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Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model

She drinks Irish whiskey, loves the color black and, of course, has a lead foot

May 11, 2015
Photographer: Randy Ly

Location: FD Photo Studio

We had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Garcia at the 2014 SEMA Show while she modeled for Scion. Becca was born and raised in Atlanta and she's an absolute sweetheart in person. It's not every day we get a chance to meet beautiful ladies from the East Coast but she stole our hearts. Please give her a warm Super Street welcome!

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Rebecca garcia Photo 2/33   |   Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model

How'd you get into modeling, Rebecca?

I started when I was around 3, and then took a break during my awkward preteen years. In high school, I got back into it modeling prom dresses for a local shop.

Guess it all paid off 'cause now you're a full-time model. Congrats! Have you had a bad job before?

I was a dog sitter for a spaniel named Woody—he was a humper.

Rebecca garcia Photo 3/33   |   Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model

Speaking of humpers, what about a worst date?

I've never really had a horrible date. I can usually make anything fun.

Any special skills we should know about?

I can paint, ride a horse, and I can blow some mean "O" rings.

What drink should we order you at the bar?

Jameson and ginger.

Have a bad habit you're trying to get rid of?

I can be a bit of a speed demon on the road. I love a fun drive.

Rebecca garcia Photo 4/33   |   Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model

Does that mean you know a lot about cars?

I know enough. My grandfather was on a NASCAR pit crew, while my dad collected and restored Ford Broncos when I was growing up.

How was working at SEMA last year?

The show was awesome. I loved seeing everyone's different personalities coming through some of the cars. My personal favorite was anything vintage. Old cars have my heart.

Is your dream car an old car?

Yes, a black '69 Ford Bronco. One day it will be all mine!

Turn-ons and turnoffs?

Turn-ons would be tattoos, mechanical skills, and a sense of adventure. Turnoffs are rude people and bad music.

Rebecca garcia Photo 5/33   |   Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model

Favorite part of your body?

My waistline. Thanks, mom!

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would drive the winding roads up to the North Georgia mountains and drink spiked cider with my family and friends in a cabin at the top.

Sounds legit! Finally, tell us three facts about you.

I'm part Spanish and Italian. I love collecting old records, and my favorite color is black.

Rebecca garcia Photo 9/33   |   Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model
Rebecca garcia Photo 16/33   |   Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca garcia Photo 23/33   |   Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca garcia Photo 30/33   |   Rebecca Garcia
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Rebecca Garcia - Super Street Model
Rebecca Garcia's Vitals
Birthday:October 16
Hometown:Atlanta, GA



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