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Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far

If you have to wear a mask, might as well make it one of these.

Bob Hernandez
Oct 6, 2020
Photographer: Manufacturers

Asian cultures in general and the Japanese specifically have been sporting surgical-style face masks to limit exposure way before the current pandemic. It might be why their facewear game is so strong—they've been doing it for far longer than most. So it comes as no surprise that some of the coolest looking facial protective gear of late has emerged from aftermarket brands that serve the import tuning community. We saw it early on in the COVID-19 lockdown with outfits like seat maker Bride and San Diego shop AutoFashion producing the gotta-have merch, and over time more and more have offered equally badass coverings that are as fashionable as they are practical.

Since it looks like masks will be a widespread reality for the foreseeable future, we decided to round up our favorite ones that have come out so far. All of them are made from washable fabric and feature at least a couple of layers of material; however, some of these are not available to the general public. Additionally, we should provide one big warning before you start throwing your cash at these sellers: the vast majority of these masks are unfortunately SOLD OUT, which is to say specifically they have been extremely popular and hard to keep in stock. If you want one, be prepared to keep close tabs on supplies and act quickly when they are in stock.

Coolest Covid Masks Rays Wheels Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far

RAYS Wheels

The maker of Volk Racing and Gram Lights wheels will sell you masks two at a time and they come in either red or gray. They feature an outer polyester layer emblazoned with the RAYS logo and an inner polyester mesh liner; they also come with an antibacterial mask case to
carry them in.

Price & Availability: Hit up your nearest RAYS dealer for availability. Our nearest dealer is Evasive Motorsports and they are currently accepting only preorders for a shipment expected in December. Their list price is $31 per pair of masks.

Coolest Covid Masks Bride Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far


We know you got the Bride fabric for your interior panels, but how about for your face? These look nothing like the iconic gradient but do feature a fabric and urethane blend outer layer with BRIDE logo, polyester-fabric inner liner, and adjustable straps/bands. These come in either black or red.

Price & Availability: BRIDE is selling them in Japan through their direct store or, if you're not in Japan, you can buy one through your nearest BRIDE dealer. We found these at Evasive also (and also only for preorder) for $45 a pop.

Coolest Covid Masks Spoon Sports Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far

Spoon Sports

The Honda camp should dig these coverings, which don't employ Spoon's traditional blue and yellow colors but do floss the crane logo that is synonymous with the tuner brand. These, too, offer a polyester outer shell and mesh liner, with the outer in white and inner in black.

Price & Availability: You can buy 'em through Spoon or your nearest Spoon dealer. Evasive has these, too, for $20 each but, again, you will have to preorder and, as of this writing, Evasive says they will be out until at least December.

Coolest Covid Masks AutoFashion Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far


AutoFashion actually has three different mask versions but these "Monogram" variety might be some of the nicest we've found. They use AF's high-quality fabric and are 100-perecnt handmade. In the gallery, we've also included pics of AF's "Aloha" and "Tag" masks.

Price & Availability: The Monograms go for $9.99, the Alohas for $15, and the Tags for $8.99. Are all available through the AutoFashion online store.

Coolest Covid Masks Formula Drift Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far

Formula DRIFT

Our favorite pro drift championship has multilayer masks with their logo set against an urban camo background.

Price & Availability: Formula D's official online store, Shop FD, has these masks for 12 dollars apiece.


Coolest Covid Masks Falken Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far

Falken Tire

After spotting these at a Formula D event, we could not resist a chance to wear the iconic teal and blue livery on our faces, but when we reached out to ask how to score one, they told us only a few were made for internal use alone. (They still sent us a couple, though, for which we are endlessly grateful.)

Coolest Covid Masks Toms Racing Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far

TOM'S Racing

We saw these on the faces of the Japanese racing team, but as near as we could tell they have not been made available to the average enthusiast (we could be wrong, though; our Japanese is terrible).

Coolest Covid Masks RS R Mask Photo 12/12   |   Mask Up: The Coolest COVID Masks So Far


These were some of the first to pop up after the quarantine started, but like the Falken and TOM'S coverings, these are only for RS*R peeps and those closest to them.

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