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1995 Honda Accord V6 - Exhaust Notes

Comments, Questions, And Smart Remarks

Apr 19, 2010

Questions Answered By Honda Expert, Ryan Basseri Of Rywire

Hey guys, long time reader and subscriber to your fine magazine. It was sad to see SCC close its doors last year but glad you guys weathered the economic storm. I have two not so loved old school Hondas in my garage. I've owned a very clean, no winter '93 Prelude 4ws for 11 years and have the usual bolt-ons and plan to one day rebuild and turbo the H23.

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My question though is about my recent acquisition of a very clean '95 Accord V6. I want to know if a J series motor will fit. I have never heard of anyone doing this swap. It should fit as the V6 is longer than a 4cyl accord of that gen. Any help on this query would be great. I would like too drop in a J30 from an '03-'07 accord V6 manual with an '03 CL- S LSD tranny. Keep up the great work. Scott

It will most definitely fit in the bay, but as far as I know, Hasport has not yet come out with a mount kit for that particular application. If you were to make your own weld-in kit, or modify the original parts you have, the swap should be as easy as any other Honda with a J swap. This swap will take some elbow grease on your end, but is doable for sure.

But, if it were me, I would look into the k24 swap also. HaSport has a mount kit, it's a straightforward swap that's been perfected, and that motor has just as much potential!

I have a '93 civic four door LX with a VTEC-E d15 five-speed. It has around 481,000 kms and still runs strong. However, the 100 or so hp just isn't cutting it. A buddy of mine is going to donate me his '93 Civic DX motor and tranny with a D16 non-VTEC motor and five-speed tranny; both have about 240,000 kms. I want to put it up to the 200+ hp mark and I was thinking about using the D16 bottom and getting the D16z6 head, intake, ECU, and distributor. Will this setup take a T3 turbo kit with seven or eight psi? Riley

It sounds to me like a reasonable goal of 200 whp is certainly obtainable. With some quality parts and the proper sized turbo, you can build a "mini-me" setup that should be reliable and fun to drive!

I suggest a small, high-quality turbo, possibly an internally gated unit to help cut down on some of the cost. A small intercooler can be run inline between the intake manifold and the turbo to keep air temps down, and add some life to your engine. Your primary focus should be in the electrical and tuning department. Find a reliable and trustworthy tuner and ask him what kind of management he is comfortable using. For this build, Hondata, Neptune, and Crome are all good choices.

I have a 2000 Honda civic EX with an A/T. I'm swapping my engine to an H22a with an automatic transmission and ECU. What parts do I need to do this? I know I need new motor mounts and new CV axles, but what else is needed? Greg

Htup_1005_03_o+exhaust_notes+honda_motor Photo 3/4   |   1995 Honda Accord V6 - Exhaust Notes

You are on the right track so far-mounts are key! Next, the proper swap axles, the ECU that matches the engine swap, and the wiring. Here at Rywire we can cover you on that. We'll need your current engine harness along with your swap harness. What you'll get back is a plug-and-play harness that can be easily installed on your chassis. We will also supply you with a ECU jumper harness for the auto-to-auto application. The rest is the easy part, just find the correct water hoses, feed it fuel, and fire it up!

I own a 2008 Honda Civic Si, and I've already done some work to it. However, my progress has stalled. I'm in need of some assistance. I want to do three things: 1) Turbo my car. 2) Tune my car. 3) Convert it to AWD. When I say turbo, I don't mean a Greddy kit either-I want to reach the 500 whp mark, and want to know what you guys think of Full-Race and AJP (All Japan Performance). Which kit is better? The 500whp would obviously cause a "little bit" of an issue with wheel spin/traction...thus the desire to convert to AWD. According to everyone I've talked to, it's expensive, but I've got the money to spend. Again, any recommendations on who can do something like this for me? Or what steps I can take to do it? I am capable of welding. I've heard that the CR-V drivetrain can be used. (Do dealers sell just the drivetrain, or am I going to need to locate a whole car?) Dino

Dino, your goals seem a little impractical to say the least. Whenever someone writes in saying they want to do a RWD or AWD conversion on their front drive Honda it always gives me a little laugh. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to go rear wheel drive, you might as well get a 240sx or an AWD Evo. Don't waste your time with a FWD car if these are your goals. If you do decide to keep your car FWD, the way Honda intended, you can have a lot of fun, and you can go fast, especially with a quality turbo kit. I would suggest a turbo kit from Peakboost or Full Race. Both feature high quality construction, and have multiple tiers of horsepower levels. Tuning is a very important part of a turbo setup. I recommend the new Hondata Flashpro for the Civic. C'mon Dino, you've got an almost brand new car with a ton of potential-enjoy the ride!

Htup_1005_02_o+exhaust_notes+front_view Photo 4/4   |   1995 Honda Accord V6 - Exhaust Notes

I have a Civic FD1 M/T 2006. I'm thinking of swapping a K20A from the newest Civic Type R into the FD1. I read your Feb/Mar 2007 issue regarding Spoon doing a K20 ITR engine swap. Could you please let me know about the engine mounting points between the two, and whether the process is drop-in or requires welding? Rivai

There's going to be some custom work to get the motor in there, but to be brutally honest, if it were me, I would sell the Civic and get the SI model that already has a K20. Think about everything else you get with that; Si gauge cluster, the seats, brakes, and everything else that makes the SI so special, including the chassis improvements. It will be an expensive process finding all of the K20 parts and the amount it would take to convert it to an Si would not be worth it in the long run. I would think long and hard about this and ask yourself if you are ready to spend the amount of money it takes to do it right. Not just the money, but the time it takes to do the changeover, and possible issues you could run into by not being ready for it.

I have a Honda Integra 1999 1600cc single cam. The rear brakes are drums! I want to replace them with disc brakes since I recently upgraded the engine with an 1800cc VTEC SiR. Can I get the disc system from an old Honda Prelude? Stavros

The best application to find your rear disc brake setup from is a '90-'93 Integra. Reason being, they are easy to find, bolt right up, and every trim model has them. You can also find them on the newer '94-'01 Integras, and some Civics. Stay away from the Prelude or Accord for this part.

Hello, I have question for you. I have a '91 Acura Integra and the problem is the power steering. When I open the hood, I notice power steering fluid has splashed all over the inside of the hood. I keep adding more and more fluid, and in a few days it's short again. Also, when I drive it makes a weird noise. It doesn't leak under the car at all, just up top. I went to check with a mechanic, but they're not sure what's causing it either. If you have any idea what causes this problem, please let me know. Thank you so much. Johnny

Well Johnny, that sounds like your pump has gone bad. I would inspect the lines for any possible leaks, but I'm pretty sure if you are hearing it whine then it has already gone out and needs to be replaced. Junkyard is your best friend for something like this.



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