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Sandra Wong - Miss Super Street 2013 - So Wong It’s Right

Introducing your new Miss Super Street, Sandra Wong!

Feb 7, 2013
Sstp 1301 01 o+sandra wong+miss super street 2013 Photo 1/5   |   Sandra Wong - Miss Super Street 2013 - So Wong It’s Right

The people have spoken…Sandra Wong is your 2013 Miss Super Street! We had the pleasure of featuring Miss Wong (no relation to Jonathan by the way, that would just be weird!) last year and she’s been makin’ moves ever since. Before voted Miss SS on our Facebook page, she was crowned Miss MFest 2012. She was also signed by modeling agency Prestigious Models. For the coming season, we’ll be bringing Sandra out to as many events as we can. But for now, here are 20 random things that’ll help you get to know Sandra:

1. I am Burmese and Chinese.

Sstp 1301 02 o+sandra wong+miss super street 2013 Photo 2/5   |   Sandra Wong - Miss Super Street 2013 - So Wong It’s Right

2. People used to call me Sandy, Sandreezy. (2. What do you mean, when you were young? 2. –2. SD2. )

3. San Gabriel is my home. It has the best food and I lived there since the ninth grade.

4. I go to school at UC Riverside and also work as a Clerical Assistant. Model, work, school!

5. Got into modeling about four years ago, but been in this industry since late-2011.

6. I used to be in three different dance teams in high school.

7. I can’t live without food! Love, love Italian food. Especially Spaghetti.

8. My favorite drink so far has to be a Strawberry Daiquiri.

9. My favorite song would be 9. Superhero9. by Dante Rowley. (9. This song is terrible Sandreezy 9. – 9. SD)9.

10. Favorite karaoke song is 10. If I Ain’t Got You10. by Alicia Keys.

11. If I had a superpower, I would love to teleport. If only I had the ability to get to places faster!

12. I am currently driving a Honda Civic Hybrid12. —12. saves lots of gas!

13. My dream car is a black BMW 328i. I’m planning to fix one up by adding exhaust, tint and wheels.

Sstp 1301 01 o+sandra wong+miss super street 2013 Photo 3/5   |   Sandra Wong - Miss Super Street 2013 - So Wong It’s Right

14. My first job was being a Hollister model.

15. Biggest turn-on is when a man shows his true romantic side.

16. I’m most turned-off when I see a man disrespect women.

17. I love my legs, for some reason they come out perfect in shoots.

18. The wildest place I’ve hooked up is a mall parking lot.

19. Best pick-up line I’ve heard is, “Do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk past you again?”

20. Worst is, “Do you got a library card? Cause I’m checking you out.” OMG, everyone uses that!

The Other Wong Way

Instagram @officialsandrawong

Miss Super Street Runner-Up

Tailyr Made

Sstp 1301 03 o+tailyr monette+miss super street runner up Photo 4/5   |   Sandra Wong - Miss Super Street 2013 - So Wong It’s Right

Tailyr Monette was runner-up in the battle for Miss Super Street; we couldn’t help but show her a little love, too! Tailyr is a small town girl from Granite Falls, Washington. She’s also a car girl. You might have seen her as one of the popular spokesmodels for Nexen Tire USA at Formula DRIFT events. You can also catch her driving a lightly-modded ‘95 Nissan 240sx that she eventually wants to learn how to drift. But on the day-to-day basis, she’s a down to earth chick that loves spending time in the kitchen baking cupcakes and cookies, on the couch glued to a book or at the gym workin’ on her fitness. Check out more of Tailyr at:, Instagram/Twitter @Tailyrmonette

Sstp 1301 04 o+tailyr monette+miss super street runner up Photo 5/5   |   Sandra Wong - Miss Super Street 2013 - So Wong It’s Right
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