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Import Tuner Cover Models of 2014

The ladies that closed out one great magazine

Sean Russell
Dec 10, 2014

We’re in the final stretch of what was a rollercoaster year for tuner mags. Import Tuner moved from print to digital but not before distributing seven issues in 2014. As you came to expect, each of this year’s mags featured a beautiful lady found smack dab on the cover. We thought it appropriate to ring in the holiday season with this break time feature. Stay tuned to for fresh IT content come the New Year.

Link: Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Import Tuner Cover Models of 2013

Here are the lucky seven cover girls that closed out an era for the Import Tuner print magazine:

Angelina andrade 03 Photo 2/29   |   Import Tuner Cover Models of 2014

Angelina Andrade

Issue: Jan-2014
Hometown: Orange County, Ca
Instagram: @angelinabear
Turn-ons: Humor, smile and personality
Turn-offs: Cockiness

Jenn q 13 Photo 6/29   |   Jenn Q 13

Jenn Q

Issue: Feb/Mar-2014
Hometown: San Jose, Ca
Instagram: @jennqofficial
Turn-ons: Desserts
Turn-offs: Bad breath, BO, ratchetness and twerking

Trinity dang 14 Photo 10/29   |   Trinity Dang 14

Trinity Dang

Issue: Apr-2014
Hometown: San Jose, Ca
Instagram: @trinitydang
Turn-ons: Humor
Turn-offs: Arrogance and inconsideration

Carmella rose import tuner model 01 Photo 14/29   |   Import Tuner Cover Models of 2014

Carmella Rose

Issue: May-2014
Hometown: Running Springs, Ca
Instagram: @melwitharosee

Ps erica nagashima import tuner model 03 Photo 18/29   |   Ps Erica Nagashima Import Tuner Model 03

Erica Nagashima

Issue: June-2014
Hometown: La Quinta, Ca
Instagram: @ericanagashima
Turn-ons: Humor, dorkiness and abs
Turn-offs: Facial scruff

Danielle lo import tuner model 05 Photo 22/29   |   Import Tuner Cover Models of 2014

Danielle Lo

Issue: July-2014
Hometown: Bae Area, Ca
Instagram: @daniellelo
Turn-ons: Humor and can carry himself well
Turn-offs: Over-confidence

Ps olivia korte import tuner model 01 Photo 26/29   |   Ps Olivia Korte Import Tuner Model 01

Olivia Korte

Issue: Aug/Sept-2014
Hometown: Ojai, Ca
Instagram: @_oko_
Turn-ons: Nice teeth, humor, active, auto knowledge
Turn-offs: Jerks, cockiness, jealousy

By Sean Russell
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