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Sweet 15 - Models

15 of your favorite Super Street models from then, now and tomorrow.

Sep 30, 2011

In honor of our 15-year anniversary, we gathered 15 beautiful girls for your viewing pleasure. While many of them have graced the top-right corner of our cover, all of them have supported our car scene in some shape or form. So in no particular order, enjoy our Sweet 15!

Oh we almost forgot—out of this group of esteemed ladies, we will be selecting Miss Super Street 2011. But the decision won’t be left to us… Our beloved readers will decide Miss Super Street’s fate. So visit our Facebook page at, go to our photo albums and “like” your favorite model. At the end of the month, the model with the most “likes” receives the crown.

Alicia Whitten

Occupation: Cocktail waitress at Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub in Las Vegas so come down and party with me!
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
SS Appearances: Yikes, there have been way too many... I can’t remember!
Model Resume: Been blessed with tons of stuff from all the import magazines to Maxim, No Fear, Super Street Bike magazine, spokesmodel for NOS Energy Drink and much more. As far as acting, I’ve done things for the Disney channel like Even Stevens, Malcolm in the Middle, Lizzy McGuire and was also in Fast and the Furious 4!
Daily Driver: I drive a Scion tC at the moment but I’m looking to buy a 240sx for drifting and possibly a GT500.
Where do you see yourself in five years? Probably doing real estate or something, and maybe modeling on the side.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Because I love Super Street, we go way back and I love all the guys that are apart of it! Always have a great time at my shoots. (You don’t want to miss Alicia shufflin’ in our video!—Ed)
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Sstp 1110 01+sweet 15 models+alicia whitten Photo 2/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Jeri Lee

Occupation: International model and gogo dancer
Hometown: Orange County, CA
SS Appearances: OMG. That was so long ago! I seriously have to look back at my credentials! (Our favorite must be February 2005 when Jeri wore a pink cowgirl hat and also wore a fur coat for our shoot.—Ed)
Model Resume: Featured in over 30 magazines including Playboy and FHM, music videos from Mariah Carey, Far East Movement and more, clothing model for No Fear, Drift Clothing, TITS and more, plus I have a new Droid application called The Life and Times of Jeri Lee and a new show that visits select nightclubs called the Jeri Lee’s Pastease Show.
Daily Driver: Well I used to have an Audi A3… (And now… the bus?—Ed)
Where do you see yourself in five years? Having my family and my big house with a white picket fence and two beautiful children. Both boys!
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Oh come on... Duh, it’s Super Street! You’ve been around quite sometime. And that’s when you used to see all the OG import models—I love modeling with you guys! Always!
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Sstp 1110 02+sweet 15 models+jeri lee Photo 3/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Corissa Furr

