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Nana Okada - The Ill Nana

Jun 1, 2009

Interview By Carter Jung
While almost all the cars we feature on the cover of 2NR are of Japanese make, hardly any of the girls are. This isn't because of a lack of effort mind you; we've looked, and it turns out finding a Japanese model in the U.S. import scene is about as hard as finding a Chris Brown album at a Center for Battered Women. So when it came time to finding a J-girl for our Tokyo-themed cover, we had to extend our search across the Pacific. No, not Japan--that would be cheating. Instead, we looked to Hawaii. Ok, so we half cheated. A State where Japanese is the second language and the local McDonald's serves Saimin and Spam doesn't exactly scream bloody Yankee, but it is America nonetheless.

Born in Yokohama, Japan, Nana Okada relocated to Honolulu, HI, three years ago to work with sexy American bitches--washing their dirty naked bodies, trimming their fur and making them look hot for their masters. A dog groomer by trade, Nana not only makes pooches prettier, it turns out she's also a professional dog photographer. And if that isn't random enough, Nana also owns a pair of pussies (Persian!), stayed at a "love hotel" (castle-themed!), was a Manba gyaru (who wasn't!) and has really straight teeth (braces!).

What made you move to the land of surf and plate lunches?
I wanted to live in the United States, but I didn't want to be too far from Japan, so I chose Hawaii because it's right in between. Oahu also has a lot of Japanese people.

How was it growing up in Japan?
I was raised south of Tokyo in Yokohama. Minato-machi, a city in Yokohama, has the world's third-largest Chinatown, so I ate a lot of Chinese food with my friends. Yokohama is also famous for its Bay Bridge and large Ferris wheel by the ocean, which is a wonderful date spot.

Having lived in the States for three years, what about the U.S. do you like over Japan?
Japan is a cool country but there are a lot of strict rules. It's also really crowded with too many people. Living in the U.S. is very different--there is much more freedom.

What about Japan do you like over the U.S.?
The hot springs and the food!

What's your favorite food?
Ramen and Sushi, of course!

Do you go back to Japan often?
About two or three times a year...but my parents still complain that they don't see me enough. [laughs]

When was the last time you were home?
I just got back two days ago! I flew again from here to California yesterday, just for this photoshoot.

What a trooper! Was there a particular reason for your last trip to Japan?
I went home because my mother owns a bar and she needed help moving it to a new location. We celebrated at her new place afterwards... party, party!

So when you go back to Japan, what's the first thing you buy?
They have a 100 Yen store where everything costs about a dollar. There are a lot of things you can buy--food, electronics, makeup, even pet accessories. I love it there! I can shop there all day.

What about for relaxing times... do you make it Suntory time?
[laughs] I love Tantakatan shochu! It's super delicious! I haven't seen it in the U.S.

Going back to your high school days, what kind of gyaru [girl] were you?
I was a "manba gyaru". I had blonde hair and wore mini skirts with 7-inch high heels everyday. I also went to the tanning salon regularly to keep a dark tan. But I wasn't as goofy as I looked--all my grades were really good. I was in the top of my class!

Speaking of education, there are two words in the Japanese language I find confusing: chikan and sukebe. Can you educate me on the difference?
Chikan is sort of like groping and sukebe means pervert.

Ahh, so desu ne, if you had to date one, which would it be?
Neither. But if I had to choose, Sukebe is better!

Have you ever encountered a Densha Chikan?
No, no one has ever groped me on the train, but I've had creepy Japanese businessmen write their phone numbers and slip them in my handbag. It was scary; very stalker-like.

How do you say stalker in Japanese?

My weird Japanese word of the day. On the topic of weirdness, can you explain what a "love hotel" is like?
There are so many kinds of love hotels in Japan. They are very comfortable like most normal hotels these days... and are very cheap. Also, a girl can stay with another girl, even though they aren't lesbians or anything. There's everything that you need in the room: video games, swimming pools, Jacuzzis... they even have delicious food, too!

I'm sure they have plenty of man, er, homemade country gravy. What's the craziest Love Hotel you've been to?
The craziest one I've been to was a hotel themed after an ancient Japanese castle. [laughs] We stayed in a room which had tatami flooring!

Tatami flooring? Sounds sticky. Going into themed castles, Tokyo Disney or Disneyland, which do you prefer?
The only Disneyland I knew of was the one in Japan. I have never been to the original Disneyland in California. I also want to go to Disneyworld! I haven't been to either, yet.

Now would be a good time to impart the fact that our office is five minutes from Disneyland... just putting it out there. Going into your career, I hear you've appeared in Japanese dramas and commercials?
Yes! I work for a Japanese modeling agency in Hawaii and I had the opportunity to play a flight attendant in a Japanese drama that aired last year called Attention Please. I've also done various commercials in Japan.

What was the weirdest gig you took from a Japanese company?
A foot model for a fetish-oriented company. They took pictures of my legs in fishnets and black stockings.

What was the worst job you've ever had?
I passed out tissues with advertisements on a busy street for an entire day. It was so exhausting.

What modeling have you done in the U.S.?
I've been to SEMA, HIN, Streetcar Showoff, XDL Drift and was in a few other magazines.

I heard a rumor that you're a photographer for a magazine?
Yes! [laughs] I work for Dog Fancy magazine, taking pictures of cute puppies.

Do you own any dogs?
Two Weimaraners--a male and a female--and a long-haired Chihuahua.

What other animals do you own?
Two Persian cats--one black, the other white.

Lastly, and most importantly, how do you have such straight teeth for a Japanese girl?
I had them fixed in the U.S.! It's very expensive to get braces in Japan. I think it costs over 10 grand.

Word? I think I've just found my true calling. JDM orthodontistry, here I come.



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