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Krstina Hong Model Spotlight - Houston Hottie

Introducing this Texan cutie!

Oct 23, 2014

They say people from Houston are down to earth and friendly. Our new friend Krstina Hong certainly embodies it. When she made her debut at one of California's most popular shows, she quickly stole the hearts of model fanboys (Including you, Jofel? -SD). She even managed to win SpoCom's elusive bikini contest. In Texan terms, she's quite the looker and packs a punch harder than Chuck Norris. Sure 'nuff, she caught our attention! Make sure to give her a "howdy" the next time you see her at a car show near you.

Krstina hong model spotlight 02 Photo 2/26   |   Krstina Hong Model Spotlight - Houston Hottie

What do you do for a living?

I love helping and meeting new people, so I'm a sales representative at an oil and gas company in big ol' Texas.

What car do you currently own?

Black BMW X3.

Have a dream car?

I'm from Texas so, of course, I love the big SUVs. It has to be a matte black Mercedes G Wagon! #thuglife

Krstina hong model spotlight 03 Photo 3/26   |   Krstina Hong Model Spotlight - Houston Hottie

We prefer #huglife. Tell us about your worst date.

I went on a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend. The guy I brought literally burped at the dinner table and lifted his shirt up and rubbed his hairy belly. Need I say more?

Note to self: shave belly. So if we went on a date, what would I get you at the bar?

A shot of Hennessey chilled with a water back, please!

What are your biggest turn-ons?

First, the guy has to have a sense of humor. Second, he has to get my sense of humor. I think I'm special, so it's hard for some people to get my jokes.

Huh? We don't get it... Anyways, let's finish off with one of your biggest achievements.

I don't have just one, I have many! In life you always have to set goals for yourself and accomplish as much as you can. It gets you motivated and keeps you moving forward. But to name a few-I bought my first house when I was 20, graduated with my bachelor's in business management in '11, worked in the financial banking industry for nine years and last but not least, being able to be featured and work with the Super Street team!

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Krstina Hong Model Spotlight - Houston Hottie
Birthday: March 18
Location: Houston, TX
Instagram: @krstinahong



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