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Girls of SEMA 2014 - Photo Gallery

Eye-candy from the show floor

Sean Russell
Nov 6, 2014
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa

Gaining a media coverage edge is the name of the game for SEMA booth holders. It’s all about branding and at the largest aftermarket show in America there are three tried and true ways to get eyeballs: first-of-a-kind builds, buzz worthy product releases and branded babes (it is a male dominated crowd after all). As usual, tire/wheel brands took full advantage of the model effect. So without further ado, here is this year’s photo dump of the female eye-candy strutting around the halls of SEMA 2014. Enjoy!

Ana Cheri SEMA 2014 29 Photo 2/62   |   Ana Cheri SEMA 2014 29

Booth Girls of SEMA 2013

Girls Of Sema 2014 kristy lei juan 14 Photo 3/62   |   Kristy-Lei Juan chillin' at the Vossen display
Girls Of Sema 2014 Nateasha Nicole 20 Photo 10/62   |   Toyo girls Nateasha Nicole and Natalia Barulich.
Girls Of Sema 2014 Scion Models 26 Photo 14/62   |   Girls Of Sema 2014 Scion Models 26
Models of SEMA 2014 12 Photo 18/62   |   Models Of SEMA 2014 12
Girls Of Sema 2014 Chanel Urban 24 Photo 22/62   |   Can we just spend the rest of SEMA hugging Chanel Urban?
Girls Of Sema 2014 Ana Cheri 09 Photo 26/62   |   2013 SS cover model Ana Cheri. 2013 SS cover model Ana Cheri.
Models of SEMA 2014 05 Photo 30/62   |   Models Of SEMA 2014 05
Girls Of Sema 2014 11 Photo 34/62   |   Girls Of Sema 2014 11
Girls Of Sema 2014 Rohana Wheels Models 22 Photo 38/62   |   Girls Of Sema 2014 Rohana Wheels Models 22

Krstina Hong

SS: How many years have you done SEMA?

KH: This was my first year to experience SEMA.

SS: Favorite car?

KH: Rohana Wheels had a white matte Lamborghini! It's by far my favorite because it was a widebody luxury car with a flawless paintjob.

SS: Have another SEMA highlight?

KH: The ladies and I at the Rohana booth signed over 800 posters to the people. I must say we met so many people and had so much fun doing it together!

SS: Best part of being a SEMA model?

KH: I had the opportunity to work with a great team. Also, I was able to network with so many people in the industry during the show and nightlife.

Models of SEMA 2014 32 Photo 42/62   |   Models Of SEMA 2014 32
Models of SEMA 2014 14 Photo 43/62   |   Models Of SEMA 2014 14
Models of SEMA 2014 02 Photo 59/62   |   Models Of SEMA 2014 02
Girls Of Sema 2014 Constance Nunes 27 Photo 60/62   |   Constance Nunes breaking necks at Savini.
Models of SEMA 2014 30 Photo 61/62   |   Models Of SEMA 2014 30
Models of SEMA 2014 01 Photo 62/62   |   Wait, we're not in Tokyo Auto Salon.
By Sean Russell
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