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Jaslin Sky Super Street Cover Model

She's half-Thai, half-German, and really hot! Introducing Jaslin Sky!

Dec 3, 2015
Photographer: Randy Ly

This month, we wanted to showcase someone fresh, someone who might not be blowing up your social media feed every morning. And since this is our international issue, we also wanted to find a girl who wasn't born and raised in California. It took some digging, but we'd like to introduce this month's hottie, Jaslin Sky.

Jaslin was born and raised in Thailand—speaks fluent Thai, Lao, and of course English. A few years ago, she relocated from Asia to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a new life. She started getting into modeling after her first photo shoot for a local Hooters calendar. So please welcome Jaslin to the Super Street family, remember to follow her on Instagram, and make her feel right at home if you get the chance to see her at an upcoming show!

Jaslin sky Photo 2/7   |   Jaslin Sky

How would you classify yourself, Jaslin?

I'm a tomboy/glamorous. I love sports and I'm not scared if a boy has a challenge for me. But I can also get dressed up and be glamorous.

Any weird hobbies?

I like farting and warn people before I do. Haha! I love being comfortable with the people I trust, I guess.

Not sure if that's hot or not... How about craziest place you've hooked up?

Oh, my gosh, I have too many... Haha! I guess it would have to be one time at 5 a.m. during a morning jog. We stopped to rest at a little park with the swing and... Haha!

And damn! Well that's hot! OK, what would be your go-to drink at the bar?

I like taking shots rather than drinking, so maybe peach or berry Ciroc.

How much do you know about cars?

I know how to drive...

Do you know how to drive stick?

I wish! I tried to teach myself but it didn't really work. I took my friend's car out and he didn't know. I was at a stoplight and kept stalling. I had to call one of my friends and have him drive me back home...

Feel sorry for your friend's car! So what's your dream car?

A Corvette in red!

Automatic, of course... What is your biggest turn-on?

An intelligent conversation. If someone can hold a conversation and is knowledgeable, I feel like I could just listen and it'll never get boring.

Jaslin sky Photo 6/7   |   Jaslin Sky

Is this conversation intelligent? Never mind... Favorite part of your body?

My legs. They're long and make me look like I'm 5'11", but I'm really 5'3".

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Go skydiving and have amazing sex!

We like your style... Tell us two facts about you.

I keep all my handwritten letters from friends, and back in Thailand I have the full collection of the Naruto TV series since '03.

Finally, since this is our international issue, where would you like to travel to most?

Greece. I really love history and Greek mythology and I would just love to see all the historic statues and landmarks.

Jaslin sky Photo 7/7   |   Jaslin Sky
Sam Du
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Jaslin Sky Super Street Cover Model
Jaslin Sky's Vitals
Birthday:February 20
Hometown:Layong, Thailand



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