Occupation: I’m a professional model and actress. =)
Hometown: Originally from Boonsboro, MD, now in Huntington Beach, CA.
SS Appearances: I’ve been in several. I actually don’t remember all of them. But if you got the May 2008 issue, then you have a life-size NOS girl poster of me!
Model Resume: I’ve done all kinds of stuff. You can catch me on Entourage, Manswers on SpikeTV, Strikeforce on Showtime, or go to Vegas and play the “digital” me at a hand of poker or blackjack. Hehe. I’ve done tons of other magazines and such.
Daily Driver: I have a VW Jetta VR6 and a ‘97 Integra.
Where do you see yourself in five years? Living even closer to the beach and hopefully working in television.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Of course I would agree to do this shoot! I am truly honored to be recognized as one of the top 15 models by SS. The industry has been my home for many years, and it has opened so many doors for me, as well as led me to meeting so many incredible people. I am forever grateful! And I’ll dedicate my photos to all the fans! Muah!
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Sstp 1110 03+sweet 15 models+corissa furr Photo 4/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Miss Genna
Occupation: Hair and makeup artist
Hometown: Orange County, CA
SS Appearances: Too many to name but cover in March 2009.
Model Resume: I was Miss SpoCom 2008 Bikini Contest Winner. I was in Fast & Furious 3, plus covers of Sport Truck, Motorcyclist and Super Street.
Daily Driver: Kia Soul
Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself married, maybe a kid or two and doing what I love most!
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Because I love my Super Street family! <3
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Sstp 1110 04+sweet 15 models+miss genna Photo 5/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Joyce Lex
Occupation: Executive administrator to the CEO of Falken Tire. My responsibilities include conducting competitive analysis studies on tire market on global and domestic bases and manage Falken spokesmodel’s public relations.
Hometown: Hong Kong/San Diego
SS Appearances: 10th year anniversary issue—Yes, I am old school. =)
Model Resume: I was the spokesmodel for Falken Tire and McDonald’s for many years.
Daily Driver: I love my 1998 Toyota Tacoma. Range Rover Evoque will be my next toy.
Where do you see yourself in five years? To obtain a MBA degree so I can work on becoming one of the first female executives in the tire business.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Because I love reading Super Street and without the import industry, I wouldn’t be where I am today!
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 05+sweet 15 models+joyce lex Photo 6/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Maureen Chen
Occupation: Full-time model and I’m trying to explore all kinds of positive possibilities.
Hometown: Taiwan—beautiful Formosa
SS Appearances: I was on the cover of June 2010 and a full page in August 2011.
Model Resume: All kinds of gigs as long as not nude and still classy to share with my family. LOL. I’ve done glamour, runway show, fashion, beauty, anime and casual lifestyle modeling. Recently I’ve done an underwater shoot with Action Girls and became an Airsoft GI TV girl.
Daily Driver: 2011 BMW 335i proudly sponsored by Pyspeed, Arkym Carbon, Vanguard Exhaust, Advanguard Wheels and Auto Texhnic. (So jelly…—Ed)
Where do you see yourself in five years? Who knows? I never knew I’m lucky enough to be chosen by Super Street as a Top 15 model. I try to live the best out my life and still have no idea how far I can go.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? It was an honor to be top 15 for Super Street. =)
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 06+sweet 15 models+maureen chen Photo 7/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Sunisa Kim
Occupation: Aside from modeling, I’m professionally pursuing acting in film and TV. You can catch me on FSN for the World Poker Tour as a TV personality and host as a part of the Royal Flush Girls.
Hometown: City of Angels for life baby!
SS Appearances: Shouldn’t you guys know that?! LOL. (We’re too lazy to look it up.—Ed)
Model Resume: It’s been over a decade so you will need to dedicate a special issue for me if you want me to list them all. Haha! And I’m still going strong! Fans can follow me on twitter or visit me on my new website to see all the latest and greatest.
Daily Driver: I had an IS350 before I totaled it. Don’t ask me how! So I went back to a Honda with these gas prices. I’m actually contemplating leasing an Audi A5. We’ll see. Any recommendations?
Where do you see yourself in five years? Financially independent, married to a prince, traveling the world, being a role model for kids, the SK Brand to be globally recognized, and of course, being on the cover of SS’s 20th Anniversary Issue!
Why did you agree to do this shoot? The automotive industry is my roots and it’s an honor to be featured in the 15th Anniversary issue. So thank you fans and SS for the love.
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 07+sweet 15 models+sunisa kim Photo 8/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Ashlee Arika
Occupation: Cocktail server
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
SS Appearances: March 2011
Model Resume: Models in the Trunk,, SpoCom, Orisue and Grindtime
Daily Driver: ‘09 Honda Accord
Where do you see yourself in five years? Successfully working as a respiratory therapist and owning my own bar. =)
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Why not? I get to be alongside hot girls and amazing people. It’s a win-win for me. Plus it was a great experience and an honor to be selected as one of the top 15 girls for the anniversary.
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 08+sweet 15 models+ashlee arika Photo 9/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Lisa Kaye
Occupation: I do event marketing for a disaster preparedness company. I’m also the 2011 video host of Plus being an awesome Lisa everyday!
Hometown: All over the mean streets of Orange County, CA!
SS Appearances: None, but now this one! =)
Model Resume: Just been a long-time import model and gogo dancer for many years. Now currently the 2011 video host for Check it out guys!
Daily Driver: Lexus IS, but I’m thinking about a Prius now. Gotta go green!
Where do you see yourself in five years? Happily married with kids! Also with a teacup Maltese whom I’d call Mochi and can’t forget my current fat English Bulldog, Big Bella.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Because it’s Super Street, Duh! I haven’t done a shoot in a very long time. Although I was really nervous, the magazine has made such a great name for itself, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to be a part of it. So, thank you Super Street for having me!
Stalk Her:,, (Really Lisa? Myspace? LOL.—Ed)

Sstp 1110 09+sweet 15 models+lisa kaye Photo 10/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Michelle Sanchez
Occupation: Currently, a receptionist at a medical clinic and a rising female entrepreneur. What am I working on? It’s a surprise and you’ll have to stay tuned to find out! ;)
Hometown: Proudly born and raised in Beautiful Hawaii—the Garden Island Kaua’i and hometown Kapa’a to be exact! Go Warriors!
SS Appearances: My first featured issue ever, May 2010!
Model Resume: I’ve modeled for a variety of events, promos, commercials and ads ever since I was 15. A few to name would be Monarch-Talent, Hot Import Nights, SpoCom and Babe Blvd’s Babe Expo.
Daily Driver: I’m a simple and low-maintenance but great quality kind of gal, hence why I absolutely love and adore my Toyota Corolla!
Where do you see yourself in five years? I’m steadily chasing my childhood dreams… And it’s a big dream of mine. But I’ll let you know what it is as soon as I’ve accomplished it! (What’s up with all these secrets?—Ed)
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Some girls only dream to be in a magazine and I’m just fortunate to be one those girls to have one of her dreams come true. So once again... Thank you Super Street! <3
Stalk Her:,,

