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Models of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Oh, Herro!

Not Your Typical Import Models

Jul 9, 2015

While most of us are at Tokyo Auto Salon to see the cars and parts, there are plenty of guys who don't get out of the house much and are there to load up their memory cards with nothing but model photos. It's hard to understand the crowds if you haven't been, but there are literally six rows deep of creepy men snapping away with their cameras, video cameras, phones, and iPads. It's seriously crazier than paparazzi! So deep in the trenches, we managed to throw some elbows and make sure you got a taste of what the females at Tokyo Auto Salon look like.

Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 Photo 2/20   |   Models of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Oh, Herro!

Rosie Ly

Hometown Melbourne, Australia

Instagram @rosiely

Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 rosie ly Photo 3/20   |   Models of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Oh, Herro!

About 99 percent of the girls at TAS are impossible to communicate with, but we were lucky enough to encounter a familiar Aussie accent when we stopped at the Lexon Exclusive booth. And since it was her first time in Japan, we wanted to know how it really felt being in front of a thousand cameras at a time.

SS: So tell us all about the "creepers"...

RL: Tokyo Auto Salon had its fair share of "creepers," but you just have to deem them as extremely "passionate" people. All the patrons want is to get the best shot. So passionate that on the third day of the show, I was given a CD from a photographer with images of myself eating and walking around oblivious on my breaks from the previous two days of the show. I'm impressed, though. That would have been one hectic zoom equipment and some serious samurai stealth.

SS: Yeah, that's not creepy at all... Any other weird moments?

RL: I've got to say the pushing. I'm standing there trying to stay calm with my pose and you would have eight dudes shoving, growling at each other to get in front. The amount of times I had to try to hold in my humor, I can't even count!

SS: This was also your first trip to Japan. Was visiting Tokyo enjoyable?

RL: Tokyo, you have done me so well. It is now my favorite city in the world! I was there for two weeks and yet there was still not enough time to do everything. I am very much in love with Japan's culture. Everything from food to services and facilities, nothing is forgotten. Not even that bright green button I curiously dared press on a toilet on my very first day. Frightened, I was made to feel I was going through a self-serve car wash. Curiosity wet the cat.

Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 jofel tolosa sam du sean russell Photo 7/20   |   Jofel voluntarily takes Rosie's peach soda.
Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 obayashi models Photo 8/20   |   All sorts of JDM cuteness!
Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 good year model Photo 12/20   |   Free bags and smiles. She makes our year good.
Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 liberty walk model Photo 16/20   |   Hottest girl! If there was one Japanese model we dug the most, it was this girl from the Liberty Walk booth. We couldn’t communicate with her at the show, but we later found her on Instagram at @yuicaroline.
Models of tokyo auto salon 2015 potenza model Photo 20/20   |   Models of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - Oh, Herro!
Sam Du
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