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 |   |  Jessica Harbour - Super Street Model (w/video)
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Jessica Harbour - Super Street Model (w/video)

Jess The Way You Are

Jun 23, 2014
Photographer: Randy Ly

It's not every day we get a model to play with a bunch of wieners, but Jessica Harbour was down for a mid-day barbecue during our shoot. She's a fun, outgoing California girl who's absolutely gorgeous—not just in photos, but also in person! As one of Hankook Tire's spokesmodels, we've stalked her for the last year at events like SEMA and Formula D. But now, we're thrilled to have her as this month's Super Street girl!

What do you do for a living?

I have fun for a living—modeling! As soon as I'm done modeling, I'm heading back to graduate school to further pursue psychology.

How'd you get into modeling?

It was never something I had an interest in until my first shoot, which was an absolute blast!

Jessica harbour 02 Photo 2/23   |   Jessica Harbour - Super Street Model (w/video)

What's your ethnicity and what languages do you speak?

I'm a European mutt! I speak a little Spanish and understand it pretty well. It is always amusing when people think they can have private conversations around me in Spanish...

Have any special skills we should know about?

A little salsa dancing, a little surfing and a little cooking. I'm not sure if that's special to anyone but me. Haha!

We dig it. So what would you cook for us if we came over for dinner?

I'm such a health nut so I generally make fish or chicken and vegetables. But I have made a mean lobster mac 'n cheese. Yummmm.

We'll have the mac 'n cheese please. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I am obsessed with traveling.

Jessica harbour 03 Photo 3/23   |   Jessica Harbour 03

So where's your favorite destination you've traveled to?

New Zealand. I was there with a girlfriend in January and it was so beautiful it felt like another planet. I am definitely going back!

Tell us about your worst job.

I worked at Coldstone Creamery when I was 16. I ate ice cream daily and gained about 11 pounds in a summer. Actually, maybe that was the best job I've had.

Craziest place you've hooked up?

Hmm... either a maze or an elevator. Both were highly risky situations.

Jessica harbour 04 Photo 4/23   |  
What a waste of wieners...

Any girl crushes?

My Instagram girl crush is Alena Shishkova. I mean, she's too gorgeous for words.

If you were stranded on an island, what are three things you couldn't live without?

If I had an endless supply of books, wine and music I'd be a happy stranded lady!

What drink would you order at the bar?

Always a glass of wine. I am a wino and a wine-aholic and I'm not sorry if you think that's boring.

Jessica harbour 01 Photo 5/23   |   Jessica Harbour 01

So how much do you know about cars?

I know how to drive them fast, but expect me to be calling somebody else in the occurrence of a flat tire.

Feel free to call us. Tell us your turn-ons and turn-offs.

A sense of humor is what gets me the most; I can't fall for anybody who I'm not spending my time laughing with. A turn-off would be men who brag about themselves or their paycheck. Um, hello, we can see straight through your insecurities.

What was your worst date?

Somebody once took me to Olive Garden on Valentine's Day, got wasted on three glasses of wine despite the fact that I wasn't drinking, and then wanted to split the bill. We broke up directly after.

Favorite thing to do in summer?

Summer is my favorite time of year—I'm such a sun worshiper! Beach days, warm summer nights, living in my bikini, tan skin; it's all my favorite!

Speaking of favorites, what's your favorite part of your body?

My booty. I've done a lot of running and squats so I feel like I've worked for it.

Jessica harbour 05 Photo 6/23   |   Jessica Harbour - Super Street Model (w/video)

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Donate all of my savings and material possessions to charity, tell my loved ones what I appreciate and love about them, and then fearlessly embark on conquering some crazy adventures such as base jumping and petting tigers.

How was your shoot with Super Street?

I was cracking up half of the time because it was actually pretty fun throwing hot dogs at a photographer. Bahaha!

Jessica Harbour
Birthday October 3
Location Orange County, CA
Instagram @jessharbour

Bonus Outtakes

Jessica harbour 06 Photo 7/23   |   Jessica Harbour 06
Jessica harbour 17 Photo 14/23   |   Jessica Harbour 17
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