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Alex Zerega - Up Close And Personal

Alex On Alex, If Only!

Alex Orange
Jan 9, 2007

Alex Zerega may be the perfect woman. When I caught up with her late one night on AIM, she had a St. Louis Cardinals logo as her icon, so I thought she would be trouble. It turns out that she's a lot more than just another pretty face: her sights are set on her future, modeling and teaching. She's a connoisseur of Mexican and Italian food, loves to cook and baseball is her game. To top it all off, she was a finalist at HIN L.A. 2006. Really, I may have found the perfect woman. Don't hate me because I can IM her anytime I want. I do all of this for you.

2nr: Ah! There you are!
Alex Zerega: Hello.
2nr: St. Louis, huh? That's not because they just won the World Series is it? Jumping on the bandwagon, are we?
AZ: Oooohh no! I have everything, years worth! LOL.
2nr: I'm afraid we may have to call this interview off then. You see, my dog is named Dodger.
AZ: The funny thing is, is that I love the Dodgers also.
2nr: Uh-huh... you don't have to try so hard sweetie, I'll give you a chance.
AZ: No, really! I had a hamster named Dodger.

2nr: Well, that's ok then. I guess it'll do. Weren't you born in L.A. anyway?
AZ: Yea, born and bred
2nr: Planning on making a move any time soon?
AZ: No. I want to finish school first.
2nr: Right. I had a little bit of a hard time getting a hold of you because you were in lab class. Do you wear a white lab coat with nothing else underneath, glasses, and your hair pulled up?
AZ: LOL. Well, it's a biology class. Kind of gross, actually. We're dissecting frogs right now. I'm learning a lot, but it's not that glamorous.
2nr: That's disappointing, but at least we have the mental image of you as a sexy scientist. And let me guess, you named your frog Dodger

2nr: So, how did you get into modeling?
AZ: It all started with my friend Alicia...she is a wonderful photographer. We set up a shoot and the next thing I knew I had a manager.
2nr: Luckily for you, and for us, it all came pretty easily then?
AZ: Yea, I guess it all really did.
2nr: I heard you're an industry girl. What else have you done besides 2nr?
AZ: I've done a few other car magazines.
2nr: Well, if we couldn't be your first, at least we could be your best, right?
AZ: Yes, definitely my best. I really loved the shoot. Everyone was great: the photographer, the stylists, it was a great shoot.
2nr: Yea, the only thing missing was me. I'll be sure to pass the word on
AZ: LOL. Ok. Thanks. More recently, I worked HIN L.A. 2006.
2nr: Tell me all about it baby.
AZ: Ummmm, LOL. HIN was a lot of fun. I was really nervous because I had never done anything like that before. It was quite the experience, but the night just flew by. Oh, and I made the top 3 in Miss HIN that night.
2nr: Congratulations are in order then
AZ: Yes, thank you.

0702_impp_02z+alex_zerega+import_model Photo 2/3   |   Alex Zerega - Up Close And Personal

2nr: What kind of car do you drive? Although I'm sure you could have picked up a few over there.
AZ: Yea, the cars were awesome. I drive a red Ford Focus right now.
2nr: License plate number
AZ: Ummmm
2nr: Dream car?
AZ: I would love to drive a new BMW.
2nr: Maybe some rich guy will come along and buy one for you.
AZ: Every Beautiful Mexican Woman should have one.
2nr: Never heard that before, but I also never thought I'd say that I wish I were a Mexican woman.

2nr: Speaking of guys sweeping you off your feet, what's the best pick up line used on you?
AZ: Oh God... hmmm...
2nr: I know there aren't any good ones... "Are you tired from running around in my mind all day?"
AZ: 'Is your Dad an astronaut?" No, why? "Then who brought the stars from the sky and put the twinkle in your eye?"
2nr: And this line worked I presume?
AZ: LOL. I just laughed. He had the guts to come up and say it I guess.
2nr: Without being a total jackass, how can a guy grab your attention?
AZ: I don't like to be picked up on. Treat me like a person, not a thing!! Just talk to me normal.
2nr: Right, you don't like to be picked up on, you're the aggressive type.
AZ: Ooooh no!!!
2nr: So you kick back and wait, yet you don't want to be approached. I'm so confused. We never had a chance, did we?
AZ: Well... I'm very approachable, I just don't like corny lines. I'm just like one of the guys. Talk to me, that's all.

