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1988 Honda Civic DX - EF’n Awesome
One man's vision of what the perfect EF9 SiR.
Joey LeeOct 5, 2015
Honda Tuning
Honda Tuning Magazine
1988 Honda Civic - For Valentino
ATS*Garage gets it in one more time with yet another neck breaker from the bay area.
Joey LeeMar 31, 2014
SuperStreetOnline Magazine
event coverage
FF Battle 3 - The Competition - Event
Our Eclectic Group of Honda Racers With Varying Engine Setups and Chassis.
Super Street StaffNov 15, 2011
1991 Honda Civic Si, 1996 Honda Civic CX And More - Grassroots
All submissions must be accompanied by a complete modifications list as well as your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address.
Jun 20, 2011
1988 Honda Civic Wagon - Sohc Damn Fine
By now, you should all be very well-acquainted with this 1988 Honda Civic Wagon. If not, shame on you. We've spent the past few months documenting the build-up and even had Bisi Ezerioha himself take time out of his busy schedule to tell you all about it.
Joey LeeMay 10, 2010
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1988 Honda Civic - Introducing Project Backmarker
Our old project 1988 Honda Civic received a black paint job and some much needed new wheels. Check out the progress here.
Andy HopeJun 9, 2009
Honda Tuning
Honda Tuning Magazine
1988 Honda Civic Hatchback - True Calling
Expect Obstacles In Life. Even a 9-year-old can tell you that. What defines us is how we overcome those obstacles. This is especially true in the car-modding game where things hardly go as planned, even when carefully thought out.
Joey LeeAug 1, 2008
Honda Tuning
Honda Tuning Magazine
1988 Hatch - JDM Madness
Read about what the plan is to do with a long awaited 88 Hatchback.
Reginald LegaspiOct 1, 2007
Honda Tuning
Honda Tuning Magazine
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Auto Repair and Maintenance - Exhaust Notes
B/D Hybrid Manifold?I want to put a B18B throttle body on my D16Z6 manifold. I have read a lot of things online saying that it will work, but does it matter what year the car is? What about whether it is OBD I or II? Will all my stock sensors and throttle cable work? Will I need the B18 gasket? I we
Mar 1, 2006
1988 Honda Civic DX - B series Budget Swaps - Weekend Warrior
Most car enthusiasts I know have a project vehicle in their possession. You know exactly what I am talking about; that half-disassembled heap in the garage, that ride under the car cover in your driveway, that jalopy leaking oil parked out front ... you get the idea.
Robert ChooFeb 1, 2006
1988 Honda Civic DX Conversion - Supernatural Ride
1988 Honda Civic DX Conversion - Supernatural Ride - Super Street Magazine
Jeff KochNov 1, 2000


How-to Classic

AEM Electronics' Sensor Install

In order to prep a B-series for an AEM Infinity EMS we add a number of AEM sensors to help monitor vitals in the quickest, most precise way possible

RodrezMar 14, 2018
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