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Angelina Andrada - Model of the Month - Angelina Bear

Mar 31, 2014

Meet Angelina Andrada! We knew we had to feature her after running into her at events all over SoCal last year. She's one busy bee but we've finally tracked her down to bring you these sexy photos. Angelina is possibly one of the most fun, silly, enthusiastic and beautiful models to grace this magazine so be sure to welcome her as a SS girl and remember to say what's up to her on Instagram!

Tell us what you do for a living.

By day I calculate debits and credits working for a CPA; by night I'm jammin' to DJ's beats and keeping the crowd bumped on the go-go boxes.

You're a busy girl! So how'd you get into modeling?

A couple of friends asked me to help out with some photography projects in college. I really enjoyed it and it quickly evolved into a hobby. I had no idea my little hobby would turn into being published in Super Street magazine!

Yep, we make dreams happen here... so tell us where you're from.

I'm born and raised in beautiful Orange County. Someday I would love to venture off and see what the rest of the world has to offer. But OC will always have my heart!

Angelina andrada model of the month 01 Photo 2/5   |   Angelina Andrada - Model of the Month - Angelina Bear

What's your ethnicity and do you speak any other languages?

My mother is full Filipina straight from the Philippines and my father is Irish, German and Cherokee Indian from Illinois. So I turned out a little Happa girl! I can understand a Filipino dialect called Kapampangan.

Fair enough. We'll keep this interview in English. Any nicknames you go by?

My family calls me Gelin—it's always been that way since day one. Some friends call me Smalls, because I'm itty bitty but most people just call me Angelina Bear.

Itty bitty? Oh, you mean your height! So in your bio it says you were born on Christmas Eve?

I'm a Christmas baby! Proud to say my parents brought me home from the hospital in a giant stocking. My mother still proudly displays it in her living room every winter!

Well, Merry Christmas to us! Any special skills we should know about?

I make a mean homemade ice cream sandwich! Don't ask me how though. Top secret recipe... If I told you I'd have to kill you!

Did someone say cream sandwich? So what other hobbies do you have besides modeling?

Well, I love souvenirs. Anywhere I go I need to get something, even if it's just a lame shot glass. It's sort of a tradition I have.

Speaking of shot glasses. Can we get you a drink?

Sure! I'm always ready to party with a double shot of peach Ciroc and a pineapple chaser!

Angelina andrada model of the month 03 Photo 3/5   |   Angelina Andrada - Model of the Month - Angelina Bear

Our kind of girl! So what should guys be aware of about you? Any bad habits?

Punctuality. I hate to say it but I'm notorious for being late. I shoot a text saying I'm on the way but in reality I'm still at home trying to figure out what shoes to wear.

Think that's true with all girls... What do you do when you have free time to kill?

I'll go for a ride on my cruiser or skateboard and enjoy a simple day at the beach.

OK, OK... What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Chili cheese fry burritos. One day, my best friend and I went drive-thru hopping to find out which fast food place served the best chili cheese fry burrito. Best day of my life! [Disgusting —MJ]

Sounds kind of gross. Have any girl crushes?

Of course! The beautiful Mila Kunis and Kristin Kreuk—that actress that plays Lana Lang in Smallville. They're both amazingly gorgeous!

Angelina andrada model of the month 02 Photo 4/5   |   Angelina Andrada - Model of the Month - Angelina Bear

What cars have you owned and what would be your dream car?

My first car was a little red '97 Toyota Tercel that my girlfriends called Baby Clifford. I now own a '13 Honda Accord which hasn't been blessed with a name yet. But my dream car is a pearl white Lexus IS F. Someday, someday...

So if you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would spend time with my family and the friends I love. Then probably go buy a puppy since I've never had one before.

Lastly, give us three fun facts about you.

I love to skateboard, I took first place in my NPC Bikini Fitness Competition and I have intense road rage.

Angelina andrada model of the month 05 Photo 5/5   |   Angelina Andrada - Model of the Month - Angelina Bear

Angelina Andrada

Birthday December 24

Location Orange County, CA

Instagram @angelinabear


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