Sstp 1110 10+sweet 15 models+michelle sanchez Photo 11/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Debbie Sath
Occupation: Customer service consultant here for your banking needs. ;)
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia—the place to be, but currently staying in Bev Hills.
SS Appearances: My first was in the Sept issue.
Model Resume: I have been featured in Australia’s Ralph and ZOO magazines, Australia’s top beach babe, top 50 hottest Australian models, runner-up for Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Miss Motor GP. Front cover feature for Import Tuner.
Daily Driver: Well I get around in a taxi everyday because I can’t drive on the other side of the road in LA. Haha.
Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years I see myself hopefully living somewhere in Beverly Hills, married with a rainbow family like Angelina Jolie, retired but still fit, better-looking because Asians age well, happy and healthy, and my own reality show.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Not only do I love SS but it was one of my goals to be in this mag. So to be even considered for the top 15 is like a dream come true! Thank you SS crew! You guys are awesome and I always have lots of fun shooting with you guys!
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 11+sweet 15 models+debbie sath Photo 12/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Elissa Alva
Occupation: Full-time student at CSU Sacramento and part-time secretary at TNT Auto Body
Hometown: I’ve lived in Sacramento my entire life. I love it!
SS Appearances: The last issue. =)
Model Resume: In the two years I’ve modeled, I’ve done shoots for cars, clothing companies, magazine covers and features. Recently, I’ve been getting more booking inquiries for music videos. Those are always fun since they’re kind of like doing a photo shoot but it’s recorded! I’ve done a few ring girl events, which are probably my favorite gigs because I get front row seats! I also landed the title as the spokesmodel for Body Kore and WekSos Industries. 
Daily Driver: I drive a Honda Accord. Haha. It’s my “mommy-mobile”.
Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself traveling the world pursuing my dream of modeling.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? Simply because Super Street is awesome! Who would dare turn down such a cool opportunity?!
Stalk Her:,,

Sstp 1110 13+sweet 15 models+elissa alva Photo 13/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Occupation: Model
Hometown: Hong Kong
SS Appearances: I don’t know exactly which issues, but I’m in several of them and also on the cover of one.
Model Resume: Tradeshow spokes modeling, bikini and glamour modeling, DVD hosting, print ad campaigns, etc.
Daily Driver: 2009 BMW M3
Where do you see yourself in five years? It would be a dream come true to travel around the world carefree.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? I can’t think of a reason not to do this shoot.
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 12+sweet 15 models+kt so Photo 14/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Jocelyn Pascual
Occupation: I’m a full-time student studying kinesiology at CSUSB and a patient care coordinator at a medical spa.
Hometown: I’m from Chino, CA and I’ve been an IE (Inland Empire) girl all my life. Whether you see that as a good or bad thing is up to you!
SS Appearances: The July 2010 Honda issue.
Model Resume: I haven’t done anything professional besides this, but I’m having fun doing random shoots!
Daily Driver: A 2001 Toyota Tacoma. I know... Wanna upgrade me?
Where do you see yourself in five years? I’ll be a PA (with a better, faster ride), married to my prince charming and maybe starting my clan of half-Filipino babies! Yes, I’m positive they’ll only be half!
Why did you agree to do this shoot? I had a blast doing the shoot last year and everyone at Super Street is so nice. Who wouldn’t want to be featured in the best import magazine around?!
Stalk Her:,

Sstp 1110 15+sweet 15 models+jocelyn pascual Photo 15/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models

Gabby Jeanne
Occupation: I work at Hooters of West Covina as a waitress and bartender. I’m also a model and a gogo dancer.
Hometown: West Covina, CA. Representing the 626, woot woot! (SMH…—Ed) (No way; SGV for life!—JW)
SS Appearances: I first appeared back in February 2009, then was featured on the cover of September 2010.
Model Resume: I have been modeling for four years and featured in several magazines. I have two skateboard decks from the company SK8MAFIA which are sold worldwide. As far as acting goes, I have been in four music videos with artists Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Xzhibit and Marques Houston.
Daily Driver: I drive a 2009 Subaru Legacy sittin’ on 18-inch 5Zigen GN+ wheels.
Where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t see myself modeling anymore. I plan on doing bigger and better things such as starting a career as a veterinarian. Maybe some acting, too.
Why did you agree to do this shoot? For me it was an honor to be featured with 14 of the industry’s favorite models. Jeri Lee is definitely one of my favorites! (We can arrange a date… or hotel room.—Ed)
Stalk Her:,,

Sstp 1110 14+sweet 15 models+gabby jeanne Photo 16/16   |   Sweet 15 - Models
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