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Tailyr Monette - Import Tuner Model

Rey Trajano
Jun 13, 2013

A '95 Zenki S14 (Nissan 240SX)!

Favorite car.
I could really go for a Porsche 997 GT2 RS.

02 tailyr monette Photo 2/5   |   Tailyr Monette

I had too many growing up! I went with whatever you felt like calling me. Tater Tot, Tater Bug, and Tay-Tay were the main nicknames growing up.

First kiss.
It was after school in eighth grade when my boyfriend walked me to the bus with all of our friends. It was one of those moments where all of your friends are around and start oohing loudly.

Hidden talents.
They wouldn't be hidden talents if I told you, now would they?!

What's the craziest thing you've done to get a guy's attention?
I thought the guy was supposed to do the crazy stunts to get the girl's attention!

Biggest turn-on.
Really kind people.

Biggest turn-off.
The opposite of my turn-on-rudeness. I won't tolerate someone who has an attitude with their cashier at the grocery or the person at the tollbooth. Be nice.

Your worst date.
I've never been the type to date around a lot. Thankfully, I've been able to avoid terrible dates.

Favorite food.
Anything dessert related. I seriously cannot get enough! That and Thai food.

TV show(s).
Modern Family and The Walking Dead. It was a rather depressing day when Desperate Housewives had their final episode.

03 tailyr monette Photo 3/5   |   Tailyr Monette

Celebrity crush.
Emma Stone. She's amazing!

Worst habit.
Laundry. I'll wash it and toss it on my bed. At night it gets transferred to the floor and back to the bed in the morning. This goes on for about a week until I do laundry again or get really bored and put it away.

I was mostly a good kid. And when I wasn't, I never got in trouble.

Bad habits.
Cracking every bone in my body. Not literally, but I know it's not good to crack your knuckles, back, neck, hips, ankles, and wrists . . .

Three tattoos and eight piercings. I used to have my lip pierced and a dermal anchor next to my left eye. My ears also used to be stretched.

Speak any other languages?
I know enough Spanish to find a bathroom and order a beer!

Where have you always wanted to live?
I used to always want to live in the city. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I want to live in the woods again. Not sure where, but to have land and space is a really nice thing.

Boyfriend material.
I enjoy someone who is down for adventure, but is also down to spend a Saturday night in.

Weirdest phobia.
I absolutely cannot stand when a guy talks in a creeper voice. There are a few guys who know what this voice is. It grosses me out like nothing else.

04 tailyr monette Photo 4/5   |   Tailyr Monette

I'm not going to lie I can bowl a pretty mean game! I also played soccer for years growing up.

Greek yogurt, coffee, and chocolate. Well, sweets in general.

I listen to a lot of alternative indie stuff.

Name three artists on your playlist, iPod, or car now.
My most recent playlists on Pandora are Macklemore, Wolf Gang, and Santigold.

Most of the time it's pretty laid back. Occasionally I'll dress up, but typically I'm in jeans, a tee and flannel, scarf (if it's cold enough), and either flats or boots. Typical Washingtonian.

Three words that best describe you?
Optimistic, indecisive, and goofball.

Tailyr Monette

Height: 5' 6"

01 tailyr monette Photo 5/5   |   Tailyr Monette

Ethnicity: Native American, French Canadian, Irish, and German

Sign: Gemini/Cancer

Birthday: June 21

Hometown: Granite Falls, WA



Instagram: @tailyrmonette

Thank you: "My family-especially my parents for supporting everything I decide to do, including moving away from home and modeling!"

By Rey Trajano
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