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Debbie Sath - Coming Up

Luke Munnell
May 19, 2011
Photographer: Steve Bitanga

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Debbie Sath is many things. Typical is not one of them. Australian born from Cambodian and El Salvadorian parents, and a banker by day, it’s Debbie’s flawless physique and refreshingly natural presence that she’s fast becoming known for the world over. But what you might not suspect having never met her is that beneath her beauty is a down-to-earth, laidback chick who’s as comfortable with jokes and crass language (sexy) as she is in front of the camera (sexier still). The best part: we may be getting her full time. If only she can break the news to her parents.

Impp_1106_10_z+debbie_sath+bikini Photo 2/10   |   Debbie Sath - Coming Up

[2NR]: I read on your Facebook that you’ve been on the road now for quite a while, and our shoot is your last gig before you hop a 15hr flight back home. What else have you been up to?

[DS]: So much! I was up in Toronto for a while before coming down to SoCal, hanging out with my cousin and doing a shoot for Heaven and Hell magazine. I was in Miami before that, then just kicked back at some resorts in South America for a while on holiday.

Did you have fun?

Oh yes! Well . . . other than getting food poisoning the other day. That was awful. But I love it here. I always go back home talking about how I want to move to the States after I’ve been here.

So you like it here?

I wanna move here!! I love Australia, but you all have it made in California.

As long as you don’t plan to buy a house, pay for gas, or get a job. But Aus has a little bit of everything, too, right?

Impp_1106_01_z+debbie_sath+bikini Photo 3/10   |   Debbie Sath - Coming Up

Yes, good dining and nightlife in Melbourne, good sightseeing in Sydney. We have Mount Buller for skiing and snowboarding, Surfers Paradise in Queensland, lots of bungee jumping, hiking, extreme sports . . .

And what are you into most?

Of those? Nothing. [laughs] I’ve gone canoeing, but I really hated it. I hate water; it makes me think I’m going to die. I’m glad I did it, though. I’ll stick to the clubs in Melbourne!

Word? Melbourne is the spot?

Oh yes. Hot clubs, hot Asian girls . . . they’re all just terrible dancers. You Americans have us beat there. [laughs]

Yeah, but you’ve been in a dance crew for years, right? You’re bound to be a little more critical than most . . .

Yes, but the chicks out here are just bad. [laughs] They try, and they have fun, so I guess that’s all that counts, right?

You’re talking to a gearhead white boy from the East Coastnot the biggest dance authority.


Where else is hot? You’re always on the go, right?

I go to Malaysia and Cambodia a lot to visit the fam. I have a cousin in France–that’s an awesome place. We can fly to most of Asia for $250 out of Avalon airport in Melbourne on Jetstar–kind of like JetBlue here.

So Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbanethey’re all on the east coast of Aus. What happens on the other 9/10ths of the continent?

Nothing. [laughs] It’s pretty much all kangaroos and open land until Perth on the west coast.

But with photo radar.

Yes! I hate those damned things. I actually got two fines on the way home from the airport after dropping Steve (Bitanga) off the last time he came down here. I had no idea I was even speeding until I got them in the mail. Like $400 each.

It’s bad over there for a car owner, huh?

Terrible. I think in Cali you have what’s called a referee station, where the cops send you if they think your car is illegally modified? Well, over there they can just take your car and auction it off if they want to.

Damn. And you guys have some pretty badass cars over there, too, huh?

Yeah. Skylines in Aus are like Civics here.

What are you driving these days?

[laughs] A Holden Barina. I wanted a Silvia, but I got stuck with that. I always wanted a Nissan Micra convertible. They’re so cute, but I’ve only ever seen them in England.

Tiny, too, but then again so are you.

Impp_1106_09_z+debbie_sath+bikini Photo 10/10   |   Debbie Sath - Coming Up

Except for these. [grabs boobs] They’re Ds. I want Es.

You’re awesome. What’s the one thing you look forward to after coming home from traveling?

My puppy!! She’s a Pomeranian. I haven’t seen her in over a month and I just got her. [sad panda face] That and good food. California has some good fast food, though.

We have the best fast food. El Pollo Loco, Jack in the Box . . . have you had In-N-Out yet?

No, what’s that?

[long silence] What kind of places do you have down under?

Well, we have McDonald’s, but we call it Macca. And we don’t have Taco Bell, but we do have Taco Bill.

Hi-larious! That’s better than China’s "Robert Cop" Robocop knock-off. What’s this mango chili business we read about on your Facebook wall?

Oh my god! It’s the best! So good! Green mangoes, salt, chili–or corn paste if you do it the Filipino way. Love it! I haven’t had it in a month either. more sad panda

Corny mango chili. Sounds kinda dirty, but we’d try it. We hear you’re dating a triplet. Ever gotten "The Switch?"

No, but they try all the time! [laughs] Kinda funny, but it pisses me off.

What do you like in a guy, other than shenanigans?

Muscles, clean hands, and he’s gotta be able to eat because I love to cook.

Clean-cut and lame or dirty and cool?

[laughs] Clean-cut and lame. My boyfriend spends more time looking in the mirror than I do! laughs. And I can’t stand pessimism. You gotta be upbeat and outgoing for us to have fun together!

Your deep, dark, dirty little secret. Go:

My parents don’t know I model.

What? How is that possible? You’re on, like, six continents with it.

laughs. I know! Please don’t tell them. I don’t want the lecture.

Your secret’s safe with us. Just don’t hold us accountable when your career takes off after this issue drops.

Debbie Sath

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 34D-24-31

Ethnicity: Cambodian / Australian

Sign: Cancer

Age: 25

Hometown: Melbourne, Aus


Thank you list: Steve Bitanga for shooting me, Luke Munnell for interviewing me, Val C. for doing the best hair and makeup ever, Charles Trieu, and Import Tuner! And God and Buddha.

By Luke Munnell
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