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Erica Juliet SS Cover Model & Hankook Umbrella Girl

Our long distance crush, Erica Juliet

Oct 15, 2015
Photographer: Randy Ly

We've wanted to shoot the gorgeous Erica Juliet for some time now, even before she became one of this year's stunning Hankook umbrella girls. But here's the thing...she lives in Bali! Must be nice, right? While we thought she just lies on the beach everyday, she's actually a very independent and hardworking girl who models full-time, but also is an actress and producer - in fact, she's working on writing her first film set in the Philippines now! We can't wait to hear more about her movie in the coming months, but for now, enjoy her feature this month!

Erica juliet super street cover model Photo 2/14   |   Erica Juliet Super Street Cover Model

We know you're an umbrella girl but are you actually into Formula D?

I'm getting into it. I think it's really cool and never knew much about the whole world of drifting!

Do you have a favorite driver?

Aasbo... Yeah! Hankook tires! I feel like we're their pro cheerleaders.

It must be working because he's doin' good this year! What about a favorite Hankook girl?

Wait, that's like discrimination! Haha. It's tough, I love them all.

Safe answer... Okay, now the big question - why Bali?

I grew up all over LA. I moved a lot but in the last six years, I've been travelling back and forth from Bali. I'm also in the Philippines a lot and love exploring internationally as a model and now as a filmmaker.

We're a bit jealous... So tell us about your film.

It's an action drama that showcases escrima - a Filipino style of martial arts. It uses a lot of sticks, knives and weapons. It's really, really fast and cool!

Does that mean you know martial arts, too?

I got my black belt in kenpo. I also studied taekwondo, Weng Chun, and recently a little boxing.

Erica juliet super street cover model Photo 6/14   |   Erica Juliet Super Street Cover Model

Have you ever beat anybody up?

Yes... but I'm not proud of it! I don't like hurting people. Growing up I was such a girly girl and never told anyone about this stuff. I was a cheerleader and I thought guys wouldn't find it attractive. You want guys to think you're girly, right?

Not really. We think it's pretty badass actually! So what's your nationality?

My dad is Filipino with Spanish and my mother is French, English and Irish.

Sounds like the perfect mix to us! What are some interesting hobbies you have?

Stand up paddle boarding, reading palms and writing poetry, I guess? Oh, and drinking whiskey!

Yes! We're on the same page there.

Haha! Yes, Jameson, please, with a splash of ginger ale.

Erica juliet super street cover model Photo 10/14   |   Erica Juliet Super Street Cover Model

Our type of girl! So what car do you drive now?

I'm a Mercedes girl... I have the most ridiculous Barbie car. It's a small black two-seater roadster. People make fun of me but I love it!

Oh a little SLK... How cute... Hah! Have a crazy story to share?

Once somebody was stalking me and I ended up hanging out with him. Like he literally followed me in my car. I thought, the worst thing that could happen is that I could die, but I didn't think it was going to happen...

So you embraced the stalker?

Yes, it was scary. I laughed at myself, "You're pretty crazy, Erica."

Damn! You are crazy. So on the subject of possibly dying, if you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I'd cry... Then I'd want to be held by someone the whole time. I'd probably eat some chocolate, a donut, pizza and drink beer...then sex - basically everything that feels and tastes really good!

Erica juliet super street cover model Photo 14/14   |   Erica Juliet Super Street Cover Model
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Erica Juliet SS Cover Model & Hankook Umbrella Girl
Erica's Vitals
Birthday:January 7
Hometown:California and Bali



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