoon/DBS/Project Mu stopping improvements, and aero made up of J's Racing and PCI, and so much more.

034 top 10 honda civic victor ho 1978 hatchback Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

1978 Honda Civic - Homebuilt Hatch Gets Widebody'd & Turbo D16
Full Story Here

Before the Civic became cool we had Honda that addressed the gas crunch of the '70s, which didn't necessarily inspire tuners, but not Victor Ho. His first-gen. three-door hatch is more evolved than any we've ever seen, but as you might expect the vast majority of mods it rocks are custom, like the one-off fiberglass widebody, Volvo A-pillar gauge pod, and Recaro DC5 Integra seats. The engine is a swapped DOHC D16 running a repurposed Volvo turbo, while the old-school Honda rides on bags and rolls on 15-in. Epsilon Southern Ways Mesh 3-piece wheels. Nostalgia should always look this good.

041 top 10 honda civic todd grant 1996 ex coupe trunk spoiler Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

OEM+ 1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe Blends the Best of Honda Factory Performance & Aftermarket Upgrades
Full Story Here

OEM+ has grown as a build buzzword these last few years, partly because of what guys like Todd Grant have been able to do with the theme. His homage to the sixth-gen. Civic coupe platform is nothing short of spectacular, flexing a mishmash of OEM EK, EM and even DC bits with some of the best from the aftermarket by the likes of Skunk2, TEIN and J's Racing. The white-on-white look (with matchy-matchy 16-in. TE37) never looked this good, and under the hood is the cleanest non-shaved, non-tucked engine bay we've ever seen around a B16A swap.

042 top 10 honda civic signal auto choptop ek9 Photo 96/96   |   Super Street’s Top 10 Honda Civic Feature Cars of All Time

The Last 10

Our previous list of top Civics was admittedly pretty epic in terms of JDM tuners involved - on it, we had builds from Signal Auto, JUN, Top Fuel, Spoon Sports (which actually had two entries in the old roundup), even TRA Kyoto, that dated all the way back to the late '90s. We didn't have the heart to completely wipe away the remnants of the old list, so we've linked out to each feature car's respective story where we could, as well as included in the gallery all the pics from the old version of this story.

Signal Auto Chop-Top Turbo EK9, April '98 issue
JUN Auto EJ6 Pair, July '01 issue
Top Fuel Turbo EK9, August '03 issue
TRA Kyoto EF, December '09 issue
Spoon Sports Group A E-AT, September '15 issue
Steve Kwan's K-Swapped EJ6; September '09 issue
RyWire B18 E-AT, October '13 issue of Honda Tuning
Matthew Bouchard's B18 ED6, July '15 issue
Bisimoto EE2, July '10 issue
Spoon Sports FD2, April '15 issue

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