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Model Search Winners - Jane Ming Lee and Nicole Hess

Conducted Over The Phone By Jacob Leveton

Oct 1, 2003
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2NR: You seem very active--rollerblading, working out and such. Are you big into sports too?
JL: I love sports, but I like watching them more than playing.

2NR: Being from Chicago, You must be a Cubs fan...
JL: I definitely like the Cubs over the White Sox, but I still root for both teams. I like all of Chicago, even the Bulls.

2NR: So let's say I'm in town on a Saturday, where would I find you?
JL: If it's nice outside, then definitely out and about. I love being outside if it's hot and sunny! Rollerblading, strolling through the park, doing something active. If it's dark and gloomy, then I'm indoors watching TV, cleaning, doing laundry; typical house chores.

2NR: I hate those house chores, good thing you don't mind them! JL: I can cook too. I love making pasta; it's one of my better dishes. I keep things interesting with my own recipes. The sauces, all my add-ins, its awesome! Pasta is definitely my favorite dish to eat and cook!

2NR: So who gets to eat all of these fine dishes? Is there a special someone around?
JL: My brother and my boyfriend both end up chowing down on my food. I think my brother gets all the least I never get to see any, but I usually sneak little bites when I'm cooking.

2NR: Well, how did you get into modeling?
JL: When I was younger, it started off as me saying, "Gosh, it would be nice to be in a magazine!" type of thing. I did a little modeling when I was younger. Went through classes, all that stuff. I was out of it for awhile, but then got back into it. I did four beauty pageants here locally, and won a few titles. Then recently I was in an ESPN Model competition and I won that, and signed a contract with them. I was also recently in an MTV Commercial for a game show coming up called American Weddings,

2NR: Wow, you're amounting quite the resume! How about import modeling? Where did you get your start with that?
JL: Import Revolution this year in Chicago was my first import modeling experience. DriversFX out of Pennsylvania contacted my Agency and hired me to work for them. I made a lot of contacts there, and it went from there. I got selected by Hot Import Nights to be one of their models at the Chicago HIN, I actually got to model next to Sasha (Singleton) and Tila (Nguyen), so that was fun. Recently, I was at the Street Dreams tour in Detroit working for Team GMCI, and then I got invited back for HIN Detroit for Team GMCI.

2NR: Outside of modeling, do you have a regular 9-to-5 job?
JL: I work for a large tax company in client relations doing tax incentives. It's very Corporate America! I like it; it's a lot of fun and networking. I'm naturally a people person, so it's right up my alley.

2NR: Lets wrap this up on a lighter note.... Top or bottom?
JL: Um.... Bottom!

2NR: Fast or Slow?
JL: Fast.

2NR: Call right away, or wait a few days?
JL: Wait a few days

2NR: Do you subscribe to the three-date rule?
JL: No comment!

Turn Ons: Compassion, sense of humor, adventurous, intellectuals, charismatic personalities, optimism.

Turn Offs: Racism, snobbery, ignorance, disrespectful people

Hobbies: Rollerblading, working out, dancing, shopping, eating and spending time with loved ones

Ambitions: To be a successful model, to be a special guest model for 2NR magazine

2NR: You're quite hard to get a hold of! What kind of job is keeping you tied down away from modeling?
NH: I work for a major department store. I design all of the store windows and displays and all that other "visual" stuff. Basically, I get a bunch of junk and throw it together into an interesting display, and get paid to do it.

2NR: Did you go to college to get a degree for that?
NH: Just went right out of high school into the real world. After I graduated, I packed up and moved to California in Anaheim Hills, and lived out there for a while.

2NR: So how did you end up back in Ohio?
NH: I was young and things were crazy. I was only 18, working 4 jobs, trying to make rent every month. I only lived there for 8 months because my rent was really high. I had to move back home. It was hard, but I had some of the best times of my life out in California.

2NR: So you don't mind traveling? Where else have you been?
NH: I enjoy traveling a lot! I've lived in a million places-Germany, Wyoming, California. My parents liked to move around a lot. But I really like it out in California, I think I'd like to live in California or Arizona; somewhere out West. This Cincinatti weather is really killing me! Flooding during the day, then 90 degrees at 6pm. It's not fun at all.

2NR: How did you get into modeling?
NH: You know what? I really don't know! My boyfriend has a Veilside MR-2 Spyder that's pretty famous, and I travel with him a lot. I just ended up modeling for him because I was there anyway. The first car show I went to, SuperStreet asked me to model and I got onto a poster for Wings West. It was pretty cool! From there, everyone started asking me to model for them. I still model for my boyfriend if nothing else works out. It's cool because people are starting to recognize me from different shows. They're like, "You're the Spyder girl!"

2NR: Spyder girl? How does that work out?
NH: Well, I started my own clothing line of shirts that I wear at shows called SpyderGirl Race Wear. Every time I go to a show, I'll make up a new shirt or something, and girls always ask me about the shirts that I wear. People are starting to recognize me. It's really weird!

2NR: Do you think you'll be able to make a career out of the clothing?
NH: I could fall in love with it, but I don't know if everyone is interested in it. When you go to a car show, girls wear really small clothing that's "one size fits all" but not all body types fit into those clothes. My clothes are something that's interesting and a little more attention grabbing than the normal tube top or spaghetti strap tank top. My stuff is really cute, but not crazy. I make a lot of sizes, so it's more adaptive to the girls who are out there.

2NR: Lets wrap this up on a lighter note.... In control or getting controlled?
NH: I'm very in control of things right now.

2NR: Original equipment or slightly modified?
NH: Original equipment, I wouldn't want to change it

2NR: Are you going to make us wait three whole dates?
NH: Yup, if you even get that far!

2NR: Desert, landing strip, or jungle?
NH: My mom is gonna be reading this!

Turn Ons: Someone sweet
Turn Offs: No sense of humor
Hobbies: Painting, racing, pottery
Ambitions: To open a pottery studio



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