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I Don't Get It - Mail Sack February 2009

Your Letters, Our Sackless Replies

Day Photography
Feb 3, 2009
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Letter Of The Month
Hey there, I was just about to subscribe to your magazine when I heard about the Castrol Syntec Challenge. I was stunned it even changed my mind about subscribing to your magazine. You choose a Honda engine to stand up to a 2JZGTE, a 1000hp Audi engine, a ZZ427 and an RB20DET? I'm lost. What did you draw it blind out of a hat? You have had thousands of insane cars grace your pages, but instead of using that as a guide, you chose a Honda Accord engine. "I don't get it."
Via the Internet

Well Jose if you don't get it by now you'll probably never get it. Super Street has always stood for bringing innovation, creativity and originality to our readers. Sure we could have taken the easy route and built an FI application, but where's the fun in that? We decided to go NA for a few reasons. This immediately positioned us as the underdogs. To take it a step further we chose the underdog of Honda engines. Essentially we are the underdog's underdog and proud of it! We think you'll be surprised at the performance of our motor.

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Don't Skimp On The Maya-O-Naise
Thank you for putting that donk sportin', juicy cake, hump back, bubble booty beauty Maya in your last issue. She has pleased me very well. Thanks to you!! Need more of her here...
Dion Tarver
Via iPhone

You guys are doing a very nice job selecting the ladies to appear in the magazine. Maya is no exception, smokin' hot girl, I would appreciate seeing more of her especially beside a G35 or 37. Keep up the good work.
Johnny Payne
Via the Internet

We're glad to hear that you liked the issue but we're pretty sure the only "pleasing" you received was from your hand.

Where Have All The Cars Gone?
Editor's note- the following letters are responses to the Holeshot article in the November 2008 Issue. We have left all spelling and grammar errors in an effort to better represent the voice of "the street."

Its true LA but here in sac there here. I see them all the time, I have a 240 with injen intake, 4" tip off a 3" pipeing, konig rims, with kyb shocks and eibach springs so just to yet u know here in sac where holding it down. Keep up the good work guys
Chase Boyer
Via T-Mobile Sidekick

Chase, it's nice to hear that you and others like you are actively driving modified cars in Sacramento. We're sure you and your homies are making a hell of a racket with your 4" tips off your 3" "pipeing."

Hey Johathan, Your right even in Nor Cal San Jose I don't see that much slammed Honda and even racing like it use too. For me and my friends that use to have Hondas are just tired of riding really low in Cali bumpy roads and all the racing tickets. Now were older we got stock car as daily driver and weekends we riding Benz, BMW and Lexus VIP style now, still riding low with rims but a lot more smoother.
Kahn Nguyen
Via the Internet

This is a response to your article in the Nov 08 issue about "Where have all the cars gone?" I don't know about where they have gone in LA but i CAN tell you that the street scene is alive and well in Raleigh NC. Almost every weekend (Friday especially) there are lots of people out riding around, racing and showing off what they've put into their cars just because that's the norm around here. All types of cars can been seen out here. The only thing is that there is a new Street Racing Unit that the Raleigh PD developed to stop the racing up and down this highway but it doesn't stop many people from just going out and enjoying the ride and enjoying what they've done to their rides. What I'm trying to get at is, that if u want to see some real people with some of the sickest street cars come to Capital BLVD in Raleigh NC, you won't be dissapointed.
Avid Reader of SS, Chris
Via the Internet

130_0902_03_z+mailsack+import_model Photo 3/3   |   I Don't Get It - Mail Sack February 2009

Unfortunately that's the way most things work. As soon as you find a way to have fun they make it illegal. It happened with crack, it happened with prostitution and now it's happened to street racing.

Redness & Irritation Relief
Lou/Jose or whatever other aliases you go by, we are pleased to hear you like the mag. The rest of the message however... was somewhat disturbing.

Is there something you want to tell us? Send us your letters at and with some luck, yours will be picked. We reserve the right to edit your letters for clarity and grammatical errors or simply for the hell of it. Bonus points awarded for proper punctuation and grammar.

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