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Natalie Eva-Marie - Hot Tamale

Luke Munnell
Sep 19, 2011
Photographers: Christian Arias For Slickforce Studio, Nick Saglimbeni
Impp 1110 01 o+natalie eva marie+bikini Photo 1/4   |   Natalie Eva-Marie - Hot Tamale

Makeup by Gaby Ramos
Hair by Al Ingram
Wardrobe styled by Sarah Ellis

Meet Natalie Eva-Marie. She lives in Hollywood, works at one of the hottest nightclubs, has acted in some of the hottest TV shows, and models. Typical, right? Wrong. A SoCal transplant from the San Francisco Bay Area (with a little Arizona in the mix), this Mexican/Italian beauty is anything but. She’s not a partier. She ranks her family’s approval far more important to her than fame or fortune. Most impressively, attention isn’t something she craves—leading up to this interview, she never even saw the need for a Facebook or Twitter account. Yes, there are some girls who need no introduction, others who direly do, and some to whom it really makes no difference, like Natalie. Funny how they seem to be the ones who go the farthest.

Impp 1110 04 o+natalie eva marie+dress Photo 2/4   |   Natalie Eva-Marie - Hot Tamale

If we were to tell you that you’re unlike any other SoCal-based model/actress we know, would you take offense to that?

[laughs] Not at all! I get it all the time. I guess I’m a little more laid-back than most. I’ve been really trying to focus on slowing down, taking things easier, and making the most of each moment while it’s here.

But you stay pretty damn busy! You model, act, and hold down a regular job, right?

Yea, I do bottle service at Playhouse in Hollywood, which is where you’ll see me most weekend nights. Rihanna and her entourage had some of my tables the other night, after the BET awards. And then I saw her the next night in concert, which was awesome! One of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time.

[shameless segue] Entourage, huh? You’ve done some work with Entourage, too, huh?

Wow! That was a good one! [laughs] Yes, Entourage was actually my very first gig. I tried out for it, got a small part, and ended up liking the experience so much that I started trying out for different stuff.

Where else might we have seen you?

Modeling for Red Chapter Clothing, I did America’s Got Talent with Taio Cruz, CSI: New York, and a few other things. I actually have an audition for a lead in a feature film later today, then I’m going back home for the weekend.

Impp 1110 03 o+natalie eva marie+bikini Photo 3/4   |   Natalie Eva-Marie - Hot Tamale

Awesome! Remember us when you’re at the top [winks]. Where’s home?

Near San Fran. I moved down here for school and just decided to stay. Scottsdale, AZ, for a little while, too, but I think L.A. is the place for me right now.

We hear you call yourself a tomboy. What’s up with that?

[laughs] Totally! I played soccer all through high school and college—I’m super competitive and love to feel that pressure and drive to win!

If we were to poll past boyfriends, would they say you’re a fighter?

Um . . . probably! [laughs] But it’s not like I like to start drama, or go around looking for a fight. I just can’t be with someone who’s afraid to voice their opinions, or who can’t butt heads once in a while. I’m a straight shooter, and I think a bit of that spark is healthy in any kind of relationship.

On the other hand, what’s a relationship killer?

The complete opposite. Someone who’s too passive, or who needs to be taken care of or who expects that from me. Confidence and ambition are the most attractive qualities to me, and knowing what you want and being up-front about it is a big part of that. Bad breath, too—total turnoff. You will be getting no action if you have bad breath! [laughs]

[Speaking aloud] Note to self: skip onion bagel at next Natalie Eva-Marie interview.

[laughs] No, you’re fine!

[Speaking aloud] Note to all: Natalie Eva-Marie says we’re fine. As in fine.


How do you fill that competitive void these days? Do you still play sports, or just go around picking fights with everyone?

Jerk! [laughs] No, unfortunately I just don’t have time for it. Plus, I can’t get beat up too badly and expect to still land acting and modeling gigs. Life is competitive enough, trying to stay motivated while still remembering to slow down and enjoy each moment.

Are you the type of person who can enjoy a Sunday, or do you think too much about what you have to do on Monday?

Both! I hate it. But I’m getting better. I think the secret is to be conscious of it—really tell yourself, ‘OK. I need to enjoy this before it’s over.’

Impp 1110 02 o+natalie eva marie+bikini Photo 4/4   |   Natalie Eva-Marie - Hot Tamale

What have been some of your more notable moments, as of late?

The Rihanna show, for sure. I was at the USA versus Mexico soccer game at the Rose Bowl—that was awesome! Drake, too. I hadn’t been to a show where I was like, ‘I don’t want this to end!’ in a long time before the Drake show.

So hip-hop’s your thing?

Yea, but I love all music.

Even dirty white-boy music?

[laughs] You’re kidding, right? Go to the House of Blues here in Hollywood and see Steel Panther sometime. They used to be called Metal School. Their shows are awesome, and Ralph, their lead singer, does some stand-up—a little vulgar, but really funny. You’ll feel like you stepped right back into the ’80s with that crowd—leather, torn denim everything, big hair. You’d probably like it. [winks]

All right—you got an audition to do. Let’s wrap this up. Favorite food?

Hot Tamales. Yes, the candy . . . [laughs] I’d eat them everyday if I could.

What do you drive?

I just bought my first big-girl car: a new BMW 535i. But I have a long history of crappy cars: an Astro van my parents handed me down . . . Oh! Even a drop-top 5.0 ’Stang like Caine drives in Menace II Society [laughs hard].

So life’s been good to you, lately! We’ll be hoping it stays the same.

It will. I know what I want. I’ll get it. [winks . . . confidently]

Natalie Eva–Marie

Height: 5’8”
Measurements: 34C-26-36
Ethnicity: Mexican, Italian
Birthday: September 19
Sign: Virgo
Hometown: Bay Area
Thank you list: my parents, Josie and Barry who are truly my inspiration; my brothers Neal, Nate, and Nick for always being there to support me no matter what; the entire Slickforce Studio team—they are unbelievably amazing; the crew at Red Chapter Clothing: you guys rock; and the rest of my family and friends who are all so positive and supportive—you know who you are. Also to Chris for being a huge motivation in my life! I love you all!

By Luke Munnell
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