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Trinity Dang - Import Tuner Model

Rey Trajano
Mar 3, 2014

Makeup by Tina Luong
Wardrobe by Frances Lam and Modern Trend

Favorite car.
I used to drive a 350Z, but now I'm more of a Range Rover type of girl.

With a name like Trinity Dang, I get all kinds of nicknames. None that have really stuck, but my close friends call me Trinh.

Trinity dang 04 Photo 2/15   |   Trinity Dang - Import Tuner Model

Hidden talents.
I have a lot of hidden talents . . . but I'm not telling you.

Biggest turn-on.
My biggest turn-on is when a guy is hilarious. Oh man, humor is key with me. If you can get me laughing, well let's just say you can get me to do other things—like shopping or eating. LOL.

Biggest turn-off.
Biggest turn-off is definitely arrogance and inconsideration. This world has millions of people, and to only know and think about yourself? Well, I don't need anyone like that in my life.

Worst date.
My worst date was when I was going on a first date with this guy I really liked and he took me to this nice dinner, and my ex-boyfriend was sitting at the table right next to us. And even worse, he was seated facing toward me! It was so awkward the entire night. He kept eyeballing me and walking by the table and smirking. It's funny now, but definitely was not funny then.

Favorite food.
French fries! I love French fries. I love anything fried! French fries, fried chicken, chicken wings, fried calamari, fried ice cream . . . I love fried food. Mm . . .

Celebrity crushes.
RiRi for life!

Most guilty pleasure.
Fried food all day. And when I say all day, I mean, all day!

Trinity dang 13 Photo 6/15   |   Trinity Dang 13

Favorite TV show(s).
Family Guy! I can watch that forever. And I just recently started watching this show called Impractical Jokers. It's about four best friends who compete at doing jokes on people. It's hilarious! I'm hooked.

I was the little, quiet shy one. I kept to myself a lot and was extremely introverted, so it's funny to see how I've grown up to become so different.

Bad habits.
Of course I do. I snooze my alarm at least six times before waking up. I clean up after people like the Jetsons maid. I can't do anything without making to-do checklists. I'm OCD with preparing and organizing. And that's just the start of my issues.

Trinity dang 10 Photo 7/15   |   Trinity Dang - Import Tuner Model

Tattoos and piercings.
I have no tattoos, but I've had almost every piercing you can think of. Right now I only have my two dermals on my right wrist. I am in love with them.

Speak any other languages?
Yes, I speak Vietnamese and Spanish fluently. I want to learn Mandarin next.

My style is definitely beach Bohemian chic. I love that whole laid-back, chill look. It feels like it really matches my personality.

The sport I kick ass at is:
Grocery shopping! Could that be considered a sport? Because if it was, I know I could definitely grocery shop the fastest and most efficiently? What's that one game show called again? The one where they race to get the most groceries? I would kick ass at that.

Trinity dang 06 Photo 8/15   |   Trinity Dang - Import Tuner Model

Best gift.
My grandma's car. My grandma means the world to me, and I am extremely close with her. She moved to Vietnam recently and when she left she gave me her car. It's just a little old car, but now it means the world to me. I treasure it like my child! 'Granny, if you're reading this, it'll be ready for you when you come back. Love you.'

Favorite music.
Don't laugh, but I love country. I also love anything that's soothing and relaxing. I love alternative, indie rock, R&B, pop rock, reggae, hip-hop, and cover songs.

Name three artists on your playlist, iPod, or car now.
Drake, Lorde, and The Weeknd—they're all on repeat for me.

Three words that best describe you.
Humorous, loyal, thoughtful, and responsible. Oh wait. Is that four? Oops. LOL.

Trinity Dang

Height: 5'7"

Measurements: 32DD-25-35

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Sign: Pisces

Age: 22

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Trinity dang 14 Photo 12/15   |   Trinity Dang 14



Instagram: @trinitydang

Twitter: @trinitydang

By Rey Trajano
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