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Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Titanium-topped ITBs, turbo, supercharged and K20-swapped – here’s Honda’s original flagship served up 5 different ways.

Dec 31, 2020

Everyone loves a Honda or Acura NSX - everyone. Even the ones that spout off about their lack of power for such an advanced chassis, or the ones that constantly gripe about their sky-high price tag on the used market, the original NSX is one that will forever remain on most enthusiast's wish list - including ours.

We've featured a pretty good amount of these mid-engine marvels and as such, we decided to gather up all of the nerd-tastic data and break out the Super Street Network's 5 most frequently viewed NSX features of all time, determined by your clicks and searches.

002 brandon wilbur k nsx Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

972hp Turbo K20 NSX
Full feature HERE

Not only was Brandon Wilbur's high-powered build the most viewed NSX feature in Super Street history, but it separated itself with a rather healthy margin. It was controversial when the story was first published and remains that way even today. Once this goes to social media, there will be multiple posts of "But why?" and "should have kept the V6, you ruined the car!" What they don't realize, because they won't bother reading, is that this car started as an incomplete shell. Brandon put in plenty of work to make it a whole car again and the swap had been planned all along, having already done something similar with his previous K20 MR2. This swap was installed and removed multiple times before he found its sweet spot, with almost 1,000hp on tap.

The NSX served him well, but Brandon later sold it and moved on to a monster drag Corvette build. Then, he put together yet another K-swapped NSX, this time in Imola Orange, and with even more power from the mid-engine demon.

003 k20 turbo nsx Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

It might have been looked at as a novelty in the beginning, but these swaps are becoming more common and not just for the roll race crowd as we recently saw Amir Bentatou smash the Street Class record at Global Time Attack in his turbo K20 NSX. For the purists, this is the worst thing you can possibly do to Honda's flagship. For those that want to go fast with a lighter platform with a vastly larger aftermarket support system and replacement parts that are not only a fraction of the cost of the NSX's original bits (some are readily available at your local parts store in many cases), this might be the ideal set up. See the details right HERE.

004 widebody vinyl wrap nsx Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Turbocharged Sorcery widebody NSX
Full feature HERE

A widebody kit and vinyl wrap might sound like a common recipe for a modern day build but in this instance, it helps round out a project that touches on every single aspect of tuning. The first and most obvious takeaway is the widened fenders, courtesy of the ever-popular Sorcery kit along with an '02-up facelift. The Black Chrome vinyl wrap highlights those sharp edges and gives the car quite a bit more attitude.

005 titanium nsx coilpack cover Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Glance at the Tuning Menu and the engine compartment upgrade list is a mile long and includes an LA Sleeve fully built block to support the LoveFab LF600 Stage II turbo kit that produces over 600whp. The build is wild and aggressive and that's probably why it pulled in enough story views to land it firmly in the second spot on the list. Get the full rundown right here.

006 black acura nsx Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Supercharged widebody NSX
Full feature HERE

Leon Casino is no stranger to building Hondas. Deep rooted in Socal import history, he imported a CRX from Japan and packed it with Mugen goods back in the '90s that he still owns to this day. He also owns a Spoon Sports-themed USDM CRX and, in more recent years, picked up this NSX that he's been modifying ever since. Sure, some of the exterior parts are off-the-shelf pieces, like the Sorcery V1 carbon front bumper and fenders but he's added his own touch with a custom front splitter and side diffusers that he designed and produced in his garage.

007 nsx falken window banner Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Behind the cabin you'll find a Comptech supercharger kit, Taitec headers and a custom exhaust system while a Buddy Club big brake kit helps bring things to a halt, and WedSport TC105N with Falken FK453 keep Leon's dream car moving. And move it does, as he fearlessly stacks miles on the flagship without any concern. Built to be driven and enjoyed, that's exactly what this dedicated Honda enthusiast does. Get the full background story right here.

008 1991 Acura NSX Pride Widebody Fenders Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Titanium and Carbon-clad NSX
Full feature HERE

Although not as pronounced as the Sorcery kit, this '91 NSX has been given the wide body treatment by way of Pride carbon fiber fenders that bulk each corner but keep the rounded look, rather than converting to a more angular appearance. The unique wing you likely spotted is a seldom seen Do-Luck carbon fiber version that matches an even rarer set of side mirrors by the same manufacturer. The carbon accents that include side-mounted ducts, side diffusers, a partially painted hood and roof cap look right at home with red-lipped TE37 SAGA.

009 Acura NSX C30A1 Engine Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

While the rest of this list relies on boost, owner Jeff Nguyen wanted to keep the car naturally aspirated and opted for Science of Speed individual throttle bodies topped with custom Chasing J's titanium velocity stacks. The look is sleek and refined and includes enough hard-to-find and custom touches to separate this NA1 from the rest. See all of the fine details right HERE.

010 rocket bunny widebody nsx Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

Rocket Bunny Aero NSX
Full feature HERE

If you don't like the idea of major surgery on an NSX in order to change out its original V6, then the idea of hacking off some of its rear end probably won't sit well with you, either. Beyond the usual wheel well "trimming" required to fit Pandem's wildly popular Rocket Bunny conversions, the actual rear end of the NSX has to be shortened to complete this kit, according to Auto Fashion USA, the car's main builder. The material removal lends itself to the tapered rear that's been topped with a trunk lip and GT-style wing and the entire car was wrapped in Blue Chrome, though this car wore white for a time as well.

011 blue vinyl wrap nsx Photo 22/22   |   Top 5 Acura NSX Stories of All Time

The all but required Enkei 6666 mesh wheels are on deck and perhaps the most talked about part of the kit is the clamshell style, 1-piece front end that opens forward. You'll also find a GruppeM supercharger kit mounted to a built C30 sitting behind the Bride Stradia II Kevlar-backed seats. It was a gutsy build being that at the time, it was the first in the U.S. and only the second in existence, with Kei Miura's NSX being the very first. To add a little more stress, like most SEMA builds this NSX was under the gun right up to the very last minute. You can read more about the process HERE.


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