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J32 Engine Swap - Exhaust Notes

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Ryan Basseri
Jan 2, 2013

I’m new to the Honda motor swap scene. I have a question along with some specs of my Honda. It’s a 1993 Civic Si with a B18C equipped with an S80/LSD tranny. My question is could a non-functional speed sensor cause the ECU to go into limp mode? It’s a BC-tuned P28 ECU. The distributor is already an OBD1; all the sensors I’ve checked are intact. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jess Camacho

Jess, welcome to the Honda world, I’m sure you will stick around as this community is growing bigger by the day!

The best idea is to check for codes first. Code 17 is for the speed sensor, so if you see that, then yes, your inclination was correct. Another thing you can do is to have a tuner look at the map to see if there is any obvious problems with the program. If you know of a sensor that is not hooked up or one that seems to be out of the ordinary, take a look at that. Good luck, and I’m sure it will be something small like a bad sensor, improper tune, or something along those lines. Good luck, figure it out, and enjoy the car!

First off, just want to say great work, keep it up! Been a big fan of Hondas for 10 years and I’ve been getting Honda Tuning shipped to the UK for over six of those years now! Now, why I’m bothering you; are all K20 blocks the same? Meaning, can you bolt a Type R water pump, alternator, air-con, chain guides, etc., to a CRV/Accord block and vice versa? Are the cranks the same? Would a K20A4 crank work in a K20A2 block? We know about the heads, PS pumps (or lack of!), and throttle bits, but what about the main parts? I ask because I have a knackered K20A2 (rod through the block, but head is undamaged), and just got a K20A4 long-block for a bargain (practically given away). I just want to know if I can build the K20A2 into the K20A4 block.

Chris, good question, and thanks for the love for the past six years! The simple answer is yes, all of the blocks can basically accept all of the accessories with little to no modification. I do know that the new 2012 stuff is a tad different. When I wired Bisi’s SEMA Civic project, I noticed that the alternator area around the water pump and the K-Tuned alternator relocation had to be slightly customized. But as a general rule of thumb, they are all the same. As far as internals go, I would not bother mixing and matching K20/K24 internal parts, but the fact that you have 2.0 to 2.0, this should not be a problem.

The main differences with the heads are the twin and single VTC systems. Some heads have VTC control on intake and exhaust side whereas others have VTC only on the intake. Another difference is the water system; some have a large bulge just under the cam sensors (TSX/Accord/Element) whereas others have the water exiting on the intake side, right next to the number four intake runner. The best thing to do is use your K20A4 block with the K20A2 head. I am not quite as familiar with the UK variations, but the A2 head for sure has the dual VTC, which you more than likely would want to run. Best of luck with the build.

Hey guys, I’m thinking about dropping a J32 into my Civic EJ coupe. My only problem is I don’t want the motor sticking way out of the hood. If I have a mild drop, say 1.5 inches, can I mount the motor low enough to close the hood, but not drag my oil pan on the ground? Also, is there a particular intake manifold that will give me any more clearance? I have the time, the money, and I’m pretty knowledgeable with engines and swapping, but I don’t want to waste my time if the motor isn’t going to clear the hood at all. Thanks!
Emerson J.

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Emerson, having that large of an engine in your car and keeping it low profile will be tough! Please remember that if you drop the engine down at all, you may be changing the axle alignment and that will result in broken axles, worn joints, or a very unsafe ride. There are lower intake manifolds available, however, the ’09 TL-S intake manifold is the choice most of the V-6 swap guys are making. Also, the ’09 Accord J35A2 is another low one. I believe they are getting the manifolds to fit just under the hood with the factory hood webbing cut out. You might do a little research on the forums, as this swap is gaining in popularity and people are sharing their experience online, and firsthand experience is always good. Good luck!

By Ryan Basseri
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