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Jeri Lee Model - Wet & Wild

Dec 1, 2008
Impp_0810_01_z+jeri_lee+cover Photo 1/4   |   Up Close and Personal: Jeri Lee
Styling: Hollie Williamson
Shirt: H&M
Bra: Victoria's Secret Skirt

Interview By Carter Jung

Very few boy names cross the female gender barrier well. Pat is about as ambiguous as Ryan Seacrest, as is Terry, Bobby, or Casey. But, there's a linguistic fine line between cute and tomboy-ish to straight up Michael Jackson. I don't care how hot a girl is, I can't imagine attempting to initiate sexy talk with a Hank, Peter, or John. "Uh, hey Hank, I like the thing you did with your hair...hold me!" Gag.

Few hotties however have managed to break the male-oriented name notion. James King, Cameron Diaz, and Hayden Panettierre made it OK for a group of two or more straight males to debate in public the hotness of dudes names without garnering the odd stare. Now thanks to this month's cover girl, we can add another name to that small roster: Jerry. Or at least Jerry sans the "r" and "y", and plus an "i". Jeri Lee.

If you're a male with a pulse, Internet access, been to a car show, and have a strong aversion for the Pottery Barn, the Bravo network, and the word "fabulous" you've long lusted for her. So have we. After years of working the HIN circuit, go-going countless clubs, and growing a huge fan base-one of which propositioned her to break his ribs with a bat for $10,000-we finally managed to photographically nail her 5-foot-1 scrumptiousness. So, purge your memories of Seinfeld, Springer, and Lewis, and let this Jeri come moisten your loins. This is one Jeri's kid you only wish you could take responsibility for.

Here's the first question, it's a doozy: How'd you get into modeling?
You had to ask this question all interviews. [Laughs] I started modeling and acting at the age of 3 and got into this scene at 17.

You modeled at the age of three?
Yeah, I did commercials for Oscar Meyer, Barbie, Pepsi, and a bunch of other companies.

Impp_0810_02_z+jeri_lee+laying_down Photo 2/4   |   Swimsuit: H&M
Gown: Hollie Williamson
Arm Band: Jessica Elliot
Belt: Crossroads

How did you break into our scene?
I went to my first IAS back in 2003 or 2004 and I got hired to work with GReddy. Then SEMA came and right after that my career just sky rocketed.

Ok, let's go back even further. Is Jeri your real name?
Yes, Jeri Lee is my first name, can't tell you my last, sorry...

You're like the Jheri curl of models; the Jerry's spelled funky. What happened to the "r" and "y"?
It fell off.

The Jheri curl: your thoughts?
Ew, greasy.

OK, so gun to your mom's head and you had to pick between these Jerrys: Jerry Springer, Jerry Garcia, or Jerry Seinfeld. Who would you do?
OMG, none, but if I had to choose, it would be Jerry Springer. JERRY, JERRY!

So, I was doing "research" and stumbled across a jerilee website thinking it was yours and I actually threw up a little in my mouth.
Yeah, I know, fat chicks right? I've Googled myself and came across some pornstar using my name. People sometimes ask if I do porn...and no I don't.

Impp_0810_04_z+jeri_lee+water Photo 3/4   |   Jeri Lee Model - Wet & Wild

Drats! How did your go-going ever come about?
Around the same time I started getting into the scene.

Burning question: Where does one come about acquiring the go-go boots?
[Laughs] You can buy them online, or in Hollywood.

Like, if I was chasing you, and you didn't want to talk to me, how fast could you run in them?
Oh I can run, hop, jump, leap, and even do cartwheels and handstands. I love my go-go boots!

Cartwheels and handstands. Kinky. Some of your favorite mammals, why?
Mammals, WTF?! OK, I like koalas. I always have since I was in elementary school

Back to the boots: How tall are you in your boots?
Dude, those go-go boots are moon boots. I'm tall in them regardless. Otherwise, I'm a shortie.

Do you have a trademark go-go move? If so, what is it?
Yes, I do, but I can't explain it...I'll show you.

Back to the boots, why are they all fuzzy?
They are not fuzzy. We just have these fuzzies that go over them. They just stand out and look cute, "Boots with the fur," right?

If you say so. Your five favorite nightclubs?
I don't have any favorite clubs, but I have to say going overseas and partying and dancing is the best!

Besides GHB, what drink should a stalker/club patron buy you during your go-go?
Just water or pineapple juice. I don't drink alcohol anymore. I quit!

Quitter! Your bestest drunk story?
Oh my gosh, I can't even say...not for the readers.

Boo! Oh, come on you can tell us one.

It was at Garden of Eden and I had seven Red-Headed Sluts and I threw up all over the back patio and my cowboy boots. That's about all I remember.

See, that wasn't so bad. Moving on to cars. Do you like cars that go-go or are slow and show?
I like all styles of cars, but I like slow and show.

Any crazy HIN stories?
I don't think readers are ready for my HIN stories...only the homies know..

Again, boo! The freakiest fan?
I have plenty of them. I had a fan message me asking if I could break his ribs with a bat, and that he'd give me $10,000.

WTF?! That is really sick yet strangely hot. The furthest you've traveled industry related?
All over Asia.

Your favorite city?
Tokyo, Japan.

Me too! Ever sneezed and farted at the same time?
Yes, I have. And coughed too.

Again, me too! Shifting gears, how cold was it in the pool scene of the photoshoot?
It was very cold and the water was dirty. It was like swimming in dirt. But I had a great time. It was really sexy.

How did it feel being, gulp, wet?
[Laughs] My farts aren't wet...[Laughs] Gross.

No, dork not your farts, being in the pool...nevermind. How was my wave-inducing thrusting?
[Laughs] Only if you did it harder, Carter! [Laughs] Hey, that rhymes!

So, what was Jeri Lee like in high school?
I was a white-washed cheerleader, who made it all over the yearbook.

What kind of guys were you into?
Mostly Asians.

Any extra-curricular activies?
Dancing and I liked to cook.

Fill in the blank: Voted most likely to be...
Well, I was Ms. Popular and got crowned Miss Irresistable during the Valentine's pep assembly.

Best back seat of a car experience?
Had sex.

That would be the correct answer. Moving onto the Final Jeopardy! round: If you could pick anyone in the world, who would you ask to the Sadie Hawkins dance?
Johnny Depp

How many bases would he get to?
OMG...I would just let him rape me.

How many bases would I get to?
[Laughs] You're gay...kidding.

How about if you were drunk, like really, really drunk?

Again, boo!

Impp_0810_03_z+jeri_lee+standing Photo 4/4   |   Jeri Lee Model - Wet & Wild

Height: 5’1”
Measurements: 32 - 24 -33 Website:;
Sign: Sagitarrius
Blood type: I have no idea, ask my mom Thanks: Thank you so much Import Tuner, for finally letting me bless the pages of your

magazine... It’s about time!

Birthday: November 29th
Hometown: Orange County, Calif.


Thanks: Thank you so much Import Tuner, for finally letting me bless the pages of your magazine... It's about time!

Feather Necklace: Little Red Line
Bead Bracelets: Jessica Elliot
Earrings: H&M
Dress: Deborah Lindquist



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