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2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

Mar 10, 2010

Rodolfo S4
We're seeing a resurgence of S4 owners striving for RS4 power and style. We can add Rodolfo Lamaestra to the list, as he continues to evolve his '01 S4 project car.

Eurp_1004_03_o+2001_audi_s4+shop_view Photo 2/7   |   2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

It's been built for sometime, but he recently decided to change the look. "Ever since I joined Europrojektz, I've stepped up my game. The OEM+ and shaved look has grown on me after going to so many VW and Audi shows. So I decided to convert my car and discarded my Reiger widebody kit for a shaved and molded OEM RS4 setup," he explained.

The S4 shell went back to the bodyshop where RS4 a set of fenders were extended a further 1.5". Rodolfo then shaved the moldings and front bumper. For the rear, he retrofitted an Avant bumper to complete the makeover.

Eurp_1004_05_o+2001_audi_s4+top_shot Photo 3/7   |   2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

As for as the 2.7 twin-turbo motor, it was built to 3.0 liters by Eurospec with low compression JE pistons, forged rods, cams and K04 turbos from an RS6. With around 600hp, a Southbend clutch was installed along with an AWE drivetrain stabilizer and lightened flywheel. The car handles like a champ thanks to H&R coilovers and sway bars, plus 13.9" front and 12.1" rear Porsche brakes.

Rod plans to change the wheels soon, but pictured here are 19x10" iForged Imola wheels with color-matched lips and anthracite centers.

Mean Green Jetta
Aaron Houston's on a mission to build an incredible mean, green Mk4 VW Jetta. It's been stripped, sanded and smoothed in preparation for this year's show season. The engine bay received the most extreme treatment, with a full wire tuck and chromed 1.8T motor. To look ultra-clean, the power steering, a/c, rain tray and emission controls were tossed out, while most of the metal and seams were smoothed. Before he was finished, friend Mike Defonzo airbrushed skulls around the bay and on the transmission.

Eurp_1004_02_o+2001_audi_s4+jetta_view Photo 4/7   |   2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

For the exterior, the bumpers and antenna have been shaved, while a custom böser extension was molded to the factory hood. Friend Mike Cardosa completed the bodywork, including the stunning paint job.

Eurp_1004_01_o+2001_audi_s4+motor_shot Photo 5/7   |   2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

Aaron's Jetta has come a long way, but there's still work to be done before the summer show season. He plans to delete the side markers and rear emblem before overhauling the interior.

Gardner GTI-R
Back in et 4/08, Robert Gardner introduced his 'GTI-R' project. Based in Italy, the stock European '81 VW Golf GLS was his first project car, which he intended to make lightweight, fast and wide. To do this, he tore the car apart and handcrafted a custom widebody in fiberglass with metal fenders, making the body 8" wider. The powerplant was a 2.0 16v ABF motor, featuring a new fuel system, injectors and intake manifold. Conservatively tuned, it currently pushes 200hp, but Robert's goal is 400-500hp after a Turbonetics turbo install later this year.

Eurp_1004_04_o+2001_audi_s4+front_view Photo 6/7   |   2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

Power is transferred not just to the front wheels, but to all four thanks to an O2C cable-shift tranny modified to all-wheel drive. The driveline comes from a Mk2 Golf Syncro and rear suspension was modified to accommodate it, along with driveshaft junctions and welded rear axle supports. As for the chassis, it's been beefed-up with a steel rollcage, welded shock tower- and bumper supports, plus a braced underbody. Braking won't be a problem either, with Wilwood four-piston calipers matched to Corrado G60 rotors.

Eurp_1004_08_o+2001_audi_s4+rear_view Photo 7/7   |   2001 Audi S4 - Volkwagen GTI-R - Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta - Garage Projects

"The car is 90% done," Robert told us. "We're putting the final touches on it and working out the kinks. Bahn Brenner decided to sponsor me and I hope the car will make it stateside within the next year so they can take it to a eurotuner GP. It should put up a good fight!"

With over 3000 man-hours into the project, Robert is pleased with the results, especially since he's got the Mk1's weight down to 1800 lb. Since Robert lives over in Europe, he'll debut the GTI-R at Wörthersee this May with the help of his main sponsor, BBS wheels.

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