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Magda Angel - Super Street Model (w/video)

The hottest mamacita we know, Magda Angel!

Oct 13, 2014
Photographer: Randy Ly

When you get the chance to meet Magda Angel (and we recommend you do), you'll undoubtedly fall in love with her—not just with her gorgeous looks but her beautiful personality, silly humor and sexy accent. We had the chance to get to know Magda last year as one of the Toyo Tires' girls, and she continues to woo people off their feet everywhere she goes. Currently, she's one of the models on a Mundo Fox TV show called 100 Latinos Dijeron, a co-host for the Mun2 show Dub Latino and an official Monster Energy girl. Now, welcome Magda to the SS familia!

Hola, Magda! Let's start with where are you from.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia—the country with the most beautiful girls and the best coffee.

How'd you get into modeling?

I entered a dance contest when I was 15—it ended up being a beauty contest. I won and I was very cute! Can you believe I was Miss Potato and Miss Coffee?! From that point on, I did many more.

Magda Angel 19 Photo 5/40   |   Magda Angel 19

Do you go by any nicknames?

I don't have nicknames, but if you call me mamacita I am happy.

Okay mamacita... Tell us a special skill you have.

I can ride a motorcycle standing up. Haha! Just kidding, but I can ride small bikes, including the Ninja 250.

Magda angel super street model 02 Photo 6/40   |   Magda Angel - Super Street Model (w/video)

Ooh, that's still hot! What about interesting hobbies or fun facts?

I love flirting but sometimes it gets me in trouble because guys think I am hitting on them. I also love to dance to any music, at anytime and anywhere. It makes me happy and is something that I feel even in the smallest cell of my body. I shake my booty all the time!

Speaking of booty, what's your favorite part of your body?

My eyes are definitely a reflection of myself. Look into my eyes and you will see what kind of person I am.

We can't stop staring in fact... Do you have any girl crushes?

Jessica Alba. I love everything about her and, of course, I have to love Latinas.

Magda angel super street model 03 Photo 7/40   |   Magda Angel - Super Street Model (w/video)

What are three things you can't live without?

My toothbrush—I hate bad breath. Cell phone—who could live without a cell these days. And my Hello Kitty blanket.

What would be your dream car?

Wow, so many! But I will be happy with a pink Lamborghini.

Of course to match your Hello Kitty blanket... Biggest turn-on and -off?

Well, I love a guy with a beautiful smile and a big booty... after all I am Latina. And a turn-off would be bad breath, even if you're Prince Charming.

What's something you miss about Colombia?

My family. I left them behind looking for the American dream. I have accomplished a lot, but my happiness is not complete without them.

Finally, what are some things we should know about your hometown?

When you go to Colombia, you have to get a girlfriend. They have the most beautiful women. Also have a delicious coffee and eat empanadas y arepas. You won't regret it!

Magda Angel
Birthday February 17
Location Studio City, CA
Instagram @magdaangel

Magda angel super street model 04 Photo 8/40   |   Magda Angel Super Street Model 04
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