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There She is Miss Super Street! - Erica Nagashima

Erica Nagashima, Shereallywannameetya!

Sep 5, 2015
Photographer: Randy Ly

Hair/Makeup: Jenny Gomez

The people have spoken! Making good use of our Facebook pages, we decided to let you, the reader, choose who was going to be Miss Super Street '15. We put 16 models head to head against each other, and the girl with the most votes after each round would be our queen. With voting coming down to the final hour, it was decided by all of you that Erica Nagashima would be this year's winner!

We know Erica quite well, as she was born and raised in SoCal, plus she's been a regular at car events across the nation as a former Hankook Tire spokesmodel. She's also no stranger to our books, gracing the cover of SS in the December '14 issue, as well as Import Tuner's June '14 issue. You should know by now that she's quite the fan of cars, music, and wine, so we decided to ask her some random silly questions this time around. Enjoy!

Miss super street erica nagashima Photo 2/27   |   Acting like they've never seen a girl before. —BG

Snapchat or Tinder?

Snapchat! I've never done the Tinder thing.

How many dick pics have you gotten?

I think three. Not very many... I think there's one guy who keeps sending the same pic. I don't know how he does it. He's a little weird.

What's the longest time you've spent lying on a couch without moving?

Probably a good solid four to five hours doing nothing. I do that a lot. Haha!

How many Tamagotchis are you responsible for killing?

A lot. I just recently downloaded the app. I definitely killed three of them in two days. How is that possible?

Remind us never to give you pets. Favorite '90s movie?

There's so many! I liked She's All That. That's the '90s, right?

Miss super street erica nagashima Photo 6/27   |   There She is Miss Super Street! - Erica Nagashima

Barely! What would you rather eat—onigiri (Japanese rice ball) or In-N-Out?

I would have to go with In-N-Out, but my dad makes a mean salmon onigiri.

We don't mind! Who's your favorite Spice Girl?

Probably Posh Spice. I did a talent show in elementary school and I was Posh. I had my makeup thing and everything.

What's the most items you've lost on a single night?

Like on a drunk night? Maybe just a jacket. I don't get too crazy, guys!

Favorite Instagram to follow?

Oh, man that's hard. I'd say @fuckjerry.

Lastly, between the other Hankook girls Sadie, Jessica, and Katelynn, you have to marry one, kill one, and sleep with one.

I'd probably marry Jess, kill Katelynn—haha! It sounds so mean... And I would sleep with Sadie. I've slept in Sadie's bed at one point...

Miss super street erica nagashima Photo 10/27   |   Miss Super Street Erica Nagashima

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Probably to fly. Then I could get to places quickly, especially L.A.!

If you could take us out on a date, where would it be?

In-N-Out! No, I'm just kidding. Haha!

Miss super street erica nagashima Photo 14/27   |   Miss Super Street Erica Nagashima
Miss super street erica nagashima Photo 24/27   |   Miss Super Street Erica Nagashima
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There She is Miss Super Street! - Erica Nagashima
Erica's Vitals
Birthday:December 4
Hometown:Studio City, CA



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