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Nov 16, 2004

Which Intake?
In your December 2003 Vol. 34 No. 12 edition, Pablo Mazlumian's article "Product Review: BMW Intake system for the E46 328i" (pg. 148), uses the AEM intake system. I'd like to know which one is he using, the longer cold-air intake system or the Short Ram? It looks like the Short Ram in the photo but I'd like to be sure before I order it.
via the Internet

According to AEM, the system used was its Cold Air System (Part No. 21-672), and it is available in Red, Blue, Silver or polished. Although this system is shorter than most traditional cold-air intake systems, AEM reports that it is in fact a cold air system. Additionally, for now this is the only system AEM manufactures utilizing a stainless-steel heat shield, which is included in the kit.

Cold Air for 325i
I read an interesting article on a recent issue. It referred to the latest cold-air intake system available through AEM. I was wondering if you could supply me with the part number for the entire AEM kit that includes the mandrel-bent, 6061 aluminum pipe with TIG-welded fittings and brackets, a proprietary filter with a built-in air horn that reportedly helps increase horsepower throughout the rev band, and complete installation instructions (the kit also includes AEM decals and a license plate frame) and the heat shield. I currently own a 2002 325i (with Xenon lights).
Eddy Zompa
via the Internet

According to AEM, it's the same intake (part number 61-672), and is available in red, blue, silver or polished. All of the aforementioned is included, and it is the only CAS AEM makes that uses a stainless-steel heat shield. This intake system will also only fit E46 3-Series cars that do not have HID xenon lamps. Retail price will be $307, but AEM reports its dealers will probably retail it for slightly less. Log on to for its dealer listing.

Smog Legal?
I was wondering if the AA Tuning OBD-II Stage 2 turbo kit you tested is smog legal here in California.
Mike Silva
via the Internet

Although the kit isn't C.A.R.B. certified, Jon Caldito of, which is based in Southern California, has reported to us that his AA OBD-II M3 turbo did pass a smog test. But without a C.A.R.B. sticker on there, a car may have trouble passing the visual inspection.



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