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 |   |  Erica Nagashima - Import Tuner Model (w/video)
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Erica Nagashima - Import Tuner Model (w/video)

Apr 28, 2014
Photographer: Rich Masuda

Styling by Erica Nagashima | Bowls LA
Makeup by Nadia Mohammadpour
Special thanks to Bowls LA

You've probably seen this Japanese-American cutie around high-energy events such as Formula D. Last year, Erica Nagashima enjoyed a variety of successes including going on tour with Hankook as a spokesmodel and getting published in a number of magazines. As we got to know her it's no question that she's one of the most unique models we've featured and one of those multitalented women who most guys can only fantasize of getting with. But you need not worry, Import Tuner has got you covered as we interview her and discover all of her likes and dislikes. Hey Erica, you must be the fifth scale degree of the diatonic scale, because you're always dominant in our thoughts.

Erica nagashima import tuner model 02 Photo 2/30   |   Erica Nagashima Import Tuner Model 02

IT: How did you get into modeling?a

EN: Well, my girlfriend and I used to do shoots with each other in high school, and we just kept doing awesome shoots in college. We lived next to a huge photography school, and then I just started booking jobs.

IT: How did you get into import scene?

EN: Hankook and Tuner Playground found me on Model Mayhem. I didn't even know this kind of industry existed. You know, model wise.

IT: So you're shooting for Import Tuner, how much do you know about cars?

EN: Um. A lot! No, I'm just kidding. I know that I like them, especially when they go fast.

IT: We like them fast too. So what's your dream car?

EN: Well, I really like muscle cars. My dream car would be a '65 Ford Mustang.

Erica nagashima import tuner model 03 Photo 6/30   |   Erica Nagashima - Import Tuner Model (w/video)

IT: Nice! So what are you currently driving?

EN: I drive a Toyota Prius C because I drive so dang much. I need the fuel efficiency because Temecula is really far.

IT: Do you have any nicknames?

EN: Well, my sister has one for me, but I don't want to divulge.

IT: On your Instagram it says that you're a musician and you can sing?

EN: Yeah, I took lessons for four years in high school. Then, I got my degree in Opera Performance. That was another four years. I played violin for six years, French horn, piano, guitar—pretty much anything.

IT: So you're done with school and just modeling full time?

EN: I got my degree in Opera in 2012 and now I'm modeling full time.

Erica nagashima import tuner model 19 Photo 10/30   |   Erica Nagashima Import Tuner Model 19

IT: What's the craziest thing you've done to get a guy's attention?

EN: I don't try a lot, but then again they don't try with me either. I tried chasing a guy back in college. It was the one time I attempted, and it failed miserably. So I was pretty embarrassed. He didn't like me.

IT: That's pretty hard to believe that he wouldn't like you.

EN: It was pretty depressing! It really thwarted me from ever doing it again.

IT: Do you have any turn-ons?

EN: In a guy? Or in general?

IT: Or a girl.

EN: (Laughs) Or a girl! Well, in a girl, hmm, I like if they are funny and dorky like I am, and I like abs.

Erica nagashima import tuner model 26 Photo 14/30   |   Erica Nagashima Import Tuner Model 26

IT: What girl doesn't, right?

EN: Yeah, abs, they're nice you know.

IT: What about turn-offs?

EN: I really don't like facial scruff. Well, it's not really a turn-off; it just hurts to make out with.

IT: Well, you should've told me; I would have shaved today.

EN: I know, right? You should've shaved.

IT: What was your worst date experience?

EN: There was this one time a guy made me go with him to Outback Steakhouse. He was like, "Let's go there I have friends." Then his credit card didn't work, and I had to pay for it all. He said, "Oh, next time I'll get it." Then I was like, "No, I didn't even want to come to this." So that was like $40 out. Thanks, bro!

Erica nagashima import tuner model 04 Photo 18/30   |   Erica Nagashima - Import Tuner Model (w/video)

IT: Speaking of restaurants, what's your favorite food?

EN: I really like pasta! I love my dad's steak! He's a chef; he makes the best steak. Oh and I really like burgers.

IT: Any guilty pleasures?

EN: I watch a ton of Family Guy.

IT: Is that your favorite show?

EN: I like those stupid adult cartoons. Like a lot. You know The Simpsons, the stupid, smart, political kind of stuff.

IT: Can you do a Peter Griffin impression?

EN: Oh no. I'm not good with impressions, but I do make a good turtle face.

IT: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

EN: No tattoos. I only have my cartilage and my belly button—not too adventurous.

Erica nagashima import tuner model 22 Photo 22/30   |   Erica Nagashima Import Tuner Model 22

IT: Where have you always wanted to live?

EN: I've always wanted to live in London. Ever since I went there in seventh grade. It's awesome because there's so much culture, but I can't really understand what people are saying.

IT: Do you have any phobias?

EN: I really don't like feet. It's not necessarily a phobia. I don't like my feet, people touching my feet, other people's feet. They're just not cute.

IT: As a kid, were you a geek or a troublemaker?

EN: I think I was everything. In high school I was with the dorky Asians in Japanese class. I was in band, in choir, in drama, I was a cheerleader—everything! I think I was more geeky than troublemaker. I got like a 4.5 GPA.

IT: Nice! You got the smarts and the looks, huh?

EN: Thanks! I try.

IT: What do you look for in a boyfriend?

EN: I really just look for someone who's honest, funny, and nice. Those are the most important things. Oh, and abs! I'm just kidding.

IT: How would you describe your style?

EN: I don't really have one. My favorite thing in the past is just jeans and a tank top with sandals.

IT: What was the best pickup line that worked on you?

EN: None. None work. I mean if they're blatant they don't work. Oh no.

Erica nagashima import tuner model 05 Photo 26/30   |   Erica Nagashima - Import Tuner Model (w/video)

IT: Girl, you make my heart go from adagio to allegro when I see you.

EN: [Silence]

IT: What's your go-to drink at the bar?

EN: Vodka soda. It's so good!

IT: Anything else you want to say to your fans?

EN: Thank you! Love you!

Erica Nagashima
Height: 5'7"

Measurements: 32-36-35

Ethnicity: Japanese and Caucasian

Sign: Sagittarius

Age: 23

Hometown: La Quinta, CA



Instagram: @ericanagashima

Twitter: @ericanagashima

Erica nagashima import tuner model 06 Photo 30/30   |   Erica Nagashima - Import Tuner Model (w/video)


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