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Garage Shelf Storage

Cleaning Up That Clutter

Scott Tsuneishi
Sep 6, 2012
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To an auto enthusiast, the garage is considered your sanctuary. More often than not, however, it can easily be one of the messiest areas of your home with an abundance of clutter, including tools, engine/body parts, and more. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also means that organizing your garage can become a bit of a stressful process.

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Tired of all that clutter in your garage? Have a hard time locating tools when it comes to working on your car? To make it easier, consider investing in some do-it-yourself garage shelves to help keep you organized and create a proper workspace. Depending on your storage needs, there are numerous types of garage storage systems, but for garage usage we found the most efficient storage systems are the wall-mounted ones. Not only is this type cost effective and easily accessible, but it's also easy to install and perfect for homeowners who do not have the time to renovate their own garage.

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In search of the perfect storage shelves, we were given plenty of options on the web, but we found one site that serviced our needs and allowed us to make our purchases with ease thanks to their easy-to-navigate website. Andy's Autosport has been in the automotive industry for well over a decade and offers an array of performance products. They even make their own exclusive line of styling products that have been featured on hit TV shows like Pimp My Ride on MTV and on Trucks! on Powerblock TV.

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Along with the numerous shelving to choose from, the site's main focus is to offer a comprehensive selection of automotive parts that cater specifically to your vehicle using their intuitive pull-down menu. Within 30 minutes and some measuring the garage walls to ensure proper spacing and fitment for our six shelves, we proceeded to fulfill our order through the checkout cart and completed our purchase, all within the comforts of home, which arrived by requested two-day shipping by FedEx.

There's no easier way to add accessible storage to a room than with wall-mounted ready-made shelves. The shelves provide you with a practical storage solution by lifting your clutter off the floor and organizing it neatly in spacious storage units on the wall. The Wall Shelf has a heavy-duty construction, is easy to install, and provides excellent storage and display space in the garage. With each shelf, no assembly is required and comes ready to be mounted.

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A variety of configurations guarantee that there is a unique design that will fit your home. Multiple wall shelf units can be installed beside one another to create a single long shelf or can be installed on top of one other to create a column of shelves

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All shelvings are done with anchors, which are supplied, with each shelf. These are plastic or metal pieces that are installed in the wall. The supplied screws are placed into the anchors to hold them securely. The drawback is that drywall isn't very strong. Improperly installed shelves in drywall will sag and eventually fall out, tearing out a chunk of wall along with them. The safest and strongest way to hang shelves on drywall is to screw the screws into the studs of the wall. Studs are the upright frames that hold up the sheets of drywall. They are made of metal or wood. They are spaced usually 16 or 24 inches apart. If you are putting up anything that is heavy on drywall, you should position it so that you can insert the screws directly into the studs.

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Measure and mark the height of the shelf in several places along the wall. Using a level, align the shelf with the marks and draw a guideline to ensure the installation is straight.

Impp 1209 09 o+andys autosport shelves+shelf leveling Photo 9/15   |   impp_1209_andys_autosport_shelves
Impp 1209 11 o+andys autosport shelves+go rhino lockable organizer Photo 10/15   |   impp_1209_andys_autosport_shelves

The Go Rhino lockable organizer is available in two powdercoated finishes (red and black). These stamped-steel wall units are designed with one row to store your items with a lockable box underneath and a towel holder.

Impp 1209 10 o+andys autosport shelves+go rhino lockable organizer Photo 11/15   |   impp_1209_andys_autosport_shelves

The powdercoated finish is resistant to oil, grease, petroleum products, antifreeze, and most household chemicals. The Go Rhino large oil bottle shelf is designed to hold up to 12 1-quart oil bottles, or, in our case, a total of 11 bottles of Redline Water Wetter/Fuel Injection cleaner.

Impp 1209 12 o+andys autosport shelves+powdercoated shelf Photo 12/15   |   impp_1209_andys_autosport_shelves

The Owens RaceMates storage shelf was the only shelving in our lineup made of aluminum. The shelf's unique design allowed us to store screwdrivers and wrenches along the front of the unit as well as quarts of additional oil.

Impp 1209 13 o+andys autosport shelves+owens racemates storage shelf Photo 13/15   |   impp_1209_andys_autosport_shelves

The Go Rhino large-gallon storage shelf is capable of holding up to four 1-gallon coolant bottles.

Impp 1209 14 o+andys autosport shelves+go rhino gallon storage shelf Photo 14/15   |   impp_1209_andys_autosport_shelves

Andy's Autosport offers a variety of shelf configurations, which guarantees that there is a unique design that can custom fit your home. Each unit can be installed beside one another to create a single long shelf or on top of one other to create a column of shelves. For additional information and tips and tricks when building your next ride, be sure to also check out Andy's Autosport TV on YouTube.

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