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Small Town Girl, Big City Dreams - Interrogation Room

Ten things you should know about your new Miss Super Street 2012, Michelle Sanchez.

Dec 26, 2011

In the October ‘11 issue, we selected 15 of the scene’s best models in honor of our 15th anniversary. Since we loved them all, it wasn’t easy to pick our top girl, Miss Super Street, so we asked for your help. After a month of voting on our Facebook page, Michelle Sanchez crossed the finish line with the most ‘likes’.

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1. First off, where do you call home?
Kapa’a on the island of Kaua’I, but my current home is Los Angeles.

2. You’re last name’s Sanchez, but we’re guessing you’re not Hispanic…
I’m Filipina! Now to clarify my last name, the Philippines was once conquered by Spain. Also, I found out in middle school that I’m also made of Chinese or Japanese decent. It’s really hard to identify which because my great grandmother never knew who her father was, but I’m mainly Filipina.

3. What was your reaction to winning Miss Super Street?
I was about to sh*t my pants! The night before the announcement, I saw that I was neck and neck with two other models so I had no idea if I still had a chance to win. Luckily, my friends and fans really helped me in the end because I was screaming at work when I found out! It was definitely a surprise to get the most votes because a lot of the other models are more known than myself.

4. Any special skills we should know about?
I’m an iron chef at cooking! I’m amazing at making things that I like such as cakes, seafood and chicken. I’ve been told that my red velvet cupcakes, furikake salmon and mochiko chicken are the best.

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5. So after you cook for us, where are you taking us to party?
As of now, nothing really beats XS in Las Vegas! I just love how beautiful and extravagant the decor is!

6. What drinks are you getting guys to buy you at the bar?
Lychee martinis or Midori sours. Yes, I admit, I’m a cheap date! It doesn’t take much for me to feel a buzz, but I’m also not a heavy drinker.

7. What do you do to kill time?
I’m always on Facebook! Not many people know this about me, but I moved to Cali two years ago with no family and no close friends, hence why I loved keeping in touch.

8. Any guilty pleasures?
Taking self-photos!

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9. Since you’re still single, what do you look for in a guy?
I really want a man that’s sharp and someone that can not only intrigue me but also teach me a few things. Honestly, I’m not looking for a boyfriend. Boyfriends are a trial and error kind of deal and I’m pretty over that phase. What I really want is a companion. Now, I’m not trying to get married right away, but it’d be nice to have someone that I know is down to ride or die for me. As far as looks goes, I love tall, clean-cut, no tattoos, pretty-boys that have an appreciation for art and music. And smoking is giant turn-off! Show me a man with a soul that isn’t shallow and you’ve already got 75% of my heart!

10. Sounds like we don’t make the cut. Lastly, tell us about your upcoming projects.
I have a few shirts with me on it that you can check out on I’m really trying to get my name out there mainly because I’m working towards a singing career. It’s always been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. I’ve been composing lyrics for some time now, so hopefully after a few tweaks and recordings in the studio, I’ll have something to show you.

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