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Twin Turbo Mazda RX7 - Total Auto Select Balance

Jun 1, 2004
Turp_0406_01_z+mazda_rx7_twin_turbo+front_view Photo 1/1   |   Twin Turbo Mazda RX7 - Total Auto Select Balance

The school of Zen teaches us to have complete balance in our life-a balanced meal, balance between work and play, balance of hardships and good fortune, etc. In order to reach complete enlightenment one must follow strict guidelines. The crew at Auto Select Japan incorporated those Zen beliefs in the cars they build.

This RX-7 is the result of careful planning and meticulous craftsmanship. The Auto Select FD3S was constructed to compete in circuit time attacks. Circuit time attacks are balls-out runs on a racetrack with manufacturers competing for bragging rights. There are several different classes, from FWD N/A to Unlimited. The FD3S competed and did well in the RWD Turbo Class, at one point even holding the class record.

Building a record-breaking vehicle requires countless hours of planning before a single wrench is turned. To construct a truly balanced vehicle, the chassis must be able to handle the power upgrades, and the suspension must be able to keep the power on the ground and absorb the g-forces of aggressive cornering. The brakes must be able to bring the chassis to a halt. And it doesn't hurt to have a nice-looking ride perform all those duties.

This RX-7 was a daily driver until one day it was plucked from the street and landed in Auto Select's workshop. The first line of modification was to ensure the chassis could handle the rigors of competition. The Mazda was stripped to its bare shell and strategically spot-welded and riveted for reinforcement. Auto Select also fabricated a 10-point chrome-moly cage to further stiffen the chassis and protect the driver.

Every component of the RX-7 was rebuilt prior to reassembly. Stiffer polyurethane bushings were chosen over the stock rubber bushings, increasing suspension feedback to the driver. For suspension components, Tanabe Sustec Pro coil-overs keep the tires firmly planted to the asphalt. Preventing the car from swaying through high-speed corners are Tanabe front and rear stabilizer bars.

The contact patch is provided by 18-inch SSR Type-C RS forged aluminum wrapped with 235/35 Dunlop O2G gumballs. Barely fitting behind the six-spoke wheels is a monstrous 340mm rotor teamed with a six-piston Brembo caliper. The rotor diameter is the same size as the one used on the Ferrari F40. Earl's stainless-steel brake lines are utilized all around, for a firm brake pedal.

Like most twin-turbo RX-7s, the Mazda came equipped with a 13B-REW engine that displaces a measly 1.3 liters. However, don't underestimate the 1.3-liter engine as it can do some serious damage. Auto Select ported and polished the rotor housing with a mild side port. The apex seals are top secret Auto Select units providing high-rpm operation without worry of housing chatter.

The entire engine was high-speed balanced before reassembled with all new seals and gaskets. Feeding the thirsty rotary engine are four 850cc injectors that are fed a constant supply of high-octane juice from two Bosch fuel pumps and a NISMO fuel pressure regulator.

Exhaust gases are routed into a Trust stainless-steel turbo manifold, with the other end hooked up to a Trust TD07-25G-17cm2 turbocharger. Spent gases from the turbo are sent into an Auto Select downpipe and titanium exhaust system. Turbo boost generated from the TD07 hairdryer is directed into the Auto Select front-mount intercooler via 2 1/2-inch custom aluminum I/C piping.

After proper chilling, the charge air is then fed into the Mazda triple-butterfly throttle body. The charge air enters the combustion chamber, where it meets fuel and gets ignited by a HKS twin-power ignition box lighting off the Trust spark plugs.

On the dyno, the turbocharged 13B was able to generate 450 hp with conservative boost pressure to ensure reliability on the racetrack. Transferring the 450 ponies to the rear wheels from the factory five-speed is an Exedy semi-carbon twin-plate clutch. Providing equal power to both rear wheels is an OS Giken super-lock LSD replacing the factory differential.

Lastly, the RX-7's body was addressed with an RE Amemiya wide-body kit with a C-West front bumper. Providing ample downforce is an Auto Select double wing. The entire car was painted in the company's "speed yellow" moniker. Auto Select also paid careful detail to aerodynamics by adding front and rear carbon-fiber diffusers. An Auto Select carbon-fiber hood and RE Amemiya sleek headlight kit finish off the looks.

Having balance in life is as important as having balance in your ride. Auto Select has taken Zen to a new level with this circuit time attack RX-7. A truly balanced vehicle will always perform better than one that's not. It's easy to see why this RX-7 has eclipsed records where others have failed. Total balance.


Belleville, MI 48111
Torrance, CA 90501



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