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Notchback VR6, Baur Power and 034 Golf V6 - Garage Projects

Another Look At Some Exciting Euro Projects Under Construction

Oct 28, 2010

Meet Aaron Simon. Any guy with two first names sounds suspicious, but then we looked at his garage project and our skepticism faded. Aaron started as a VW/Audi tech in '82, and joined VWoA five years later.

Eurp_1011_01_o+1994_volkswagen_passat_glx_vr6+front_view Photo 2/10   |   Notchback VR6, Baur Power and 034 Golf V6 - Garage Projects

In '04, he picked up a '94 Passat GLX VR6 wagon. "I knew I wasn't going to leave the VR6 in the wagon, so I started looking for a suitable transplant car," he began.

2015 Volkswagen Passat
$21,340 Base Model (MSRP) 24/35 MPG Fuel Economy

"In '05, one of my co-workers was selling a '65 VW Notchback parts car. It's always been at the top of list of something I wanted to build, so we struck a deal. Once I got both cars home I started measuring. I was just going to use the VR6 in the Notch with the air-cooled running gear, but the limitation of the suspension, brakes and transmission, not to mention rust, got me thinking about using all the Passat running gear and just keeping the Notchback body." More measuring and drawing ensued until Aaron had a mid-engined VR6 layout planned. He started cutting both cars, then built a chassis jig in his garage.

The plan was to use the firewall and front floor section from the Passat to keep the front mounting points in place. So he used square tubing for the frame rails to tie the ends together. Aaron then outsourced an eight-point rollcage to complete the chassis.

The car's been sitting for a while after he had to relocate for work, but he told himself the car would finally be completed this year. Stay tuned for another update and full feature.

034 GOLF V6
The countdown has begun, and with the '10 eurotuner GP about two months away, 034 Motorsport is wrapping up its rear-wheel drive, mid-engine Mk4 VW GTI project.

The '01 hatchback is in the final stages of bodywork, with the fenders being shaped and smoothed for paint. Last month we saw the rear fenders widened 4'' on each side. The fronts were pulled 3'' each as well. Widened R32 bumpers are also being blended to flow with these fenders.

The next step for 034 is to finish machining the 2.7-liter S4 motor, followed by installing the engine and six-speed Euro-spec transmission into the cradle. The turbo system and fueling has yet to be touched but 034 plans to run a single-turbo setup that can easily be swapped for track and dyno setups. Stay tuned for an update on the engine and turbo build next month.

Mike Behman from PA is taking on an unusual project. He managed to locate this rare '82 BMW 323i TC Baur edition and plans to restore it with some upgrades. With only 54k miles on its odometer, the Euro-spec Cabrio already has Racing Dynamics springs matched to Bilstein shocks. It's also retained the factory dual exhaust, M-Technic gauge cluster and Recaro seats from an E21.

Eurp_1011_08_o+1982_bmw_323i_tc_baur_edition+front_view Photo 9/10   |   Notchback VR6, Baur Power and 034 Golf V6 - Garage Projects

This Winter, Mike's going to bring the car back to shape starting with the exterior. With the help of Green Street Fibre Werks, the team will fabricate custom molds for the hood and fenders. Mike is also going to widen the track with new wheels. After the bodywork's done, he hopes to paint it Alpine white. A new top for the Cabrio will either have to be sourced or fabricated, while chrome Euro bumpers should give the car an old-school look.

Eurp_1011_09_o+1982_bmw_323i_tc_baur_edition+rear_right_side_view Photo 10/10   |   Notchback VR6, Baur Power and 034 Golf V6 - Garage Projects



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