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 |   |  2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn
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2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

@gotbryn is a real-deal car girl turned Toyo Girl

Sam Du
Dec 11, 2019
Photographer: Dan Coria

Photo Assistant: Lu Tran
Make-Up & Wardrobe: Christina Ting
Hair Stylist: Zion Lee

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 006 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

Where'd you grow up and where is home now?

I grew up in Chicagoland. After the 2019 polar vortex where temperatures reached 50 below, I decided to move to Los Angeles last fall.

What's your day-to-day?

I've gone from hustling your run-of-the-mill auction cars as a wholesaler to marketing coordinator for a Ferrari dealer. Since leaving Ferrari in 2018 I pursued modeling full time. I figured, if I'm so great at marketing, why can't I market myself?!

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 010 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

Word on the street is you're really into cars! Tell us how you got started.

I bought a 1993 RPS13 in high school. It didn't run and since I didn't have funds to pay for repairs, I enrolled myself into an automotive tech school where I was able to get it up and running. I learned a lot and I'm proud to have the knowledge to continue working on it. Eventually I transformed the S13 into something track capable but still daily driver focused. After friends referred me to a local grassroots drifting chapter, I was able to advance my skills on track. I really enjoy everything grassroots, especially with growing up watching Option drift videos.

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 004 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

Craziest moment of 2019?

When I purchased my 1993 Toyota LJ78 that was imported from Japan last year, I didn't think it would be the vehicle I would drive from Chicago to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, my Honda Civic was totaled in an accident and instead of using the insurance money to purchase something else, I decided to save the money and drive the Toyota. The engine-turbo diesel 2LTE-has a weak head and therefore I had to make sure I vigorously kept an eye on the fluids and temps and allowed for many cool down breaks. It was challenging keeping the RPMs under 3,000, where I averaged 56mph the entire 2,000 miles and taking the shorter route on I-70 through the mountains was not an option. Since I didn't have aftermarket gauges, it made it much more difficult to monitor engine temps, boost and oil pressure. Without a follow car and knowledge of the truck's maintenance history, I wasn't sure if we would make it. Every time I passed states lines, I would breathe a sigh of relief and it kept me going. I will go on to say, especially with being a speed junky, there was nothing more disconcerting than watching the GPS add hours upon hours to the ETA. I eventually made it with minimal issues. Embarking on this journey was the best decision I've ever made!

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 015 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

Any big plans for 2020?

I'm currently building my dream S13. I had to part out my original from high school because the rust caused by Chicago winters made it unrepairable. I purchased a very clean S13 shell in Austin, Texas earlier this summer and I have a very solid rebuilt SR20 Red Top that's being swapped into it. Though I'm sad I wasn't able to do the swap on my original chassis, I am happy that I get to start fresh. I look forward to having it completed in 2020 and I'll be going to as many track events as I can.

Vehicle Credits:

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 007 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

1987 Mazda RX-7
Owner: Fris Cassasola
Instagram: @trmnlfc
Top Mods: 448whp street-ported 13BT engine; Pandem widebody kit; Volk Racing TE37V Mark II wheels

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 003 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

1994 Toyota Supra
Owner: Peter Vong
Instagram: @gnovgarage
Top Mods: 700hp single turbo 2JZ build; CCW Classic wheels; Nardo Grey paint

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 011 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn

1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Owner: Mark Cowans
Instagram: @solus86
Top Mods: Pandem widebody; Malibu blue paint; rebuilt NISMO LMGT2 wheels

2020 Toyo Tires Girl Bryn 014 Photo 15/15   |   2020 Toyo Tires Girls: Bryn
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