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Paladin Sisters Rock Downtown LA with Super Street

Meet two crazy, sexy, and supercool sisters from California

Dec 28, 2015
Photographer: Randy Ly

Your eyes don't deceive you! This month, instead of one model, we have two! And yes, they do look alike because they're sisters! Please meet Olivia and Natalie Paladin. They're a bit on the wild side as you'll learn from our li'l interview—action and adrenaline seem to run in the family! We had a blast shooting these beautiful girls in the heart of downtown L.A.—it was more like a party than a photo shoot! Please enjoy and show these sisters some love!

Olivia and natalie paladin Photo 2/18   |   olivia and natalie paladin

SS: What sort of special skills y'all got?

NP: I'm a pretty good shot! Bang!

OP: Not sure it's special, but I can do pretty much everything I put my mind to. I'm an adrenaline junkie. #AdrenalineBarbie.

SS: Adrenaline, meaning crazy hobbies, too?

OP: Yes! Jumping out of hot air balloons and perfectly good airplanes. I have my skydive license and am working on my helicopter license. I just want to fly!

NP: I also skydive, fly, climb, canoe, wakeboard, snowboard, and do anything with two wheels.

Olivia and natalie paladin Photo 6/18   |   olivia and natalie paladin

SS: What was your worst job?

OP: Working in a cubical at an orthopedic surgeon's office—I'm not meant to be cooped up indoors! I have ADHD to the max. I also worked at the dry cleaners when I was super young, although I did enjoy watching the clothes go around and around.

NP: I was a dog washer in Colorado—actually, that job was pretty awesome!

SS: From the two of you, who had the worst date?

OP: When I went to the fair with this kid I met online—mistake #1… I love the damn fair, but he annoyed me so much I had to be honest and tell him that I wanted to go home. He told me I was the only girl to ever bail on him during a date, and that made him in love with me more... Great…

Olivia paladin Photo 10/18   |   olivia paladin

NP: It was a blind date. I couldn't stand the conversation so I excused myself to the restroom and never came back!

SS: Sounds like Natalie handled it better! What's something about each other you don't like?

OP: She is my older sister and always acts like it. She always bosses me around and feels entitled. Shit is annoying!

NP: She's not the most reliable!

Olivia and natalie paladin Photo 14/18   |   olivia and natalie paladin

SS: Haha. OK, OK… What do you like about each other?

NP: Her sense of humor, spirit, and smile.

OP: She is the only person I know who likes to do the same things I do. We are both pretty crazy and like to get after life together. We have the same sense of humor. All in all, Natalie and my younger sister are my best friends. #PaladinGirls!

SS: Wait, there's a third sister?!

Olivia and natalie paladin Photo 18/18   |   olivia and natalie paladin
Sam Du
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Paladin Sisters Rock Downtown LA with Super Street
Olivia Paladin
Birthday:September 11
Hometown:Los Angeles, CA
Natalie Paladin
Birthday:August 7
Hometown:Los Angeles, CA



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