2nr: Yea, just like one of the guys. Actually, you're perfect. You're gorgeous, you like cars and love baseball. You may be the perfect woman... what else are you into?
AZ: I love to watch any sports, but I just love baseball. I've watched my brother play for all of my life, and I've played softball my entire life, too. And I love to watch my boyfriend play football.
2nr: Wait, do you hear that?
AZ: Hear what?
2nr: It's the sound of a million hearts breaking because they just found out you have a boyfriend.
AZ: LOL. Yea, sure it is.
2nr: What position?
AZ: I played outfield.
2nr: No, I meant what sexual position do you prefer?
AZ: (Silence)
2nr: You don't have to answer that. That is, unless you want to.
AZ: Ummm, naaa.

2nr: What do you think is your sexiest feature?
AZ: I always get compliments on my smile.
2nr: You do have a beautiful smile, but I hate to break it to ya. It's not the first thing guys notice. We have to know, real or fake?
AZ: I'm all natural, nothing fake about me.
2nr: Yes, we thought that tan looked real!
AZ: LOL. You got me! I didn't even think about that.

2nr: It's what I meant all along. I know models tend to check one another out. What catches your eye?
AZ: Everything. Smile, teeth, stomach.
2nr: You have to sleep with a girl, life and death situation here, who would it be?
AZ: (No pause at all) Jessica Alba. She's hot!
2nr: Thanks for that. I've got two mental images to leave with now.

0702_impp_03z+alex_zerega+import_model Photo 3/3   |   Alex Zerega - Up Close And Personal

2nr: What music are you listening to lately?
AZ: I love all music
2nr: Country? Progressive rock? Love ballads from the '70s?
AZ: Country, oldies, R&B, rap, rock. I love music.
2nr: You're all over the shop. What about food, any faves?
AZ: I love Mexican and Italian. And I love to cook, too.
2nr: You really are perfect. Dump your boyfriend and run away with me.
AZ: (Silence)
2nr: Never mind

2nr: I hear you're into sign language. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
AZ: It's awesome. I took some classes and I loved them. Now I can tell a guy
what I think without ever saying a word.
2nr: Any plans after modeling?
AZ: I'm studying to be a teacher right now.
2nr: Ah, yes. I can see you in a high school setting right now. A boys Catholic school perhaps?
AZ: No, more like kindergarten or first grade. Shape them while they're young.

2nr: Didn't you just turn 21 recently? Any Vegas stories?
AZ: Yes! I had a few rough mornings, but I only lost $20!
2nr: Well, that's like winning really. Too bad you didn't win enough to retire. Now that you're 21, what clubs can we find you at in L.A.?
AZ: I don't have much time to go out... so sad.
2nr: All work and no play make for a very sad Alex.
AZ: No, not at all! I'm concentrating on school and my future. School and modeling are really important to me. It'll all be worth it someday.

2nr: I was talking about me! Anyway, it's been real, it's been fun... go ahead and ask the Magic 8 Ball a question.
AZ: LOL, oh, ummm
2nr: Really, I have a Magic 8 Ball.
AZ: Will I be successful in the future?
2nr: The ball says 'yes!' It's been known to lie before though. I asked it if you were planning on running away with me. It said 'no.' Lies, all lies. I'll be waiting. Thanks for your time.
AZ: No, thank you! It's been fun!

Model: Alex Zerega
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 21
Dob: Oct. 9, 1985
Ethniticy: Mexican Italian, French and Native American
Reps: Lakewood, CA

By Alex Orange
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