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Jenni Tran - Model Spotlight - Girl Next Door

It's Jenni Tran and she's coming your way really fast

Nov 14, 2014

Location: Crooks & Castles

This month's spotlight is from the rainy city of Seattle. Before our photo shoot, Jenni Tran had never been to California, so we made sure to give her a warm welcome. During her visit to SpoCom, her weekend consisted of sleep deprivation, alcohol and consuming popular California staples such as In-N-Out burgers with animal-style fries. Don't forget to check out our website for more outtakes of Jenni!

Jenni Tran at Crooks   Castles 24 Photo 2/28   |   Jenni Tran At Crooks Castles 24

Can you tell us some of your hobbies?

Oh gosh, I have so many... I enjoy singing, dancing, cooking—even if it doesn't end up being edible—and pottery.

How much do you know about cars?

Thankfully, I've dated guys with great taste in cars, so I've picked up enough from them. I have this gift of recognizing why a car is having complications, whether it needs an oil change, brake pads or some coolant... I'm your girl!

Jenni Tran at Crooks   Castles 07 Photo 3/28   |   Jenni Tran At Crooks Castles 07

What's your dream car?

BMW M6. I want it in a pearly white with hot pink detailing!

Do you have any pet peeves?

I die a little inside when people don't finish their food. I hate wasting. So if you don't want what you're eating, just pass it to me.

Jenni Tran at Crooks   Castles 14 Photo 4/28   |   Jenni Tran At Crooks Castles 14

Gallo 12 or Gallo 24?

Ha! I'm a huge Paul Walker fan, so I know this is a trick question (laughs). Sorry, Super Street, Gallo is a pizza place!

Tell us about one of your biggest achievements.

A couple years ago, I went to Vietnam with my church group and we were able to teach kids to read and write in English. It was an amazing experience to visit a place my mom and grandparents grew up, but there's nothing more rewarding than to help out kids.

Jenni Tran at Crooks   Castles 13 Photo 5/28   |   Jenni Tran At Crooks Castles 13

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would definitely spend my last day swimming with sharks in Hawaii—my favorite mammals EVER!

Jenni tran model spotlight 02 Photo 6/28   |   Jenni Tran - Model Spotlight - Girl Next Door

Jenni Tran
Birthday April 24
Location Burien, WA
Instagram @jennitrann

Jenni tran model spotlight 03 Photo 7/28   |   Jenni Tran - Model Spotlight - Girl Next Door
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