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Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

Super Street Network presents the top 5 most popular JDM feature cars of the last year

Dec 22, 2020

2021 is less than two weeks away, so we thought it would only be fitting to offer up a few "Most Popular" lists based on all of the feature cars we've highlighted throughout this rather strange, unprecedented year. We recently published a Top 20 Feature Cars of 2020 list but this one is specifically geared toward features we pulled in from Japan since January. The cars chosen and their order, starting with the most popular, is based on the number of times a story was viewed by you after having made your way to our website through our social media channel links, site visits or through good 'ol fashioned searching.

002 1994 honda civic sir ii ek side skirts Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

Masaki Fukuda's Honda Civic EG SiR II
Full feature HERE

It shouldn't come as any surprise that a Honda would sit atop the list of most popular features, whether based in Japan or any other region. For as much flak as they take from the peanut gallery, the brand's Civic and Integra lines, along with a few select others, remain fan favorites, especially among the DIY crowd. Of the 10 and soon to be 11 generations of Civic, the 5th gen. might just be the most popular.

You don't have to convince Masaki Fukuda, though; he's owned his SiR II for over 12 years and plans to continue stacking years and miles onto his EG hatchback. In absolutely pristine condition, Fukuda has amassed a rather large inventory of rare goods that he keeps on hand for whenever he feels like changing things up. From the Mugen, Vision, Spoon, First Molding and Backyard Special front bumper lips, to the 3 sets of Sprint Hart wheels in various colors, 2 sets of Work RSZ-R, Spoon SW388, Volk SE37, Vision and a few favorite factory wheels, multiple wings, mirrors and steering wheels - he's got something for every occasion.

003 masaki civic eg eneos Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

It's not the 800hp, caged and stripped street beast or even K-swapped with a "tucked and shaved everything" sort of Honda bay, but instead, a simple, clean, timeless build that's only fitted with authentic goods and will be used as a point of reference for future tuning generations. You can get the full rundown and impressive parts collection right here.

004 1983 toyota corolla trueno pop up headlights Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

Inazuma Worx Toyota Corolla AE86
Full feature HERE

How many times have you seen a white and black AE86 in your tuning lifetime? We're going to assume at least 50, and when done right, they never get old. And if you want something done right, you look to Masataka Ikeda of Inazuma Worx who has a knack for taking awesome things and making them much, much more awesome. As clean and well done as the exterior is on this 86, it's the built 20-valve 4A-GE that you'll appreciate even more. Toda high-compression pistons, cams and valve springs along with Rising Racing rods and fresh Keihin carbs breathe new life into this '80s classic.

005 1983 toyota corolla trueno 4age engine Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

Oh, did we mention the bay? Perhaps the cleanest bay we've ever seen, it's been meticulously welded up and completely reworked into basically a sheet metal bathtub with a gorgeous power plant gently placed inside. Get a closer look at it right HERE.

006 1999 mazda mx 5 miata chiyomori auto body front fender Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

Ko Nakagawa's Widebody Mazda MX-5
Full feature HERE

This '99 MX-5 was a bit of a surprise to us being that, generally speaking, they don't carry the same sort of fanfare from our demographic as, say, an S-chassis, S2000, or RX-7, for example.

This one, however, certainly struck a chord with you, the fans, as it pulled into third place for 2020.

007 1999 mazda mx 5 miata voltex type 1 gt wing Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

The two-seater's owner is also the aero designer, as Nakagawa, who purchased his MX-5 way back in 2009 and dreamed of one day creating his own widebody kit. Sketches eventually turned into a blueprint before becoming an actual plastic model and in 2012 the conversion began. Working with Chiyomori Auto Body, the vision became reality and included not only the bulked-up corners but also an RE Amemiya FD RX-7 front bumper. Under the hood you'll find an HKS GT supercharger set up, Maxim Works header and Car Make Corn titanium exhaust. When we caught the car in Japan, it was actually at TotalCreate E.PriME and shop owner Eiji Daito had some plans in store but they remained top secret. We're hoping to revisit this build after its additional changes. Get the scoop right HERE.

008 2018 acura nsx headlights Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

AIMGAIN International Carbon Fiber widebody NSX NC1
Full feature HERE

Ok, it's not the most popular chassis among the Super Street universe due to its hefty price tag and the fact that no matter what Honda did, the new generation NSX was simply not going to fill those big, ground-breaking shoes that it's older brother once wore. That didn't stop AIMGAIN International, a group most noted for their VIP-style work on various big body sedans and even the thriving Japanese minivan movement. In 2019 however, they wanted to work a little magic on a mid-engine Japanese model and their GT widebody NSX was born.

009 2018 acura nsx aimgain front fender Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

As you might expect, a widebody aero kit produced in carbon fiber and made for a high-dollar "supercar" like the NSX isn't going to come cheap. If you want to run with the AIMGAIN big boys, it's going to set you back over 30k. Of course, if you're scootin' around town in your new NSX and shopping for a widebody kit, you probably have a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket. Get the complete breakdown right HERE.

010 2007 honda civic mugen rr regamaster evo 2 wheels 02 1 Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

Takeru Tojo's FD2 Civic Type R Mugen RR
Full feature HERE

This sort of story might be familiar to at least some of you entering or living the dad-life. Takeru Tojo was looking for a sedan to help support his growing family but still wanted something to modify and enjoy, and being a long-term Honda enthusiast, he zeroed in on a Mugen RR and was lucky enough to find one pretty quickly.

011 2007 honda civic mugen rr front bumper 01 Photo 20/20   |   Super Street’s 5 Most Popular JDM Cars of 2020

For those not familiar, the Type R is the special edition Civic that gets more power, better suspension, interior appointments, etc., but the Mugen RR takes that a step further with even more of a bump in power and a host of Mugen goods designed specifically for the 8th generation chassis. Rather than leave it as-is, Tojo has been collecting parts like Regamaster Evo 2 wheels, Volk ZE40 and TE37, as well as Spoon Sports bucket seats, front bumper and exhaust, to name but a few. His authentic parts hoarding, and constant state of change, is indicative of his crew, L2P Japan which, coincidentally, includes Masaki Fukuda and his SiR II from the top of this list. For the full story on Tojo's FD2, click HERE.

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