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Super Street Cover Models of 2014

It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it!

Dec 16, 2014

I'm sure you'll all agree when we say it's been one crazy year. It's gone by faster than Lewis Hamilton takes a Mercedes AMG racecar around the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit. Just like past years we've not only featured the coolest cars, but the hottest ladies around our scene. With 2015 just around the corner, we thought we'd take a look back at all those beautiful women that made you grab the magazine from the newsstand in the first place. Don't worry we're not hurt.

Link: Import Tuner Cover Models of 2014

You'd think there would be 12 cover models for 12 issues right? Wrong. This year we changed it up and cover models ranged from solos to as many as four at one time. We can't thank these ladies enough for all the hard work and eye candy they've added to our magazine. When you get off work we'll be ready to go in the Rari! Okay, maybe Ratchet Bunny.

Here are your 2014 Super Street cover models:

Janis true super street model Photo 2/67   |   Janis True Super Street Model

Janis True

Issue: Jan-2014
Hometown: Seattle, Wa
Instagram: @janistrue
Turn-ons: Perfect smile, sexy voice, and spontaneous personality
Turn-offs: Odor, bad attitude, being stuck up, and fronters

Rocket bunny kitted S13 and julie mai Photo 6/67   |   Honey Bunny. Did anyone notice the Rocket Bunny-kitted S13 or were you too distracted by Julie Mai?

Julie Mai

Issue: Feb-2014
Hometown: San Diego, Ca
Instagram: @jooliemai
Favorite food: Italian, Mediterranean, and Spanish
Worst Movie Ever Seen: Snakes on a Plane

Luna rose super street model 01 Photo 10/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014
Luna rose super street model 03 Photo 11/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Luna Rose

Issue: March-2014
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca
Instagram: @lunarose67
Favorite Drink: Raspberry Long Island
Cars Owned: Mazda Miata, Corvette Z06, and currently driving a Nissan GT-R

Katelynn ansari super street model 03 Photo 12/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Katelynn Ansari

Issue: April-2014
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
Instagram: @katelynnansari
Turn-ons: Muscles and tattoos
Turn-offs: When guys don't know how to fix things

Angelina andrada model of the month 01 Photo 16/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Angelina Andrada

Issue: May-2014
Hometown: Orange County, Ca
Instagram: @angelinabear
Ethnicity: Filipina, Irish, German, and Cherokee Indian
Bad habits: Punctuality

Maya t super street model 04 Photo 20/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Maya T

Issue: June-2014
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Instagram: @mayat_model
Turn-Ons: Muscle and a good smile
Turn-Offs: Smelly feet

Jessica harbour 06 Photo 24/67   |   Jessica Harbour 06

Jessica Harbour

Issue: July-2014
Hometown: Orange County, Ca
Instagram: @Jessharbour
Turn-ons: A sense of humor
Turn-offs: Men who brag about themselves or their paycheck

Leanna bartlett 2014 toyo tires girl 01 Photo 28/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Leanna Bartlett

Issue: August-2014
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Ca
Instagram: @leannabartlett
Favorite Place Travelled: Hong Kong
Special Skill: Playing the piano

Natalia barulich 2014 toyo tires girl 08 Photo 32/67   |   Natalia Barulich 2014 Toyo Tires Girl 08

Natalia Barulich

Issue: August-2014
Hometown: Hollywood, Ca
Instagram: @xomissnatalia
Favorite Hobby: Travelling
Guilty Pleasure: Expensive lingerie

Nateasha nicole 2014 toyo tire girl 05 Photo 36/67   |   Nateasha Nicole 2014 Toyo Tire Girl 05

Nateasha Nicole

Issue: August-2014
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
Instagram: @nateasha
Turn-Ons: Polite nerdy guys
Favorite Car: Camaros, Mustangs, and Bentleys

Janey b 2014 toyo tire girl 02 Photo 40/67   |   Janey B 2014 Toyo Tire Girl 02

Janey B

Issue: August-2014
Hometown: San Diego, Ca
Instagram: @hello_janey
Go-To Drink: Anything with tequila
Fun Facts: Allergic to wine, obsessed with bacon, and loves performing in front of big crowds

Mariah bevacqua super street model 13 Photo 44/67   |   Mariah Bevacqua Super Street Model 13

Mariah Bevacqua

Issue: September-2014, October-2014
Hometown: Ventura County, Ca
Instagram: @mariahhlee
Turn-Ons: A guy who's outgoing, ambitious, and smells good
Turn-Offs: Laziness and unsupportive

Exotics racing driving experience elle navarro 04 Photo 48/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Elle Navarro

Issue: October-2014
Hometown: Oxnard, Ca
Instagram: @ellenavarro
Occupation: Model, Hakassan Las Vegas cocktail server

Exotics racing driving experience kristy lei juan 08 Photo 52/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Kristy-Lei Juan

Issue: October-2014
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Instagram: @kristyleijuan
Occupation: Self-employed, model

Magda Angel 19 Photo 56/67   |   Magda Angel 19

Magda Angel

Issue: November-2014
Hometown: Studio City, Ca
Instagram: @magdaangel
Favorite Body Part: Eyes
Dream Car: Pink Lamborghini

Erica Nagashima and Sadie May 36 Photo 60/67   |   Erica Nagashima And Sadie May 36

Sadie May

Issue: December-2014
Hometown: Hollywood, Ca
Instagram: @s80may
Turn-Ons: Confidence
Craziest Hook-Up Location: A tunnel tube at the park

Erica nagashima super street model 05 Photo 64/67   |   Super Street Cover Models of 2014

Erica Nagashima

Issue: December-2014
Hometown: Studo City, Ca
Instagram: @ericanagashima
Guilty Pleasures: Eating pizza, French fries, and hamburgers
Favorite Body Part: Hair

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