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 |   |  Levy Tran - Levy (LĀ-VĒ) Tran - Import Tuner Model
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Levy Tran - Levy (LĀ-VĒ) Tran - Import Tuner Model

Carlos Nunez
Jul 17, 2012
Impp 1207 01 o+levy tran+import tuner model Photo 1/5   |   IMPP-120700-MODEL

Hair and Makeup by: Christine Nelli

Goldfish, Goldie, Mistake, and VyVy

Current car.
A sweet Toyota Corolla. Holler!

Impp 1207 02 o+levy tran+import tuner model Photo 2/5   |   Levy Tran - Levy (LĀ-VĒ) Tran - Import Tuner Model

Favorite car.
If I had the funds, I would totally purchase a '69 Camaro to cruise during the weekends. I love it.

First kiss.
I chased a boy in the fourth grade, and planted one wet and steamy kiss on his cheek. He ran away crying. He obviously didn't know what was good for him . . .

Hidden talents.
I don't know if it's a talent, but I can eat like no other. I could probably finish a whole large pizza if I wanted.

Humor and wit. A man who likes to eat. I also get really turned on when they know their sports. But the biggest one that gets me is if they're romantic (i.e. sending flowers for no reason at all, leaving little Post-it notes for me to find, etc.).

Rudeness. That's a big one, but I also can't stand when a guy bashes on his friends. It's so disrespectful. Men who don't watch sports. Guys who talk crap about other people. Guys who complain about every little thing. Guys who don't help do the dishes. Guys who start fights for no reason at all, and dab their napkins on their lips like pansies. I like my men to be men.

Favorite food.
Pasta, pizza, PB&J sandwich, steak (extra-extra bloody as hell) with a pint of beer, sandwiches, Mexican, sushi, and Vietnamese noodles. Does Jameson count?

Favorite drink.

Impp 1207 03 o+levy tran+import tuner model Photo 3/5   |   Levy Tran - Levy (LĀ-VĒ) Tran - Import Tuner Model

Favorite TV show(s).
Gilmore Girls and Game of Thrones

Celebrity crushes.
Rob Dyrdek. I'm such a sucker for funny dudes-it's ridiculous.

Worst habit.
I drink way too much coffee.

I was the cheerleader with a pierced lip and purple hair in DC shoes. I hung with every crowd. I went to the chess club during Friday lunches. I barely studied in high school, but did well in school. I listened to Deftones and was the copresident of the Vietnamese club. I was all over the place; I had my moments.

Bad habits.
I buy way too many books at once, and then don't have time to read them.

Tattoos and piercings.
As you can see, I've got many tattoos. Two sleeves, both ribs, chest piece, both legs . . . I had a lot of things pierced, but removed them all. I don't even wear earrings anymore.

First tattoo.
Stars on my back.

Favorite tattoo and why.
My zombie on my right side-I just love the artwork.

Speak any other languages?
Vietnamese. Does the Elvish language count?

What do you look for in a boyfriend?
Ready for this? I look for a man who is funny, kind, humble, generous, giving, loyal, confident, assertive, and helpful. He should be kind to strangers and respect his elders. He has to be able to focus his attention on me when I'm in need. I need a man who will love my family just as much as he loves his. I need him to be emotionally, physically, and financially available. He has to appreciate my awkwardness, my muffin tops, and when I'm without makeup. He has to be secure with himself and emotionally stable. He has to have a job and a car. He should love football and all other sports. If he falls asleep to ESPN, that's a plus. I want a guy who respects me enough not to lie to me.

Impp 1207 04 o+levy tran+import tuner model Photo 4/5   |   Levy Tran - Levy (LĀ-VĒ) Tran - Import Tuner Model

Weirdest phobias.
Marshmallows, French toast, whip cream, and birds.

Favorite music.
Rock, indie, pop, heavy metal, bluegrass . . . I'm all over the place.

Three artists on your playlist.
Bruce Springsteen, Avenged Sevenfold, Angus and Julia Stone

I'm totally addicted to:

Three words that best describe you.
Hungry, optimistic, and empathetic

Levy Tran

Height: 5' 6"

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Sign: Aries

Birthday: April 8

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Thank you list: Mommy and daddy, John Agcaoili, Models International, Christiaan Almazan, Takahiro Horitaka Kitamura, Carlos Nunez, Christine Nelli, and to all my followers and supporters.

Impp 1207 05 o+levy tran+import tuner model Photo 5/5   |   IMPP-120700-MODEL
By Carlos Nunez
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